That Moment When 3


Before you shiver in disgust of such “coorparative structure”
read to the end, please ~(°o° ’ )~

After the dream, i tought about how could one build such structure, so i came up with this:

.:. ID (yes, totally borrowed from full metal alchemist…BUT ITS COOL)
A pocketwatch of any kind, really, it doesnt even have to work properly,
just have one.

It would serve as an ID, and as talisman to boost
your instincts and awareness
it should keep your mind sharp
and do some good for your health
-BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: it would thinnen the veil between what is and what isnt
= it would boost your magic

Of course, some of those watches could be prepared for some cash,
but i see no reason to do so. […] but it cant hurt to offer that.

.:. CoverUps (optional)

Whatever you do, you could ask for the department to get involved,
and to brainwash anyone necessary, and to devalue articles or recordings of any kind.

.:. financial…yes, things arent free. (that part is not bad, but i had my reasons to not write it at the top of this)
Every member, regardless of experience, pays a monthly or yearly sum,
so that money would end up in a pot, from which the people mainting the coverup department and those maintaining the talismans will be paid from.

NOTE: regardless if you are sitting in the department for coverups or are supporting the members in any other ways, there is nothing keeping you away from doing services like any other member. Actually: if you do good work in supporting the other members, it should better your reputation just as good as going on missions/taking jobs/trading would be.

NOTE: just call me out if im too delusional.

EDIT: it would do great good, for the guild to provide maintained (charged) temples,
for members, and libraries -online and offline.

In general, a more or less secretive organisation, doing its thing.


Still sorry. Overly organized groups and all just ain’t for my personality type. I don’t mind working for them but I am more someone you contract out and afterwards I go back to doing my own happy chaos thing. It does seem to easy to be abused over time or become a bureaucracy. Not saying it will necessarily at least not in the time frame you see it as but eventually it probably will happen. I have no problem helping out but I also am not going to let myself be tied down as it were.

The idea cover ups would be necessary too is a bit much. Few are going to manage something big enough to need it and those that do won’t have need as they could do it themselves or more likely the witnesses would just be disregarded as more nutjobs and any evidence doctored as some stunt. It happens all the time if something too unbelievable happens. Humanity has an excellent way of censoring their own minds to anything out of the norm. Now say you get things to be super dramatic for everyone at that point you might as well become a branch of the government or such but with the veil that thin you will have everyone suddenly jumping into magick as a new tool/weapon/ things to be exploited and that just ends badly when it doesn’t come naturally.

There are also many groups that already provide such temples but still individual practitioners are best served by their own temples and altars for the most part except for special circumstances. Reason is too many people using the same places can make things very unfavorable for any activity there unless all activity is strictly dedicated to a certain function and aspect. Such as shrines dedicated solely to healing so general charged temples once there are so many people just get kinda icky like any other public space.

Magick is a free and personal thing and trying to confine it in organizations just doesn’t end well. If people want to band together and employ their skills including magick as such then that is fine but let it happen on its own and grow as it will.


Of course you can abuse ANYTHING,
thats why the elite keeps pushing its own variants of crypto currency, since they cant kill it,
so they try to highjack it.

The department of coverups would be *optional, as stated.
And note that this is the idea-bunch of a singular person, those ideas
came like 3 hours ago, and no one even bothered or was able to make suggestions.

There would be no doctrine.

The temple-thing was something where i didnt already filled in enough of the gaps,
so of course the guild could provide such specific temples for healing, necromancy and whateverthehell people would like. Demand would make it happen.

Magical capitalism, with some selfpreservational mechanisms, like:
dont go after person X by posting a request for binding or torture illusions
IF ITS A MEMBER, because that would turn the guild into a arena where some stupid dogs would be thrown in to fight each other

The pocketwatch’s purpose, outside of being a ID, was only suggested by myself.
~And of course, it would not turn you into superman, noone said that.
I guess it would be enough ,that it would calm and sharpen the mind, it should be nothing more than a little help, so there would be more pros to join this sort of “magical market place”


Listen you have a lot of ideas many seem overly grand and unfeasible right now. Fantasizing about all of this is going to get you nowhere unless you do something about it and for that you need to improve your own skills magical and mundane. Focus on the journey and not so much the destination. Make yourself happy and at peace with your decisions in the process and see where you wind up and what becomes available and what you want to do as you go but don’t let visions of the future become all there is.
If following your path you reach a point you can make this happen then go for it if that is what you want when you finally get there but don’t sit on the path all day staring at the mountaintop instead of getting there. I don’t particularly think it is possible at least not for a few hundred years of change and development but if you do then go and prove me wrong.


Thats the most polite “fuck your ideas” that i ever, ever read.
Considering that only a few people claimed to have reached something above 120.

Note: that i acknowledged my limitations by the very first lines.

Also funny, because noone of you guys, who are already floating half way or above that mountain, consider those ideas to be worth manifesting it.

But i get your drift, and by experience with how balg works, people are more likely to post
a chain of some stupid ass meme, before they would every consider having a discussion.

What will i do?

Write it down, and leave balg again for a while.


@Lady_Eva , if you dont mind :heart:
39 days?


I simply don’t see humanity as being ready or enough capable people for this to take place. I see it as being a few hundred years before conditions are possible for such a large scale thing to be possible in terms of magick. There have been similar groups but they were very dogmatic and very bad for everyone involved. The world is just not open enough for such an organization to come together and remain together without forces either internal or external tearing it apart. I have been there and done that and seen how it goes down.

Do what you can in this life and what you can’t manage in one life work on in others. The journey is about You. Not everyone will agree with your ideas or think they are possible or good but if you can make them happen or set things up for them then do so. The best solution I see is more just a small group of close tight knit friends with a shared interest in magick and other arts working together and experimenting and just being themselves to progress. Something that held together tightly enough that it won’t fracture and then let each person decide how they will spread the information to others in their own way.

I use to have an idea of dominating the world under a new age of science and psionics and expanding to the stars all centered around the invention of controllable fusion to end all forms of scarcity and lack of power. From there developing warp and antigravity and setting it so only powerful specially trained psychics could operate it. As it is now that dream is impossible to achieve cause even if I did create such an invention the world is not ready for it and it would be a disaster. Maybe in the future I will come back and be able to realize that but maybe things will advance that way on their own or in even better paths. It is something that evolves for you with time as you progress.


if i die again, then i failed.

~We could discuss these things, once i returned.


on one hand you dislike the coverup department, on the other, you claim that humanity is not ready. Who said, that the guild would openly invite people?

It would be more like a secret tip within communities.

The guild would be no institution to teach per se,
even with offering libraries and temples, trading services and goods,
only people who are willing to study on their own,

It could have helped me, and of course, a lot of people.


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