Taoist Weather Magick


Hi there, thank you. The video will be the first of its kind, as I haven’t met another Taoist Weather Magician before, I’m working on filming a full ritual so people can see the entire process. (Its kind of hard when your camera isn’t water or weather proof!)

With this art it is important to keep in mind the three main categories of power, there exists The Magical Powers of Man, meaning magick that comes from the self. The Magical Powers of Earth, meaning magick that involves nature, mountains, stones, crystals, these people work with the Stars, the Moon and the Sun to generate their magick. Finally there is The Magical Powers of Heaven for those who work with gods, spirits, entities. Eventually you will master all three but since you are new to the Taoist school of thought, I’d say pick one and focus on it.

Weather Magick can be done in many different ways, for example, if you want to bring rain to your local area to end drought, you can do this by CREATING rainclouds through magick or by BORROWING them from another location. Creating the clouds out of a clear sky is more difficult, borrowing them is quicker but more risky. The universal law states that whatever you borrow you must return, I’ve heard horror stories of foolish magicians who did not learn the art of returning the clouds back to their original places and it caused chaos within that place, so be considerate of the bigger picture and the environment.

I would recommend you start by researching the Taoist Hand Seals and Incantations, the hand seals are based on The Eight Trigrams of the Bagua, you’ve probably seen the Bagua before, well each trigram corresponds to a different type of weather pattern so for example, if you wanted to summon an Eastern wind, you should use the Zhen Bagua Hand Seal whilst speaking an incantation. I’ll give you one that I use often to summon wind “The Winds Shall Follow Effortlessly! Blowing Through Every Limb Of Tree!” said in a very commanding and clear voice. Hope this helps you!


do you any other kind of taoist magick?
If you do, do you plan on sharing those techniques too?


Thanks. I am probably going to focus on the powers of the Earth for this as the majority of my practice so far has been based on my own power so to balance things out. So far I get wind pretty easily by just pulling the energy in the direction I want and with enough focus and application of water over a the period of a few days I can usually get clouds and sometimes light rain after a week of it but it is rather lackluster compared to what those with more experience can manage. I have plenty of books on the subject but books tend to be static words and while they provide a lot of information to practice with but sometimes it is too much at once.

Have you read the books by Franz Bardon? As that is the basis of my elemental practice manipulating the energies though when applying on larger scale I still need more practice there. Though I think my major problem is I am probably over-complicating much of what I try to do.

Also are there other forms of Taoist Magick you specialize in? I have read about such as Thunder Magick and am curious how that relates though I understand that seems to a fairly advanced practice as well as Shadow Magick which I have seen largely presented as a form of sympathetic magick to use on others but I am thinking there might be another less known side to it. Sorry for all the questions but it is a very interesting topic. Thank you for the advice though I will certainly be working more with the Trigrams. I look forward to your video when it is done.


Yes, I am well trained in the art of Feng Shui (Wind Water) which covers a vast range of practices from wealth attraction, cultivation of Qi, the study of natural land formations such as mountains and rivers and how they affect our homes and wellbeing if we live near them. The more quiet and deep the water is, the more Qi it contains. I also study the stars (particularly The Northern Dipper) and I practice a very rare ritual dance called “Bugang” or “Pacing The Seven Stars” I have videos on most of these topics. Here is one on The Four Chinese Animals within Feng Shui, these are essential to the art. I go very in-depth!


This is great info, I’m planning on starting a path that includes this and a few other easters magick systems (hinduism and shintoism) at the end of the month, I’m currently doing a infernal pathworking until the harvest moon on the night of the 24th.

Is it okay to contact you for more guidance? I would really appreciate it :grin:


My pleasure, focusing on the powers of Earth within my tradition would make you a “Magician” whilst the powers of Self would make one a “Mystic” and the Heavenly powers would make one a “Sorcerer” You may also find use in practising weather divination, it one of the most definitive ways to get answers. its important to understand your own body, its organs and how they relate to Weather Magick, in my system, the liver corresponds to the wind, the gall bladder to the clouds, the spleen to thunder and kidneys to rain.

Be careful where you meditate, in Taoist Magick when you go into deep meditation you absorb the Qi of your environment so if you go into a mediation facing lots of dead vegetation, dying grass, dead trees etc you will suffer the consequences later on. Make sure, if you have an outdoor altar or a place to practice, it needs to be lively and healthy. I know you said you are on a budget but I really recommend that you buy some weather tools such as stones and crystals. Sunstone is great for clearing storms and warming up the area but if you wish to call them you should use Quartz Crystals in rainmaking. Taoists regard Quartz as having the essence of the dragon within it.

I haven’t read his books, i’ll need to check those out. I specialise in many other areas of Taoist spirituality such as Feng Shui, study of Stars, wealth attraction, Bugang. Here is a video I made on how to call rain, its quite in-depth.


Sure! I have Skype if you are interested in speaking to me or you could just PM me on here if you wish.


I will be sure to when the time comes :blush:


Very interesting stuff! Appreciate all the detail and the philosophical underpinnings. Good luck on your path


Thank you!


Thank you. Bardon’s books I notice the techniques and path of progression seems very similar to Taoist methods but more broken down and technical so I feel it is a good complement. You start working on your own mind and soul and advancing to work with external elements and balancing the elements in yourself then to making thoughtforms and servitors and mental and astral projection and assuming the form of personal deities and conceptions of God whatever those may be for yourself. The second book deals with evocation and working with spirits and the elemental and planetary planes and the third book goes into the use of the universal language spoke on the four main levels of existence and embodying certain powers and archetypes in color and sound of regular English letters for analogy. His books are pretty easy to find as pdfs I know hardcover copies can be quite expensive. Might not be as big an issue for you though.
I can at least get hold of crystals fairly easily I already have a bit of an assortment of quartz and amethysts. As to the meditations outside given the neighbors on one side I have to make extra sure to ward and banish in that direction but it is manageable with some homemade talismans and my other neighbors thankfully can maintain a much better environment which bleeds into our yard. The traditional direction to face for such meditations is South correct that seems to be what I have read but it might be only pertaining to the meditations I have read about.
Also what would be your view of using mental and energetic shape shifting in combination with weather magick since each direction would have an animal associated with it and each element? If this gets too crowded we can take it PM’s or maybe skype if you wish… (If I remember how to log into skype… haven’t used it in years)


Thanks all.


Here is a fantastic book on Taoist Weather Magick, I highly recommend this one to anyone who wishes to study and practice this art.


I know you are not into The Magical Powers of Heaven so much but I have uploaded a video on the Chinese Gods of Weather, useful information if ever you wish to try that path.


Well I will definitely check it out. Right now I feel it is an order of progression so eventually I will definitely be working with them. Thank you.


Has anyone ever been able to call forth thick fog before? I have a method of doing this.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/250146918980542/ I have created a Facebook group for Taoist magick.


My new video has just gone up, an interesting topic of reading omens within the weather, clouds, water, Earth etc.


Please do tell


I personally use a collection of various magical stones and I cool down the atmosphere to bring the fog in.