Taoist Weather Magick


For those interested, I did a video on summoning snow a little while back, it gives some great information. If you are more of a Yin person, working with Wintery elements will suit you better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OHNUcCY6gQ


Quite the badass setup you have there!

I’m not too familiar with Taoist magick, but I’ve heard favorable things about their method of Fu Kay divination, which employs a willow stick in sand or sawdust for automatic writing. Have you experimented with this at all?


I also practice weather magick but more so from a Nordic standpoint but I honestly can’t wait to learn from you! Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about natural magick and anything else really!

Welcome to the forum! It’s nice seeing another flavor of magic being explored here !


Thank you, I put a lot of time and energy into my setups. I don’t use Fu Kay but I do use the I Ching oracle system to get Divine information. I use a combination of tortoise shells, coins and yarrow sticks.


Thank you very much, I would like to understand more about the Nordic Weather Rituals. Its always interesting to see how different traditions call forth rain, wind, snow etc


This is one of my favourite shots of me in the middle of practicing weather magick, I was calling forth winds.


I’m surprised to see Taoism here. Other than ZhuGe, do you work with 雷神 for example or others?


I mainly work with Chinese Gods of weather and nature spirits, I often work with LeiGong for Thunder magick, YingLong and Yu Shi for rain magick. Just to name a few.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWmuUXqwG-I Rainmaking rituals in Taoist Weather Magick. I made this video to encourage newcomers to try out the art for the first time.


Fantastic thread, i look forward to learning more about your experiences


Thank you.


Your Taoist Magick is very beautiful. I had never seen a practitioner as young as you. Sometimes I do meditation 內 丹 Nei Dan. I admire your work.


Right now I am making a documentary video on Taoist Weather Magick, it should be finished soon.


Let us know when it is released, I look forward to viewing it


Thank you.


My Altar Of The Seven Stars has got an upgrade, more powerful weather magick is now possible.


I love seeing altars like this, it shows that a magician can go for the simplistic approach or the very complicated one depending on there dedication, keep up the good work!


Thank you, I’ve always gone for the ornate altars. Preferably outdoor ones where I have lots of room to manoeuvre, I know some people are against the type of magick that involves a lot of items, flags and robes etc but in my rituals they are needed.


Im from Latin American so we got pleanty of intricate and extravagant altars to folk saints and spirits, Mainly La Santa Muerte


Definitely very interesting I have been looking into weather magick recently with some small successes not as much as I would like though. I have taken a liking to the taoist perspective on weather magick and many things as well as the hermetic view on it. I don’t exactly have the space or current finances to have all the nice items so I have had to make do applying the principles and techniques as I am able. Would be nice to get advice from someone more experienced in the specific path I have been looking into more heavily. Good luck with your video by the way.