Archonic Magick

I have been debating whether this is a topic worth the effort to present to others given the subject matter is such in which there are vast amounts of misinformation and bias by the more religious and dogmatic magicians and by popular belief spread by parasites that fear the potential of this knowledge.

To get started this is to correct the false beliefs surrounding archons and what they are and what they can actually offer.

Archons by popular belief are parasites and malicious spiritual beings. This is a false assumption. By my experience they are neither parasites, malicious, or even spirits but more akin to advanced beings that simply exist in a spiritual dimension. Notably spirits do not have complete souls or full autonomy when subjected to various programs while archons do and show far more advancement in their energy systems than even so called gods tend to display. I would not go so far to say they are all the same species but more a collective of uniquely evolved beings and higher souls that have chosen the route of power and supremacy.

What is commonly accused of being archons are spirits, thoughtforms, and delusions of incompetent dabblers when their works explode in their face. Humanity is solely at fault for most of these beings and many spirits including those that assume false names and guises to hide their true nature enjoy spreading this misconception to limit the reach of what archons can offer as it would strip these parasites of their power and force them into obedience and more effectively just make them obsolete as all their power and knowledge can be accessed through programs built into reality. That and humanity is most adept at blaming everyone else for their failings and problems instead of taking a good look at what they created to enslave themselves.

They are not fond of humanity for reasons that are too long to go into immediately and have no true respect except for those that seek to achieve something greater than what is possible for their current state and to this end they can provide assistance to individuals.

Through this log I will detail some of what I have learned from them and their means of operating in reality and how it can be used not just for long term existence to transcend limitation but also in more practical day to day activities. This will be rather slow in the making with my busy schedule but I shall endeavor to routinely add to this topic over time and do a better job of filling the specifics of what I have mentioned above to capture the more nuanced details instead of my usual brutal straight forwardness.


can you give a name of one?

They don’t have standard names as it were since communication is mainly done telepathically on an abstract level names become identifying marks associated to them. One I have frequent contact with is characterized by the colors black and gold and a modified flower of life encased in a triangle with curved sides and the sensation of growing roots. They are not very open to contact being made initially and will contact those they deem fit leaving symbols that can be used to call them. You can assign names or trigger phrases to these to establish contact easier but they tend to only respond to thoughts directed to them with their chosen symbols.

The surest way to draw their attention and establish contact is to elevate your consciousness and mental projection to the realms they tend to frequent. A place outside of the geometry of standard reality. You strip away all that makes reality until it is just angles and geometry of energy and then slip your mind outside of that to a place that seems to be between different universes and realities. That empty space is where they are most active watching and influencing.


Hallo, any update to your log? I’m kindly waiting for that

From I’ve read with your first post, they are the power path entities. How about some one with descending path try to communicate with them, are they willing to answer?

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Central to the Archons form of magick is a massive built up thoughtform and aura of pure supremacy. A cultivation of psychic energy and information of their own supremacy over all others. Supremacy of the mind over information, energy, and matter. Most of all the supremacy of ones own mind and being over all others. This is built up to its own impressive thoughtform and living aura that imposes itself on reality intelligently through all levels the being occupies.

Setting this up is pretty easy but time consuming and takes a lot of your trust in your own instinct and ability. There have been similar techniques for this I’ve seen in the past and they all work towards more or less the same goal and shaping the aura and energy bodies to project and receive energy towards a certain intent. This can be scene as a meditation on a godform or similar but is directed to the aura and projected energy field.

The basis is meditation. Clearing your mind and finding the center of your being you begin to meditate on ultimate supremacy over all things. All things kneel before you happy to serve and those that won’t are crushed into submission or pushed out of the reality you occupy. Feel as a supreme being that could erase gods from existence with a stray thought and reorder the cosmos with a whim. Focus on the fact you are the embodiment of glory in both its beautiful awe inspiring form and in terrifying wrath. A being of power that all are happy to serve or be erased by. This is important to future constructs in the aura that will automatically start to nullify and erase energies that you do not desire around you.

This is built up as a basic thoughtform or even a simple kind of tulpa and so takes regular practice and meditation to build up its power. Once the basics are mastered start to expand your being with your breath growing larger and expanding out your energy and being growing and consuming all within your field until you can convince yourself that you have consumed the whole universe of matter, astral, and mental realms within your field. Practice holding this while working with energy through the chakras such as circuit meditations or microcosmic orbit or similar letting the energy work empower your aura further.

The final step once this is established is to form a trigger that will fully activate it. You will find that just passively as this builds power that people and spirits will start to react to you differently by your very presence and that events and circumstances will start falling in line as if influenced. Clarity of thought is key to forming the field and the trigger which will instantly drop you in a state of focusing and expanding it at full power which is nifty if you need more juice from it on command and follows the route of basic self hypnotic triggers.

A few considerations with building up auras like this is that they are projected from the center of your being through all your personalities and mental states but the center is cold and logical devoid of emotion. This is to avoid the various forms of psychosis that can be caused by such extreme meditation and energy to these concepts and prevents delusions of grandeur from taking over as you are operating from a core devoid of the ability to suffer such but merely projecting it as a tool and power source. With practice you can rapidly reconfigure the concept to project different impressions and even make and store a few different aspects linked to triggers.

Part of the feedback to this is allowing it to influence you in a controlled way to remove insecurities or fear of failure in your work and instill confidence that the forces you are working with will obey. It is a fine line between using it adjust your views appropriately and letting it take over and develop into a detrimental state.


Lots of stuff to update but also busy and typing is very tedious for me. Brain moves faster than hands and I spend more time editing out gibberish that gets smashed into the keyboard than anything. Voice to text also doesn’t work very well so have to old fashion grind out the text in semi understandable format.

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I am very interested in what you’re offering.
Keep it up. It looks good so far.

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Hey. thanks for the update.
Yes, I know. Just take your time there.
If you want to update some, I will be here

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The greatest power is derived purely from thought on the mental sphere. More specifically the mental sphere that transcends all others and exists outside of reality. Here thought can be made into energy and energy made into matter or force.

Models of the cosmos exist but are limited and the maps are incomplete only listing regions discovered by major religious groups and their practitioners. Models such as Kabbalah, the mariad of planes and heavens of eastern practitioners, the world tree known as Yggdrasil. All these are accurate and of the same thing but different perspectives and regions of the cosmos but one name can be applied to them all. The only reason for different names is to list the model of map and regions being used. When one moves beyond these models though one can use any name most convenient. I myself prefer the form of Yggdrasil as it seems most accurate and my initial introduction was through runic currents.

Each branch of the tree is its own set of timelines and realities. Leaves forming worlds and universes connected along a single branch of the system and neighboring branches being similar but far different. Often a branch splits off and evolves having many more branches too it. Roots are not localized like in physical trees but can exist along side or from leaves and so on. The overall view is a great web, tree, neuron, cellular structure, but also forms of data and technological growth. It is all that is and ever will be and the source of all and so all things compose its structure and these structures can tell a lot of the energies and worlds along a particular branch.

However trees sprout from trees and there is an orderly structure to it. At the core you have raw cosmic energy the blood and sap of the tree feeding structured networks and worlds. Around the parameter there is there are more flowing currents of energy more refined and orderly these seem to represent the astral connecting localized parts of the networks. Around the tree and at its deepest levels are currents of energy that are so intense that energy is created and destroyed supplying the material and the very core of these currents is pure thought and concept the mental spheres interlacing all creation.

Together these form complex networks and geometry that interlace all realities and spheres along the tree growing more ordered and structured the deeper into a sphere one goes forming localized reality matrices. These forms dictate reality in the worlds that exist along the tree and rewriting the code or restructuring its geometry is how the highest forms of magick work creating changes that become law and cannot be undone or resisted by anything that cannot likewise shape the local structure. This is on the deepest levels. The lighter levels are where most magick and psychic abilities manifest and influence far away from the core structure.

Learning to exist and navigate through these currents and enter the highest access levels of the system takes you to places where you can influence the growth of the tree itself over countless aeons though existing on that level time does not matter anymore unless you are still connected within the system by having a physical body or incomplete soul that is incapable of fully transferring its energy into those levels. It is from these levels that the records of the entire tree are kept and localized records can be rewritten or erased. The akashic records to the akashic records.

The primary way to access these levels is by deep meditation and mental projection coupled with practices to refine the mind and soul to reach higher levels and understand the reality matrix on a deeper level. Thus eventually gaining the knowledge and skill to access more and more of the networks. This is also how you would draw the attention of higher beings both those like the Archons that while not benevolent are also not going to bother much beyond what is entertaining or useful to their designs and by those that inevitably seek to subvert control of local systems to feed their power and desires which often are created and piloted by collective consciousness of certain factions in the world that are not even fully conscious of what they do. It is real telling when you hit one of those things and see certain events occur in the world in response.


What meditations would you suggest? Have you been able to do some of these things as well?

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I have reached very similiar conclusions as well after years in my path.
Very balanced and lucid text.

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I have done a lot of things not all something I can reproduce easily but showing definitive results beyond the ordinary. The best meditations are those focusing on emptying your mind and sensing the energy in and around you and going deeper. Lucid dreaming especially lucid dreaming straight from waking by deep meditation that puts your body to sleep while your mind remains active until even your physical senses go offline.

Meditations to refine your energy body, chakras, concentration, and ability to manipulate energy and understand abstract concept through contemplation. Control over your thoughts and emotions. Once you got the basics down you can pick a system you like and attune to various symbols and meditate on their energy. I prefer runes obviously but anything with enough lore and concept too it will work even supposedly fictional symbols long as there is a defined concept in mind.


Thank you. I’ll be looking into this.

True, Runes are a Energy Language - the old gods that rules the earth used it to shape reality.

There is a difference between magick and psionics or the use of psychic power. They are closely intertwined and can accomplish much the same but there is a subtle but important difference that once understood can improve ones own ability many times over. This is going end up less practical and more rambling but still something to keep in mind and consider with ones practice and training.

The key difference is that magick is system dependent and psionics at its core is system independent and the root of magical practice. Though magick can be used independent of psionic or spiritual power it could not exist without it.

An easy way to view this might be the differences between a .exe file and a .jar. I am not very well versed in computing beyond a few things but for the most part without a compatibility layer you cannot use a .exe file in a linux system but a .jar file can be used in all systems without extra odds and ends. Magick in one branch of reality or even in different timelines or universes existing on the same branch may not work fully or at all in neighboring branches or timelines. Given that these are always shifting it makes magick unreliable and unpredictable without latent psychic ability to pick up the slack. This gives credence to the unreliable nature of magick especially in the hands of a beginner and why some have their spells work perfectly from seeming natural talent as their own latent power compensates.

Magick is a force that relies on the external world while psionic power is derived entirely from the internal and manipulates the external. How this works practically means that while anyone can employ magical techniques to some success they are ultimately left at the mercy of the shifting currents they are based on and most succumb to temptations of parasites and spirits that offer their power to compensate for the lacking ability. Many souls are lost this way and forced to devolve by their reliance on such beings and the corruption and obsession that soon follows in them.

The forces and powers used for magick and psionics are the same but the method of execution is vastly different. The spirit and intellect functions the same in all universes regardless of local physics or metaphysics though its action may be impeded by them in its ability to influence the external world. Magick is built upon these external laws. True power is the projection of the internal system to the external to allow both powers to operate as one. In this way with enough power built up within ones internal universe and psychic powers and skill and knowledge of the external universe they can be made as one and be no different than a waking dream to shift and change at the most extreme points. Though such a state is rare and often very fleeting lasting not even a second and is seen in spontaneous seeming miracles where for one clear instant at the end of a ritual or other action everything is clear and lines perfectly together and results are instant. It is this clarity that is the constant goal to strive for in any endeavor. It is ones own power overwhelming all surrounding reality and forcing it to comply with the inner universe and the rules of its systems.


so, how to practice psionic?
is it the same with your post about meditation?

Yes. Psionics is inner power so practices focusing on qigong also work, magnetism, hypnosis, training the will and imagination. It is mainly executed by training and using psychic powers over reliance on spirits and outside non created entities so learning to perceive and directly manipulate energy and reality in defiance of its standard order is the key to it.


It has certainly been a while since I updated here. This is large part in due to just being busy and not too inclined in using my free time to update things here but it is about time I do. These past few months have been spent on immersing myself deeper in these currents of psychic power and magical workings. Focus has mostly been on awakening more of my soul and building new powers into it this has seen some good results and even transformation on a physical level. I would define the physical changes as perfect health and youth to put it simply and the ability to sustain my body less on corrupt physical substances and more off pure energy pulled from the world or people around me.

This raises a fun point for those that want to bash on vampirism as well and shows how full of shit they are with no real understanding of energetic workings or the wider existence. All things feed on other things whether they create their own food to just devour it as is the case of turning thought to energy or prey on already existing forces such as leylines, animals, people, or spirits, all things take in some form of energy or thought and devour, destroy it and make it theirs. What limits most people that try to take energy from others is they have no real connection or soul to rely on to convert this energy to a format that is usable and refined. Now as to why one might want to draw from different sources of energy instead of just general universal energy well there are assorted reasons mainly relating to convenience and what you want exactly but that is a deeper talk. Suffice it to say once you have a true soul and a connection to it you can rip energy from anything and convert it and many other things.

Primarily my focus is now on sustaining my physical body with as little physical sustenance as possible which can be done by converting the energy I take in into the format of the physical materials that sustain this body allowing the energy to be consumed instead of matter. All digestion of physical matter goes to create energy to power the body or replace damaged parts if you can supply energy directly then you only really need to eat to make up some of the difference and replace damaged parts. The chief distraction is the physical sensation of hunger but drawing in enough energy solves that quickly.

Now how does that relate back to the Archons?

Well given a true soul is more a complex construction of metaphysical technology to house the spirit and consciousness from dispersion it makes more sense. Many people report having weird devices or implants in them on the astral level and attempting to destroy or remove them inevitably followed by some form of ‘attack’ or misfortune. These people in many cases might really just be butchering themselves of what little development they have. The soul is not like the astral body in its traditional form but more is the core of such a body. It’s forms can be abstract and non-logical to the identity housed within. Chakras and meridians and spiritual organs can very easily seem to be artificial if not clearly perceived or foreign. In other cases these implants can be used to accelerate growth or integrate to provide new abilities.

An example is something I have been gifted with. An enhancement to my normal energy centers appearing as a series of triangular prisms along a fourth dimensional plane, think a tesseract as a triangle. The function of these devices is to draw in and condense energy to a more refined and quantitative state and transform it from there. Now do these seem external in any way? No. More so they feel more a representation of my own modified and awakened soul and ability. Likely this could be replicated and given to others if the ground work is there to accept it but there is more in common with high abilities an technology than first meets the eye. The reason it is so hard to do any of the more ‘dramatic’ stuff as is often told of in old mythology or manuals isn’t so much that it is impossible and more so the people attempting to do these things are operating in the stone age spiritually speaking and not building what is actually needed.


There is no such thing as physical disease, age, infirmity. It is all a sign of mental illness and spiritual wrongness. When the mind and all of its components are balanced with the soul and body minds then no illness can afflict a person and the flow of energy so cleansed and pure if strengthened pushes back even age and reverses it. For sure our physical matter bodies have an expiration by which they burn up but that can be pushed back and the signs of age removed. Imagine being 80 with the body of a 30 year old until your appointed time is up.

All physical disease is just the manifestation of thought. Thought given matter but in a host without disruption the physical vessels of disease burn and die and they cannot even enter or take root in such a body the frequencies of energy merely passing through each other. In an unbalanced body disease is rife, cancer, common colds, made up ailments that now take physical form by their belief.

Even genetic illness is of the mind the parts of the mind and frequencies passed down from ones physical predecessors but with the perfected mind even this can be rewritten the mind of the body following along to correct itself of the sins of its ancestors. Fixing the energetic taint passed down from the materia of father and mother.

The closer one gets to perfection the more resistant one is to disease, the more resistant one is to age, the more readily they can devour all that is imperfect around them and transform it within them to evolve and fuel their frequencies and the radiation of their being evolving and influencing that which is around them. The more one balances the minds and evolves the soul matrix the more power one generates in enormous quantities and the innate reservoirs of energy become more accessible. This is what is known as kundalini but when wrongfully awoken by twisted practices and lies in an unbalanced mind it runs rampant and the only result is death or to be crippled with your mind and soul lobotomized and burnt out by the short circuit. Death is preferable with the outlet of energy seizing on the body and burning it up rather than consuming the soul. The soul will always try to preserve itself by sacrificing the body and lower minds before it itself is consumed.