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Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and the first place I wanted to post was in the nature magick area. Many of you would have practiced weather/nature magick at some point but very few are familiar with Taoist Weather Magick, this is what I specialise in. Having been active for 10 years, I would be happy to tell you a little bit about it. If one wishes to practice, they must first study the Yin Yang (Taijitu) and Bagua principles. Water is the most Yin element, the most female, cool and passive, whilst fire is masculine, hot and aggressive. There are eight trigrams (Three Lines) on the Bagua, the broken lines represent Yin whilst the unbroken are Yang. The most Yang trigram is Qian or Heaven whilst the most Yin is Kun or Earth. Think of Solar energy (qi) and Lunar energy. If you want to maintain the state of “flow” its best to find a balance between the two, the middle path. I’m a grey arts practitioner so I lean from left to right if it suits my purpose.

Feng Shui has a lot to do with Taoist weather magick, if you roughly translate it, it means Wind Water. A good weather magician must know the natural world before the supernatural, the flow of the streams, the mountain formations, the sounds of wind etc. By deciphering these sounds using magical stones like a Bloodstone, you can use the weather for Divination by listening to the sounds of thunder and rain, this is known as reading omens. The main force I work with is wind, (Feng) there are two types of wind, Yin Wind and Yang Wind. Yin Wind can be harmful as it is known to destroy Earthly qi whilst Yang wind is more positive, it helps with healing, and removing of negative spirits. Ancient Taoists considered the wind to be “The Voice of Heaven” it is able to carry messages, whilst Gods and Demons were known to “travel” in whirlwinds, I have actually manifested a demonic whirlwind which almost destroyed my house by ripping off a part of the roof before I managed to calm it down by using a combination of malachite and chrysocolla stones, they clear up storms and restore clear blue skies.

Here are some photos of me on my outdoor weather magick altar, known as “The Altar Of The Seven Stars” (Northern Dipper) I’ve used this elevated platform to summon snow, intense winds, lightning storms and many other forms of weather. Notice the Taijitu (Yin Yang) protection circle, I use this to stay balanced within the Dao, I am inspired by the legendary brilliant Taoist and military strategist Zhuge Liang of The Three Kingdoms era, he is my main guide. Anyway, I’m hoping to meet plenty of other natural sorcerers!


Sure I’d be interested in learning


Awesome to hear, what would you like to know? I have made many videos on these subjects.


Interesting. I have always been able to conjure a breeze when I want by visualizing it begining far in the horizon and pulling it to me, but nothing stronger. I would be interested in hearing about your method of conjuring stronger winds.


Hi there, I use a set of methods known as “Gathering Qi From The Four Winds” they are meditations used where the practitioner wishes to change the direction or absorb the winds into his/her own body. Whilst on my altar, I look way out into the horizon (I have a really good view up here on this hill) I put my tongue in the middle of the roof of my mouth and I allow myself to become one with the view I am seeing whilst inhaling the qi from all different directions, I imagine that I taste the colours of the sky and just like what you said with the pulling.

I imagine pulling the qi into my organs, I pull energy from the East, it is green in colour, that goes into the liver, then I work with the Southern direction, pulling in red qi which goes straight to the heart, West is white qi for the lungs and North is black qi that goes into the kidneys. I do this all whilst standing up. Then I do what is known as “Trigram Hand Gestures or Hand Signals” Using your fingers, you aim to replicate one of the eight trigrams from the Bagua, in my case I use “Xun” or “Wind”, sometimes whistling also helps bring forth a wind. Stones/crystals are sometimes needed, for wind I use clear quartz.

There is a lot to consider with Taoist Weather Magick, for example, the seasons and times to practice. Here is a video I made so you can see the spell in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41SH-J-AxmM


Hey that’s pretty cool stuff.
Two questions:

  1. what are some practical uses for these techniques - other than showing off your wind conjuring abilities to your friends?
  2. Do you have any techniques to blow the clouds away in a local area?
    This would help me because I do sungazing but if there are clouds at sunset it would be nice to open up a patch of sky. There have been times where I command and chant the sky to open up and the sun to feed me and visualize this, and then in about 10min perfect blue sky opened up, while before the entire sky was thick hazy clouds - but its takes a lot of effort and concentration.


I would also be interested in methods of conjuring winds


cool beans bro, this forum has been lacking a serious magician with knowledge of Asian magical arts, your teachings are very much appreciated.




Glad to see you on the forum @LordJoshAllen! Welcome buddy :smile:


Extremely interesting post and welcome brother. I am just starting with my practice in eastern and Chinese craft following Taoist principles. I am interested in learning more as well. Going to subscribe to that channel of yours ~ :wink:


Thanks for the in depth reply! It’s interesting to see that the “proper” method is almost exactly the same as my intuitive method. I’ll be trying your more complex version as soon as I am able.


There are both Earthly and Spiritual benefits. For example, by harnessing wind qi it allows your body to be nourished, its like feeding on an energy source therefore it improves your wellbeing. In alchemy, the outside world and its weather directly relate to the internal “storms” of the racing mind, the floods of doubt, the raging rivers of desire and lust. So when you create or tame an external storm, you are also taming an internal emotional one.

In terms of practicality, I’m a farmer and I live in the agricultural heartland of England so knowing weather magick gives me peace of mind for growing things all year round, regardless of the conditions. You could use it as a weapon to defend your land, many Chinese weather magicians of old would summon storms to win battles, for example with snow, they would make it so cold that the soldiers and horses would freeze.

I do have a technique for that, quite a few actually. One of the easier ones would be to use a Sunstone, these help generate clear weather but they will warm up your area somewhat. There are paper talismans in Taoism known as “Fu” usually yellow and rectangular slips that you place on your outdoor altar, the talisman to scatter clouds is one of the easiest to draw out. You should draw out four and place them in the four directions.


Thank you.


Thanks Frater!


Thank you my friend. I wish you all the best in your Taoist journey, if ever you need any help with weather magick feel free to ask. :yin_yang:


Some tools on my Altar of The Seven Stars.


Banjax, do you feel drawn to any specific kind of weather or element?


Air primarily, followed by fire. No matter how my attributes are looked at I am connected to air very strongly. Fire is something I just have a natural affinity for, getting one started and roaring when and where a lot of others can not. I think that’s why I took so quickly to bladesmithing, because you need both air and fire to get the forge burning hot.

Why do you ask?


If you love fire, you will love The Red Vermillion Bird. I ask because its important to use the senses when working with elements and weather, so when I first started, I didn’t know how to even set up an altar but I knew for sure that I had an affinity with the wind and I wanted to master it. Feelings are a huge part of this practice, if you are drawn to something then you should pursue it.