Teleportation - aliens?

I’ve been wondering if teleportation is possible through aliens? Unless there are entities who could help me. If so, how could I contact them and what would they want from me?

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Aliens can manipulate their frequency thus allowing them to travel between different densities of reality , I believe it’s embedded within their genetics but with their transportation machines like UFOs they are also able to bypass time and space ,

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In this 3D reality we are limited to where we can travel because we are physical beings. The nature of physicality is being limited

A scientists from groom lake told me about a low voltage cap you can wear to help communication with aliens telepathicly, I am hesitant to build it, because of electromagnets on the brain

You can do it without that. Thought alone is enough to transmit for them to receive, the lower your vibration the weaker the signal though :slightly_smiling_face:

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As far a I can tell, having noticed teleportation activity only via the fae (e.g. they steal your scissors and they show up elsewhere) the process involved raising the vibration of the object to the immaterial, moving it via will to the required location, and rematerialising it.

Eriesh’taetohl from the book of Azazel is catalogued as being able to teach this skill, beginning with manipulation of the spirit bodies, it as he who told me the above. There’s a lot of work needed to get there. If you can master manifestation and dematerialisation separately on objects you can mess up on, that’s a good start.

If you’re going to talk to aliens, pick your contact carefully. I would suggest not doing the ouija board style thing of going ‘is anyone out there’ and wonder why you get a trickster.
Do your research and call specific races. Probably not the greys. I vouch for the Sirians.


^^^ this I call on a certain race and they come everytime , i am a starseed if that race tho


@John_Wick I too think I’m a starseed as well. And can’t wait to travel the heavens again


What is starseed?

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As I understand it, it’s a soul non-human soul, but a soul that is almost alien/maybe alien

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To move an object from one point to another instantaneously is also called aporting. Spirits do this all the time. U want aliens? You will be sorely disappointed. Everything on Earth has always been here.

A good spirit is Tzuflifu of the Tunnels of Set. He has that capacity.

His sigil

If you must contact “aliens” use the Grey and tell them Jamo sent u. It simple

U have 3 days, but it may take u less time.


Before every session, do the meditation over this image, gazing at it and saying “Lam” in ur mind silently (as in u cant even hear urself chanting it in ur mind, it becomes a feeling) . U want to focus on the area behind ur head and hold this image back there

U should feel as though behind u is open space, and u are gazing out through this being’s eyes. U literally want to feel as though ur aware of something sharing ur awareness.
That could be done for about an hour.

The rest of the time you can look at Strieber’s version of a grey for about four hours or more if u have that focus (used to) …I use Streiber’s depiction because it is the most striking to me, and sort of opens that channel .

Although its debatable as to whether Crowley’s Lam is just a self portrait of C with a big head , or a real non human entity that established contact with his is debatable.

However, someone has beaten me to the punch in showing this

Anyhow, on day 4 u should see a grey or 3 (always in 3 or alone) just fucking materialize in ur room…Dont shit ur pants like I almost did, and u can ask them whatever.

Still do take a look into what u can find about Tzuflifu, he’s still recommended as a spirit to work with…even if u are eloping with aliens.

That said, when ur doing mundane, non magickal shit, u wanna still hold Streiber’s grey in the back of ur head, as if u are still sharing awareness with it…

Final edit- they are NOT aliens…repeat they are not from another planet or world…Nor will they tell u they are.


Do you think it is possible for them to give us bodily implants to do the same? I know it is possible with merkaba, but I wonder if that is another way of achieving interdimensional travel with physical body.

Nah man , being an incarnated human is to be quite limited compared to extraterrestrial genetics , they often live 10x+ what we do aswell

I did a teleportation spell and i ended up about 20 feet from where i was. I dont know what it was though sadly it was just a app and i dont have it anymore

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But if they have high level technology they could change our genetics.

If these beings had better technology, were smarter than us, they’d be smart enough to get rid of us rather than upgrade us…seriously…think about it.

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There’s forces of darkness and light , and why would they destroy the simulation
They created

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I don’t follow. We have nothing to do with the simulation, or rather we are part of it.destroying us would not destroy the simulation, it would merely alter it, and something else would take out place (octopuses or cats…probably octopuses)

What does dark or light have anything to do with a chance species such as we???I understand the craft of magick/ sorcery is human-centric in how it is taught and used most of the time…but humankind is the tip of the iceberg, barely the depths…

If they were from off of Earth ( which is BS, absolute BS, the alien IDEA is a human cash cult meant to cover the fact that the real aliens over Roswell were JAPANESE, and that the Japanese had successfully breached American soil with balloons carrying bombs and biocidal weapons…dismiss everything i say, but it wont change the fact that the ET hypothesis was contrived after WW2). Ufos are probably lifeforms that can pass in between realms, and exist in space, but I doubt they are “spaceships” , and a good chunk are spirit lights as seen during rituals, just very fucking big ones…

Am I annoyed? Quite so. Human-centric models are fine, your human, I think im human for the most part…I have experienced these entities (ppl reap cash from idiots convincing them that they are from another fucking planet) since I was 8…Im not trying to convince you that im an expert, im not, but its an intimate subject because such is the nature of the experiences (not sexual…not all of them anyways) …

If they were a civilization from another planet, they would wipe the human race out first and take what they need as resources. Europe did the same when it entered the Americas ( and just about everywhere), and even though it’s a human model, an advanced intelligence will first crush the inhabiting population…the human race may THINK its important to the non-corporeal, but in its absense life will continue, other entities will continue to exist and maybe take a new form for a new intelligence…

Now we are still here. Nothing is…well at least not physically harvesting us. There are other races in the Earth that are not human. Most phase in and out…some are semi-corporeal in that their form here is limited , then with very little energy left, they vanish…Sound alot like demons, angels and other magickal entities.

If some intelligence from another planet did come, no the gods wont protect u. No your demons wont care, and their existences will continue, and they will probably work with whatever comes from another planet and replaces us…Youi, I, NONE OF US ARE SPECIAL…THE HUMAN RACE IS NOT SPECIAL!!!

Sure, we feed the non-corporeal, but in our absence would come something else to evolve physically to our absense, or something even far more complex which would fill an even more complex palate…In fact that would be a fucking feast, and a novelty to them. Icke, and the rest of those alt tards are blowing smoke up ur ass for money…Sell what the reader wants to read. Create what makes the individual feel that being human is special, threatened if u really wanna reap it…Again, nothing I share here is “light or dark” or “good or evil”…As a species we have to assume whatever is not from our world that walks around for the most part would be indifferent and crush us as we step on ants (often without even looking down)

There is nothing out there that would give a clusterfuck about us in our existential woes. If there were and we ignored the Fermi paradox, whatever it would be would have to probably deal with UFOs, and strange beings in their own world kinda like we do here.

I’d recommend John Keel as a researcher if aliens and ufos are ur curiosity…Having summoned greys was kinda what slammed the lid on the idea of them being aliens from another planet…Dreams, OBEs, astral experiences, and never once did they say anything about being from another planet. Greys, reptilian beings, green human being like beings, serpent like humans, and a sort of cat-like humanoid race, and either my exploration was permited, i was being shown something I would need to know or do, or I was pestered about a friggin gate…And I can figure out what the hell a gate has to do with me, anymore than Im convinced they would give me anything for opening it.

Absurdly long post…kinda hate making these…anyhow, yeah, they are aquatic aliens from Sirius, or maybe Vela, or Fornax…or just celestial entities and elemental constructs (more porbable), and they give a fuck about humans because ya’ll are special…put some aluminum foil on ur head and guard ur light…they eat ur fear…It’s fine to beleive such things but they become ur own mental constructs, not reality.


How come, if they are not physical, people who have not developed their spiritual sight can see them?
And the famous ones, many people have see them at a time. They have been caught clearly by cameras in some cases. That is not normally the case with spirits.
I am more inclined to believe that they are either technologically advanced spirits that can become physical here at will or they are from other planets and can still travel between realms at will.
Technology can do amazing things and many races are more advanced than us due to existing longer than us. So they may have technology that people here have never even thought of.

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How many spirits have been caught on camera. Ectoplasm, spirit orbs , light. The difference in the ufological phenomenon is that UFOs and let me call them Ultraterrestrials , since they too call Earth home, some longer than us, is one of intensity.

I dont mean to suggest all of these entities are celestial or elemental or disincarnate in nature. Many seem to be. Some could be physical relic populations from within the cavernous depths of Earth itself. And those populations are not hiding from us, and could tear us assunder with ease.

Some could be physical beings who can pass through the veil that separates one version of Earth from another. And those are very technological, but they always phase out at some point…This suggests to me with the right technology or technique, we could explore their realm as they explore ours. Allen Greenfield has 2 good books on the subject, although I wont agree that we are dealing with a race from outside of Earth…

You probably can get impressions and perform such travel utilizing the tunnels of Set and asking certain spirits to recive impressions as Grant wrote about…but it’s doubtful we have flesh and blood beings from other planets wasting the resources and time to survey us…

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