That Moment When 3


Right. I can’t say what my dream was about but it was rather disturbing. Not a dream I’d want to feel like was really going to happen later. :worried:


Well, I have no interest planting dreams into others, especially THAT kind of dreams. It’s really all in your subconscious.


You don’t believe in dream hacking? I do, unfortunately . Anyways, no worries. You’re all good in my book. :slight_smile:


I do believe in planted dreams, I’m just saying I didn’t do it.


That moment when you learn so much in just one mediation.
I am happy with what i discovered, for it reveals where i came from.


Havent seen you in a while, welcome back :blush::metal:


My monotone work is perfect for that,
i let music run, and dont stop thinking about all sorts of stuff during those few hours.


(=_= ’ )… i bet it wasnt.

~i once had a “dream”, where i was invited to a festivity in a house nearby,
on the top floor, i waited for them the rain started and i looked through the great window, nothing but roofs, walls and windows, beneath the cloudy sky

They came, Even though i was absent of any emotion, like:
in a buddhistic sense.There is a difference between, the state of silent feelings,
and not being able to have any at all. Considering that, it was odd that i cared enough to appear, but it could have been just plain ol habits.

They came, the party was merely a disguise for the gathering prior to us meeting at the temple.
A historic site, A inner courtyard, with an roof.

I asked who we were about to summon, and because of the vague answer, i asked which face of lilith. Instead of learning about that detail, we got attacked.

I turned into black smoke, which then dissolved just to appear at another spot (all that within glimpses) and helped fight off the forces invading our sacred space.

At some point, i got down from my spot on the roof, in order to help those people who got overrun, i messed up, and got hit while still somewhat solid, so i fled.

(i skip the part with the vampiric antlantean who led me to a few places, on the quest of finding something to heal my mess)

It triggered a sort of emergency mode of my being,
I automaticly drew from the shadow and as a werewolf, but actually “terrifying” i guess,
i slaughtered and raped (in both orders) feasted on their life and flesh, using the material
to build my vessel anew. Even what resembled “clothes”. The joy was as natural, as the one you have while eating a wellmade meal, or something similarly common.
I painted the historic streets with guts and blood, and as i left, not even a single fiber was left of those people. Single men and women, families and seniors.

Remembering it, i would interpret it with being the suppressed animal,
being employed productively, as there is no place for it in the immortal, non organic vessel.


:crying_cat_face: …*insert romantic reunion scene at a 1920s trainstation…with lots of tears, hugging and french kissing


*insert the morning after :stuck_out_tongue:

“i’m sorry sweetheart, its time for me to go”
<<but you just arrived…
“dont worry, i will come back, soon”

i really like this watch ,its not so golden an shiny as the one i brought my brother for his birthday (which is 6 years and 6 months after mine)but i know this little thing will last a while :blush:


TMW you see crazy love threads. Makes me glad to be solo.


Wow Rose8 and Kassapu. I will miss you.


Rose left of her own choice, but I didn’t know Kassapu left too.


Hey @DarkestKnight, He left on his own choice too. I see at his account. Banned on his own request.


My luck is, interesting.

My amazon order is rejected…the very one that keeps my hair from falling out,
my joints from aching til they refuse to bend…that sort of stuff (supplements, since commercial food is trash)

My ec card stopped working, i cant buy anything, cant get cash.

And a few minor problems at work, and i had bad luck, and on my way back home,
i could walk as far as i liked, but the cloud of diesel followed me everwhere, even though no car of that type was in sight…i could taste that shit

…hm, didnt that RHP fuck tell me, that he was overly confident in his ability to kill me or sabotage me? A user sensed death energy around me…and i remember from “spider and green butterfly” that death energy or ghedes are used to destroy wealth and health of a person.

Ok, i will practice then, by sending him everything i can think of.
I already got a few people killed, using nothing but imagination and a print of the amplifying pattern,


what if those issues are over-dramatized by me?
what if this is not a time when things go bad, but all that really happened was that i magically or unconsciously with some tech, ruined my card?

I might just make associations, that arent real AND productice


He could have been taken a few months off… but maybe,
my example made that option look pointless. :thinking:




.:. TIME

TMW you loose any illusion, and have to face the extend of timewasting behaivor, that is youtube.

15 minutes, i rested, not really sleeping, but recovered and had dreamish experiences.
It felt like something over an hour.

Guuess what i did after i recorded that on tape? Right, i wasted 25 minutes on youtube, which drained me, and gave me nothing, not even something memorable.

I’m glad that i will check out that appartment at the 11th, since without that change, i would be stuck in this endless loop of desolving into the day, sleeping and eating and repeat.

P.S.: As romantic that tape recorder makes me feel: if the batteries got a hickup, they wont spin fast enough to produce good quality recordings… so i gotta get some new device.

P.P.S.: First, i thought that oddly “loud” ticking of the pocketwatch would disturb my sense of time, but it does actually calm me…as long as i dont focus on it. if i do, then i would start to hear every little move in that thing, like some heavy machinery being run at a building close by, or something of that kind.


.:. Something IS wrong.

I always appear at work.
Every damn day. Nom atter how late or in some cases a little too early.
But there has been only one single time, when i did not appear at work since
the beginning of july.

i just cant mess this up again.
The last one who did that, would have got fired in any
other case, just because at that time, the company had an lack of personnel,
thats why he was -after like a week of back and forth, moved to a less lucrative building, ANYWAY i cant just hope that things will become better, or that i wouldnt be fired.
I might be “cute”, but this still is buisness: “Do your part or get lost!”

~Can someone check me, please:worried:

Looking at recent events, there might actually be a chain,
unseen to me at current time, which links all this crap.


TMW you live in Canda and you dream of Hurricane Michael.

I was in my home playing video games in the living room and I see a storm outside my window, the wind blow open the doors as I try to close the doors the wind picks me up! I was holding to the door knob and scream on the higher power to save me, I forgot who . Then everything stoped, there was no more hurricane.