Technique: Overcoming lust for results with Dantalion & LoA principles

I thought about posting this in response to the “Share your best way to stop lusting for results” thread (linked at the bottom of this post), however I felt perhaps it deserved its own post.

Buckle up people, I like to go into detail. :laughing:

This has worked for me so far:

  1. I petition Duke Dantalion to turn my thoughts completely away from the situation. Alternatively or in addition you could petition King Belial (or other entities) to help remove obstacles and blockages in your mind that are interfering with your cast.

  2. I use Law of Attraction principles to redirect my thoughts and change my mood. I visualise myself experiencing a brief reel of the desired outcome. Then every time I happen to think about the situation, I immediately banish the negative thought, close my eyes, and live my “outcome reel” in detail, letting myself feel how calm and happy I am in that moment. When I open my eyes, I am calm and happy.

For example, say you have cast to get a new car. Close your eyes, relax, and then visualise yourself walking out to your driveway and admiring your car, thinking what a great choice it was, how fuel efficient, how cool it looks. Maybe run your hand over the bonnet/hood or open the door and climb into the driver’s seat. Embrace how happy, content, and fulfilled you feel sitting there in your car.

This is the “outcome reel” you will visualise every time you start to obsess about needing a new car, or stressing about how your current car is about to break down, worrying about when the new car will manifest, or thinking negative thoughts like “I’m never going to have that new car”.

Do this every single time you have a thought even tangentially related to the situation, even if you have to do it 20 times a day.

  • Make it short (10 seconds max).
  • Visualise the exact same reel each and every time.
  • Visualise yourself experiencing it in first-person perspective.
  • Add as much detail as possible: sight, sound, touch, scent, emotion.
  • Invest your emotions into it. Feel how absurdly grateful and elated you are at that moment. Let yourself smile. Let yourself truly feel that happiness every time you play the reel.
  • Focus on the outcome and the finality of the situation, i.e. you have what you want, it is integrated into your life already. Do not focus on the moment of attaining it (“wanting” instead of “having”). Visualise the car already being in your driveway because it belongs to you - don’t visualise the moment the dealer/seller puts the keys in your hand.
  • Finally - try and make this reel your last thought as you fall asleep each night.

These two things have helped me hugely to cope with lusting for results, and it is incredibly satisfying to have the power to turn an obsessive negative thought into feeling content and fulfilled in ~10 seconds flat.

When I first started this method I probably ran through the reel upwards of 30 times on the first day. The second day, maybe 20 times. The third day, around 10 times, as my obsessive thoughts were occurring less and less. If I had even the briefest flicker of worry about the outcome I would tell myself “it is too late, it is already done” and then play the reel and come out of it happy and calm.

The fourth day, I only needed to play the reel about 5 times, and on that same day my results manifested (although note I had cast for them nearly 3 weeks prior, but I spent the better part of two weeks struggling with obsessive thoughts).

Some final notes:

  • Throw yourself into mundane things, reading/research, personal development, spending time with friends, and so on, to keep your mind occupied.
  • Stop doing or seeking repeated divinations about the outcome, from yourself or different sources. (Absolutely major hypocrite here who had to learn the hard way that it doesn’t help and just gives your obsession another outlet.)

Trust in your cast and know it is “already done”.

Dantalion, Belial, Sallos, I will sing your praises from one end of the world to the other, to every last plane of existence!

Please also see the thread below for more techniques:

I hope you all find this helpful!


This is really great. I’m pleased to find I’ve already been using some of these tactics! Thank you very much. c:

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