Teas to help your abilities

i just found these randomly online and wanted to share it idk if it works but i want to try it



3 parts rose petals
1 part cinnamon
1 part nutmeg
1 part bay
1 part mugwort

Put these in a pot and pour boiling water over them. Allow them to steep for several minutes, then use the scent of the brew to improve your psychic awareness by inhaling the scented steam, you may even drink a bit of the brew to assist you in this.


2 parts rose petals
2 parts yarrow
1 part cinnamon

Put these in a pot and pour boiling water over them. Allow them to steep for several minutes, then strain and drink it to assist you with divination and scrying.


1 pint water
1/2 ounce of the herb

Bring the water to a boil on the stove and then add it to your cup with the herb already added. Let it steep for ten minutes and then strain it with a non-metallic strainer. If the taste is bitter you may sweeten it with any type of natural honey.

Use mugwort drunk for clairvoyance, yarrow to improve psychic powers. Eyebright is brewed and then eyelids are anointed for clairvoyant visions.


Palo Santo and yerba mate. Rose and yarrow sounds like a good combo for a psychic tea.
Good old fashion ayahuasca works for hallucinations and healing.


bunny4cam that Calea zacatechichi/Calea ternifolia aka Mexican Dream Herb is another one you might be interested. I can testify it does indeed induce lucid dreams and I had my very first flying dreams after taking that herb. Some people complain that it’s bitter tasting but I drink it straight up with no honey or other sweetners. I guess 20+ years of drinking very strong green tea has made me indifferent to herbs that most people consider bitter.


I am going to try these

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Post any thing else that would be good to help develop abilities

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I know a bunch more give me a few minutes to check my bookmarks.

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This is not the first time I see this information, it seems to be very valid!

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There’s another dream root this time from South Africa known as Silene capensis ( ###Silene undulata) the Xhosa tribe called it iindlela zimhlophe that translates as “white ways or white paths” Not only does it trigger very vivid lucid dreams but it will also bring a person into contact with ancestors. “What Is African Dream Root And How Do You Prepare It?” Find Out What African Dream Root Is And How To Prepare It - Zamnesia Blog

Online entheogen encyclopedia Erowid also has a section dedicated to African Dream Root. Silene capensis (also African Dream Root; Ubulawu) : Erowid Exp: Main Index

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How does mugwort taste. I have some of the herb I bought a while back at mountain rose herbs but nervous about trying it.

Any advice on how to make it without a tea strainer or anything?

Can i buy all of It in plants store?

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Only existe in south africa? I live in brazil

You can order those dream herbs online and don’t have to travel to Africa to get them. That’s the beauty of the internet.


I think its expensive. But i will search for it. Its worths better than mushrooms or ayahuasca?

Mushrooms and Ayahuasca are neither better nor worse compared to dreaming herbs/plants. Those plant teachers just work in different ways for different purposes.

‘‘eyelids are anointed’’ it remembers me about a dream that i was anointed by a african spirits, since then i started to see spirits sometimes. Yesterday i Saw 2 blacks women, that i thought were just citizens walking, then when i looked again they entered into the wall. It was weird.

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Draggus that’s excellent. In terms of psychic abilities your clairvoyance i.e. psychic seeing been opened up. A very useful ability to have for working with spirits.


Strylyn if you gonna make mugwort tea then it’s best to use only certified organic mugwort. You don’t wanna take a chance with conventional mugwort grown with commercial pesticides as that mugwort would be concentrated with hazardous chemicals that you wouldn’t want in your body.


Mountain rose herbs products are organic and non GMO. I am pretty picky when it comes to my herbs specifically because I never know what I am going to want them for. I haven’t done so in a few years but when making my elderberry syrups and tinctures this is where I would order my supplies from.

I have never used any of them for teas though, outside of chamomile.

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Mountain Rose Herbs is the truth. There herbs do tend to be on the pricey side but they are certified organic or wildcrafted raised without pesticides. Being we breath in so many noxious chemicals from air, exposed to BPAs, fluoride in tap water, it’s even more imperative to obtain clean as possible grocery produce and herbs.

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Definitely! When I started buying herbs it was so difficult finding what I need. This was especially difficult since the places I was looking was occult stores and the like. A local herbalist turned me on to Mountain Rose herbs and I haven’t turned back.