Teeth Cavities

I found out that I have many cavities in my teeth and I would have to get them filled. I am very upset about it. Is there any God or spirit who can heal my cavities? Is there any way I could get my cavities healed? I am still young and having to go through this will hurt me very much.


Going through having your teeth filled is not too painful. The dentist usually injects Novocaine into the gums first (that can be a little painful though) and then you don’t feel a thing.

There is no spirit that can miraculously fill in the holes in your teeth. I went through some intense pain with cracked teeth last year, and if there was a spirit that could have healed it , I would have found them.

Sometimes, you have to suck up a little pain. It’s all part of being human.


Yeah, you just gotta suck it up. It really doesn’t hurt though. A little pinch when they give you to numbing medication, but after that you are good.

Trust me, if there was some way to fix teeth with magick i would be all over that.


Thanks for the answer…It’s not about the pain at all. I don’t mind going through pain. I just dont want so many of my teeth with composite fillings in it. I would never be able to have a hot meal or a hot drink without worrying about my teeth…

Thanks though.


Thanks for the answer

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I wouldnt worry about that at all. When I was a kid i had the old school metal fillings and never had a problem.

And now my lower right molars are 50% composite reconstruction since the whole line was cracked down the middle and shattered after a fight i was in. And that was about 13 years ago now and I haven’t had a single issue with them.

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Wow really??..Actually 8 of my teeth has cavities unfortunately…Do you think I would still be fine? Because I am extremely worried about my teeth.

And lol I am watching some of ur Youtube videos atm…nice stuff

Oh yeah, you will be okay. I know it can be a bit scary if you have never had it done, but trust me you will feel so much better afterwords and you shouldn’t have any issues. :slight_smile:
I have absolutely horrible luck with my teeth, so I get it. Try not to worry too much :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!!

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Check these out. They teach how to heal teeth naturally.

Yes, you can reverse cavity through food. Teeth is alive so you can do it with proper nutrients.

No. Just stop right there with that pseudo science bullshit. I have spent countless hours researching things like that and tried many things out of desperation. Don’t peddle that absolute horse shit that does nothing but bring people false hope.


The only thing I’ll add to everything else is this:
Use a good toothbrush I recommend Oral B, electrical toothbrush, along with dental floss and mouth wash. A common reason why people get cavaties is the have leftover food in between the teeth that can release stuff that corrode the enamel of your teeth. Or you can be sloopy when brushing as in, not brushing too often, recommendation is 2 times a day, along with forgetting to brush the edges of your gum can also lead to cavaties.

Or drinking some sodas can also cause cavaties, especially if you don’t brush before going to bed. Depending on the pH value of your mouth you will either have to brush before breakfast ( if it’s slightly sour than average) or after. You may already do all of the above but I myself used to have a lot of cavities and after finally listening to my dentist using the above tools , I next to never have a problem since. I know a few of these as I was a regular visitor to the dentist as well as a nursing they teach some of this as well.

If you after the procedure feel well enough, feel free to look this over if you like. You can find evidence for pretty much all of the above online. However you should talk with your denistist as well as he or she will know what to do.

All the best

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You are not wrong by any means, but there are two common factors that often get looked over. Medications and Genetics. Genetics being a massive factor. There are many people who do all the right things and listen to their dentist and still experience rapid tooth decay. With medications there are many that can cause it, especially asthma medicine like daily inhaled steroids or rescue inhalers over years of use. They lead to a severe weakening of the enamel over time. But it beats not breathing.


Weird I must’ve missed or overlooked this somehow it’s not like me at all. I
am pretty sure I never saw any of this when I read my books that deal with this topic.
I’ll have a look In the pharmacology book as well, thanks for pointing this out. I am always thankful for the opportunity to verify information and to learn something in general.

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Genetics plays a large part, I can verify that unfortunately. I’ve always taken care of my teeth but have had a ton of trouble with them. Bad teeth run in my family like a freight train.

If you go now, it won’t hurt as they will be able to numb it. You’ll only feel the sting of injecting the anesthetic. However, if you wait until it gets infected, it will be much harder to numb it. Anesthetic is less effective when used on an infected tooth and sometimes it just won’t work at all. So it’s best to just suck it up and go.


Unfortunately, the best way to deal with it is to just go to the dentist, sooner preferably. While healing spirits like Buer and Raphel can help with the recovery process, lack of proper care will result in much, much worse consequences (and I speak from experience). It would be like ignoring a deep wound, as that is what a cavity essentially is. You don’t want to be put in a possible medical emergency that can be a result of infection.

That being said, it is not painful at all. I just got all my front bottom teeth done and the recovery process is swift

It’s not false hope. It’s called education and science. It works for many. If your health is beyond repair or don’t work for you, don’t say it don’t work for others. Let them decide. NOt all can follow the instructions as not all is discipline to eat healthy.

Let others study it and decide for themselves. Your not the police of other’s decision of what knowledge they can learn to improve their health. Poster ask for help and I gave suggestions. Simple as that. weather he reads up on it or not, up to him. Not you! And if you talking about psuedo science.traditional dentistry is one of them if you look at history. THe natural dentist don’t follow the old tradition route no more. That’s for another discussion as it has to do with poor health care system of control just like dependency on drug with the usa system rather then curing. That’s a different story too. healthcare Politics that is against rules. Knowledge is your friend.

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There is no and never was a cure for tooth decay. What we did before modern dentistry was take a pair of pliers and rip the damn things out or let them decay until the nerve died. I will absolutely say what you are posting will not work because there is zero credibility to it.

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Just go to a Dentist

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