Im been thinking is it is possible with a duffel bag, to Teleportat into a Bank volt after midnight and freeze time, and feel the duffel bag up with the slabs of $100 bills then Teleportation back home, is it possible to learn it.


i highly doubt it. perhaps some day with the help of technology it may be possible


Well its an idea, who knows if i Accend high enough anything is possible.

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Open up a portal into a bank volt, not forget to close the portal again when finish.

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If you ascend that high, you probably won’t be interested in robbing bank vaults.

Teleportation is mentioned in Franz Bardon’s Key to the true Kabbalah, by using certain cosmic letters. Also in his grimoire he list’s a bunch of spirits who can probably teach you teleportation, once you’ve put in the work and can actually follow what they teach you.


Possibly radionics or psionics?

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Theoretically it’s possible, but not really practical. It’s fairly easy to manifest a projection of yourself. If you could muster enough energy to interact with objects, then I suppose you could just pick up the money and walk out.
If you manage it, you should make a post detailing the technique. Could be a handy skill.


I’m not trying to piss in your corn flakes but you would have to be very VERY experienced and ascended to do something like that intentionally. The closest thing to teleportation I’ve heard about is astral travel. Mmm even magick like pyrokinesis is hard to pull off. If you want to work with magick that has like that physical effect, if you know what I mean, I would try other forms of magick first then go onto that. I believe it is possible, but it will take a long amount of time.


Well actualy it is possible to do. Though I don’t think on the grand scale you are thinking.

The only reason I say this is, when I was younger I was able to unintentionally. Though as I got older it hapend less frequently and eventually stoped.

So I think it possible, but I couldn’t tell you how.


Teleportation the way you describe it is not possible without the use of a machine.
Although it’s said to be a hoax, just like Roswell was a weather balloon, if someone had this technology or a start on it they most certainly would not share that information. However there are individuals who have stumbled upon such technology like Dr. Hutchinson.
This technology exists and we are on the verge of understanding it. Everything about UFO’s is possible technology and we have most of the technology to actually achieve such things.
However our species has not advanced to the point of physical teleportation by use of mind alone.
However our timeline is at that crossroads. Will we eventually evolve naturally over time to make full use of ascention? Or we become dependant on technology like the transhumanist plan to do. I personally vote we work towards ascention. Of course the more you ascend the less interested in money you become.
With the right placement of magnetic fields and the right combination of radio frequency you could separate the molecules of the safe walls and walk right in grab that cash and walk right out and nobody would be the wiser but they might once they see you outside the bank with a bunch of military equipment.


~He still could/would, just for fun :thinking:…probably.


~You would need to possess some poor dude who works there,
in order to get in.


I love all these crazy ideas you concoct.

Not quite teleportation, but many saints have had the ability of bilocation, being in two different places at the same time. The most recent saint who had this ability was St. Pio of Pietrelcina


Teleportation is real, and some people can do that.
I can tell only from my experience: people who can do such things have very different interests from what we, common people have. Paranormal abilities and personal attributes go hand in hand.


I have a book about teleporting gota find it


You make a good point. To tell you the truth I would love to figure out how it happened so that maybe I could do it again. It could come in handy for somany things. Most of all if you just wanted some time to yourself.

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And who would care about money when you could do this. Theoretically you could go anywhere you please. You wouldn’t have to bother with a plain,train, boat or bus ticket.


Maybe it will sound strange, but people how do teleportation, do it because they have to. Not because they are in a hurry, or enjoy the teleportation, but because physical travel can put them in a sort of danger. There are certain zones on a physical plain that must be avoided. It’s like going from an island to an island without crossing water.
Just what I heard.


True, but it is fun to fantasize.:slight_smile:


In Magick all things are possible. Eric talks about bilocation. Others have talked about bilocation.

Before you go to that level, you would have a hundred other skills that could applied to forcibly grab money.

Mind controlling armored car employees via Egregores would be simpler. They just pull over and unload the money.

Even before that just an illusion that people remember that you lent them $500 and they really need to pay you back.

BTW I have that one working.

Or simpler … an impression to check your wallet, watch, rings and drop them and forget them.

So I am certainly not saying no but I am banging my head into the desk that you don’t appreciate the power of simple things.

KISS … Keep it simple stupid!


The kind of Teleportation i was refering to is through the use of sorcery, not Technology, using sorcery to Teleportate, also using sorcery to stop time, time travel, to undo situation like changing the past, like as a egample, remember back in school went to the arcade to play space invaders and you found it hard to get on a arcade machine because your so called mates all took over, and they had better BMX bikes and you road to school on a heavy crappy bicycle, go and purchase a $16,000 SWorks McLaren venge racing road bicycle like they use in the Tour de France, and a PlayStation 4 pro, and Skyrim Special edition, Harizon Zero Dawn, GTA5, Far cry 4, Far cry primal, and a 65" 4K TV, and a 7.2 ch home theater, and a Laptop computer then use black magic to go back to that year swap places and reverse age not ability send other one into future set 2017 technology up in parents home back in the 1980s and ride $16,000 racing bicycle to school and rub the other kids face in it a carbon fibre bicycle, and say you cant buy one of these your BMX bicycles suck, my SWorks McLaren venge would shit all over your heavy BMX trash, then get permission to lock it up in the head masters office so it doesn’t get vandalize, by other students become the talk of the school, other class mates say hay, hes got a space age bicycle where did he buy that one its weighs light as a feather, then can say it only weighs 7kgs, then weight unit get ask to go down to arcade then go, and ask can i have a go, and when other school mates say no, say in return tell them all the arcade machines suck, i play better games then this shit space invaders suck i play PlayStation 4 pro on a Sony Bravia 65" 4K TV, i play games like Grand theift auto 5, Skyrim special edition, Far cry 4, Far cry primal, Grand Turismo sport, Harizon zero dawn back in the 1980s.

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