That Moment When 3


Tmw origin,debt and being keep trying info bombs at you :alien:


Tmw you are just tired of the arrogance and foolishness in some people and the claims from some that are obviously just made up. Hope they enjoy my little gift hopefully it shows them a little sense but if not at least they will be chasing their tail for a while.


Tmw you wanna learn weather magick. You know any @Nemesis?


I know some. Been looking into it with quite a bit of success lately. Got the weather doing good here in fact. Cleaned everything out with some nice rain and now a good set of chill days to usher in the new seasons.


You mean around here?


That moment when you practice meditation now every evening, it has effect, but you’re so tired that a ritual works and the mediation works for 15 minutes and then you fall a sleep till 01.00 :joy::joy::joy:


Kinda in general it has been going around with some people. Not just here. There is always some here with newbies that haven’t gotten things settled in yet and all it happens, more annoying when it is not just confined to a forum though and that is more what I am talking about.


Talk to Aspenjargack :alien: he can likely teach or lead you to energywork that can accomplish this.


…so you are a real nemesis then ? :thinking:


I kinda end up in that role representing everything that challenges someone to grow or to rollover and continue as if nothing has changed. I find more often then not I end up on the side that challenges someones beliefs or system just by doing my own thing and having success with it. Sometimes having a challenge is a good thing.


Interesting, quarter before 6 pm, i awoke from a dream:

I was part of an orgnaisation, a purely functional guild.

Magic services or items get traded. Or you get paid for it.
The interests of the members and the groups within dont matter,
as long as everyone keeps doing good work.

only rules: dont openly call for attacks on members
and posting thruthfull feedback to a members service

Circles: the better your reputation, the higher you get,
only rarely get the loners to the top, since they are potent, but have no people that would watch their backs during an potentially voilent or generally dangerous operation

Actually: the guild does anything under the sun, and those things that should stay unseen.

Assassination, being a mercenary, terrorism, smuggling
-anything involving magic OR what can be enhanced by magic

Members on the low end, would be unapologeticly forced to progress in their work,
in order to gather associates and just to be able to do the higher priced things.


Would be interested in learning more at some point.
How would you say it challenges beliefs and such?


I had a strange dream last night too. I saw this beautiful albino African woman, super short hair, round face…stunning really. She was bothering someone and I got close and put my forehead to hers and spoke with her about her behavior and spiritual boundaries as though scolding lovingly. It was interesting. Strange though.


The difference, is that i would support the founding of said organisation in any possible way.
~Life would be interesting. Fairly interesting.

At one point, i was casually appearing at work, so i could grant the others access to steel a powerful grimoire, and hell was breaking loose as they did.

The organisation, with its department for coverups, would do best in warping anyones memory,
of any questionable things seen.


Well I am no master or anything in terms of weather magick I am still learning myself.

As to challenging beliefs that tends to be just a personality trait of mine no matter what I end up doing I try to find the best way of doing it and much of the time that just upsets how some people see things. Other times my opinions very often tend to challenge and be very much against the common majority and I don’t back down on them and I am sure you can see how that can raise some chaos and contention. Sometimes people learn from it though and expand their horizons which is always worthwhile.


My weird dream was I was playing fallout 4 matrix style while having a sleepover in an abandoned hotel and pissing off my robotic neighbors because I was watering plants and robots do not like water. Pretty standard as weird dreams go for me lol.


But really guys, that guild would make a bunch of sense.


Makes sense, totally.


@Nemesis sure, it does not do much good when (i) come up with these ideas,
but wouldnt you agree, that such guild would be a potentiall fairly awesome -uhm i mean PRODUCTIVE thing ? :astonished:


Potentially but I can see things getting a bit tense as it were. I am just not much of one for such organized groups myself. I am more a freelancer but such a group would be interesting.