Tarot readings

I’d like a general please.

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Hello I will love to have a general one please

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I’d like a general reading! Thanks

Obsession spell I cast

Hey, I am learning the traditional tarot right now. It’s such methodical, yet magical process that takes time to really understand. Would love to be your test subjects lol.
Can I get one regarding my journey to financial independence. Are there things i need to remove or add in my life? I feel like Im stuck in the same forest that i want to get out of.

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You‘ll communicate a lot and it will be stressful. But the result will be the break up and you‘ll lose some of your braveness.


Well I see some secret messages here and that your emotions seems to go into some insecurities cause there is no harmony (and maybe not much sex, lillies means both).
Try to take it more easy and don‘t think that much about everything and what someone said or wrote :slight_smile:

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Hey Fabian :slight_smile:

Well well, I see some meetings at night time and that you‘ll be excited and nervous. Looks like an affair which will last linger but I don‘t see any kind of relationship now.

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He is meeting with another woman and it seems that you already know that but it‘s kept like a secret. I DONT see an affair here so maybe they are just friends. Talk to him!

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You are going straight a blocked way full of Obstacles. This will bring many changes and leads you to a health diagnosis. But also sone positive changes in your love life. You also live your working place!

Well you‘ll get health troubles but at the same time you‘ll fall in love with a loyal person who could also be a friend right now :slight_smile:

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I see that you will hear a secret which leads you to a break up and this is part of your karma btw destiny. You can not change it anymore.

Thank you, if possible career please

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Thanks a lot
Your message is really appreciated

General reading please

Hi …i will take one please…carreer
Thank you

Hi will take for love please😇

Iove please…


i think that you shouldn‘t bother entities for that cause you should give it an natural development :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Well you are very unsure about love which takes stability away.
Money seems to be a problem, you‘ll lose it faster as you earn it especially if you plan a fresh start.