Should We Praise Living People?

I don’t see the point in worshipping deities, let alone humans. I understand this place is a fanclub of sorts, but I really only joined for the exchange of experiences and information.

Who’s worshipping a human here? You’'re pretty presumptuous there, @Devil_Jin. All I see is sincere appreciation.

And precisely why did you feel the need to put your 2 cents into this thread? If something doesn’t resonate with you, why not just leave it alone and go on to other threads? I don’t need an answer from you … but it’s something you might want to consider for yourself.


I couldn’t resist. It looks so silly.

Don’t get me wrong, I have people I admire too. One example would be my mentor, who had a lot of influence over my path as a magician and my approach towards spirits. But… I don’t think I would ever go as far as starting a thread to declare to the whole world how amazing he is. That is where it crosses over to idolization, which would feel weird if I did.

I can’t say I know enough about this guy to pass judgment on his work, whether negatively or positively. I was rather addressing the behavior shown here as I perceive it. Now, standing up for a group or an ideal is closer to something I can subscribe to.

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No. That’s where you PERCEIVE or FEEL it crosses over to idolization.


I think it’s better as a collective we all focus and not be too quick to let self doubt in our eternal souls after listening to the naysayers if we do they win we fail the left-hand path currents are sealed for another 1000 years by institutions after they rewrite history denying us our rites to tree of knowledge
self doubt just seed will stop you from believe that’s only holding you’re self back from becoming a living god


The strong reactions only confirm my point.

Awww, look at how superior you are. Good job. Here’s your gold star for the day. lol

Well, you’re off to a wonderful start. I know I always find it helpful to start looking down on people and acting like a judgmental prick when I join a community to exchange my experiences and information.


I have no problem giving shouts out to Timothy , EA et al or anyone who GOES PUBLIC as a sorcerer. Do you know how much balls that takes? Until one can do that then one has no right to judge “praise” for such folk.


Top kek.

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Do I get a prettier one if I piss off 50 Koetting fans? I like having a set goal to motivate me further everyday~

grabs popcorn and lawnchair, sits down and begins to munch on popcorn

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Well, King Paimon commands great legions and yet you don’t see me kissing his ass. Then again, I just might do that as part of a business deal.

Put the popcorn down lads & lasses, that’s an admission he’s just here to troll, chuck straw men around so we waste time explaining the extremely obvious to him, and generally suck energy and attention, so I banned him - leaving it any longer is basically just like waiting for the other shoe to drop, and encourages low-level trolls and attention whores to think this is their playground.

I’m going to close this, if someone wants to open a sensible thread on the topic of how far it’s healthy to respect, praise, and imitate other magicians, authors, and so on, please start a new thread. Cheers! :slight_smile: