Thanks and Recognition for E.A. Koetting

I think we need to take a moment to show thanks and recognition for E.A. Koetting. Without him, this forum that we are using would not exist.

I strongly believe that Mr. Koetting is the Aleister Crowley (“Uncle Al”) of our day. And, who knows, he probably is a reincarnation of him. Just as Crowley was hated on and called a con-artist, the same things are happening to Mr. Koetting.

Just as Crowley was a prolific writer and brought occult knowledge to his generation, Koetting is doing the same for the 21st century, an age where the line between mainstream science and magick is becoming thinner every day.

Even though I don’t agree with everything Koetting says and I can’t afford his products, he seems like a decent person that I’d like to meet some day. I’m not gonna hate on him or his hustle. As they say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. You understand? I support him in what he’s trying to do.

Consider all the free info in his videos on YouTube. He didn’t have to do that and I’m sure he can choose to take them down at any time. For all you haters out there, why don’t you write a book and try to sell it? It’s not easy. As a writer myself, I know how that is to do. I wrote two books. They’re on Amazon and I haven’t seen a dime yet!

So, thank you, Mr. Koetting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. Don’t let the haters bring you down, man. Keep on grindin’.

Peace and blessings.

And, NO I am in no way affiliated with BALG or E.A. Koetting in any way. This is MY personal opinion.


Let’s not forget @Timothy, his partner. Thank you both, Eric and Timothy. You started the movement and it grows.

And I would personally like to thank @Lady_Eva as well. She puts a tremendous amount of effort into this community and really cares about us. She’s got a hard, often thankless job as moderator.

Thank you all. I would not be where I am today without you. Much love.


Yes EA and Timothy and Lady Eva, thankyou. Also Valkarath and anyone else who goes through it then delivers to others on the forum. Thanks for helping me to accelerate.


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Sometimes when innovators like E.A Koetting and others bring seekers closer to the light, institutions and others organisations feel threatened they use tactics or individuals to troll or discredit or divide temples, when I have visions and six sense this is actually happening now Iam only made stronger in my resolve to stand up! for those innovators brothers, sisters spreading educating left-hand path as I know if in fact they are pissing off those seek to discredit or destroy the current is working together we are all stronger apart or divided we fall, Darkest Blessings


In various mythologies gods have been known to thank and praise one and other. That’s what showing appreciation is. This also applies to entities. So saying appreciation to EA, Timothy, or Lady Eva isn’t against the values of the left hand path.


There is no other open-source Magickal left-hand path collective message board on the internet like this one. I think it only appropriate to show gratitude to its makers. There is a ton of useful information from practicing sorcerers from all over the world. Where there is a war against liberties and reason by governments, we the rebels have to stand together, giving them, and main-stream religion the finger. This is one method to do it. Thanks EA, and Timothy.


Giving praise to a guy is considered “fanclub worship” now? Like this is a fucking cult or something?

Usually, it seems, people only get recognition when they’re DEAD. I always say, why give eulogies? It does not benefit the deceased. They don’t give a fuck. They’re gone. Give me my props while I’m still alive!

So Koetting should get some praise for his work while he is still around. He is not some cult leader who desires to be worshiped!


Absolutely @vonPfaff. Thanks for doing this @CyberLord. I occasionally show appreciation for the forum and the BALG ‘movement’ as well. Yes it is a business, and of course the black magicians at the helm like money … DUH … but at the same time this is truly unique.

Timothy and EA are paying the bills around here so showing some appreciation means something. Buying more BALG stuff means more, but appreciation isn’t nothing.

Nice work cyberseeker.


I’ve given Devil_Jin’s comments their own thread, where they belong better:


Thank you BALG!!!


He’s alright.

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Thanks to E A, Timothy, and everyone else here on this forum.

This is my life’s 2nd forum membership. The first one was t.A.T.u girls forum ! :hugs::blush::star2::sparkles::dizzy:


High Praise Indeed. lol

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@valkarath hi are you t.A.T.u girls fan ?? (Lena & Yulia)

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Nope. I just appreciate how high of praise you gave this place in comparison. lol


Thank-you EA and Timothy for a great opportunity.


Thanks E.A. you have blessed my life in so many ways, helping me to grow and to advance on my journy as a new path.


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I add my thanks to EA Timothy and all involved in running this forum it’s a 1 of a kind in the best way possible.

Thanks all and hang tight it’s not the world against you it’s a few idiots and as proof just look at all the people here we forum member offer you our support I know I do so… whenever you think the worlds against you count the threads and or responses here and know that it’s not the world cuz we aren’t against you,
(If we were we wouldn’t be here). so…

Thanks all you all