Teachings of the Archons (UPG)

A lot of you will be put off by the title, but those who chose to read this anyway are destined to become gods, for the archons have revealed the creation and how to manipulate the physical world. Let us start with the beginning of it all. There is a being, this being has a brain that fires neurons much like ours. Some of you may know this being as God, others as the source. I myself call it Azathoth, as it seems to fit the best with my understanding of it. One of this beings neurons is special to us, for it is our universe. Azathoth is also called the blind idiot god, and this is why I know the being by this name, as Azathoth does not know about us. But there is more. Azathoth did not retain his power all to himself, but your neurons are universes as well, and there is a being which Azathoth exists in a neuron of. You may wonder, how do we use this? It is quite simple, instead of performing magick on other beings, we perform it on Azathoth to change the fabric of the universe itself. There are three things required for this.

Knowledge of the language of Azathoth
is essential, as it would take a massive feat of raw power otherwise. The language of Azathoth is geometric, and I will make a separate post detailing what I have learned of it.

A massive amount of energy
Even if you know it’s language, it will not hear unless you put enough strength into the words, only then will you change the world to your will. There are multiple methods on this forum to achieve the necessary power.

Being out of the neuron
Azathoth will not hear you if you are in the neuron, and thus it is your goal to escape it. There are also multiple methods to achieve this, but I suggest you make your own.

This is my UPG on the universe, given to me by the archon of the grey mist.


Something new and different for us, I love it! You’re bringing new colours into the tapestry. I’m looking forward to reading more of your gnosis in this direction. :smiley:


So interesting!, sometimes I have thought that If we are a microcosm, in the macrocosm, our Universe could be a cell of a “giant being”. Even each of our cells could be a universe.

I went to the domain of the archons as listed in Archonic Magick and it contacted me. it is called the grey mist because it manifests as that.

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