Taoist Wealth Magick and Feng Shui

Hi all. Lately, I’ve been focusing on attracting more wealth by manifesting more opportunities through the use of Feng Shui. I’ve been a practitioner of Taoist Magick since 2007, I’d like to share some of my methods with you and I hope that you will find them useful. In the Tao tradition, if a person seeks more material wealth, they should start by using Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement. Begin by transforming your environment, make your home/office/altar an inviting place for qi to enter. The front door is important, its shape, colour, design etc.

In Feng Shui, there is a popular saying “Just as a persons mouth can have a great impact on his or her life, so can the front door” The front door is considered the mouth of the building. Its colour should correspond to its direction. All the colours correspond to the Wu Xing five elements system. If the door faces South, (element of fire) it should be either red, burgundy or pink, if it faces Southwest (element of Earth) Yellow or brown, West (Metal) would be white, silver, gold or bronze, Northwest (Metal) is the exact same, North (Water) would be black or blue, Northeast (Earth) again Yellow or brown, East, (Wood) would be green and Southeast (Wood) would be green again. In China, the most auspicious front door colour is red because red is seen as a power colour, it attracts greatness.

The front entrance area should never be cluttered, if there is clutter, qi won’t be able to enter. The energy of money does not like stagnation. If your entrance has dead vegetation or rotting leaves on the ground, this will cause problems. Masters often recommend using water features to attract money, for example, a fountain. If you place the fountain outside of your door, make sure the water is flowing towards the door, never away from it, If it flows away it will draw qi from the house (you will lose wealth) the whole objective is to “invite” never to “repel”

Inside the building, Masters recommend placing a square-shaped fish tank containing nine fish, eight of the fish are colored gold and the ninth should be coloured black. The eight gold fish are used as magnets to bring in auspicious energy. The black fish is used to absorb any calamity that might occur, such as getting sick, losing a job, being in a bad relationship, etc. in Taoism, Dill is often used in money rituals, this is due to the fact that Dill produces many seeds, therefore it represents plentiful results and abundance.

I hope you have found this informative, thank you for reading - Lord Josh Allen


For more information on Wealth Magick, I have a very detailed video on the subject here.

This is very informative; any books I have read on decorating with Feng Shui do not go so in-depth as to the directions and their correspondences. Furthermore, all of them reccomend that one place the front door facing North (but if red is the most auspicious colour and is associated with South, I do not understand this) Perhaps you should right a definitive edition? I can think of one person who would be interested off the top of my head.

Your generalizing a bit. no offense. That’s just the black hat feng shui style. I wouldn’t go that route if one is serious. Flying star method is the go to for classical feng shui that’s been proven. The placement is base on the energy map of the home. I’m a practitioner myself learning from grandmaster. There is the new age feng shui that focus on colors and direction without mapping the energy of the home. Be careful of those fast fast method. They are everywhere. They don’t work. There are few great books if you know where to look.

I want to agree but have had better results with the black hat method, over and over again, than traditional compass method, which I did learn as well as possible from books and online. :thinking:

Have you had good results with that yourself? (genuine question, sarcasm can be difficult to rule out online in text)

And can you recommend any learning resources?

I’m still a student of this and don’t pretend to know much, but I have seen the difference in results.

they use red to activate the energy of that area. however, if the energy is negative in the front door. you will get troubles in life. so be wary of systems that don’t map out the actual energy of the home. Using direction only is incomplete. And you know north is represented by water. so using red without knowledge is causing a clash. water /fire don’t mix. You have to know what energy is in the front door and it changes daily/monthly/yearly/20year.

Good to know; it always felt wrong to me so I never followed the advice of the books I read, and after much difficulty in finding information which improved on the flow of the energy I felt in places, I dropped the study of that. I am happy to resume such studies if you answer my PM.

black hat method results usually is from placebo effect of affirmation and your intent. It’s not really feng shui. Flying star method over ride all other methods. Of course one have to learn properly. Lots of fakes out there teaching wrong. I can recommend, however, isn’t one of the rule of this site is to not recommend products?

No, there’s a rule against advertising oneself but mentioning a book that helped, or a teacher you have learned from, etcetera, is okay. :+1:

PS I first posted about this in 2014 so you can see I’m not crazy: How to setup a room for magick - #3 by Lady_Eva

Sure your crazy. We all have demons and are crazy in our own way. I’m in this site so i’m a bit crazy. hahaha. one have to be crazy to have an open mind to explore angels/demons possibilities and magick.

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Online learning is often misleading due to incomplete info. lots of contradictions that may hurt you or waste time to not get results. Often too many systems mix up. many do that to be ‘different’ to stand out so they can be the guru. Then there are those self named masters who are after money milking the westerners making them think they learn lots but they actually learned fluff. you know them if you find them having 20 plus volumes of books and books on one subjects.

I did the compass thing based on sex (male or female) and date of birth, from a book, anyway worth knowing about it, and that feng shui doesn’t begin and end with where the door is, etc. :+1:

From my interactions with this guy on his youtube channel, it seems he derives at least some of his knowledge from Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson. He has both Medical Qi Gong and Daoist Magic books. He has one on Feng Shui and weather magic, check it out.

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I’ve read some of jerry alan johnson’s books when i was studying qi kung. His book is kinda dry in my opinion. He’s not my cup of tea. I’m sure he knows his stuff in terms of medical healing. As for the daoist magick part, not my interest. But do explore him if it’s your interest. There’s a teacher style for everyone. I’ll never discourage anyone to learn things even if it isn’t efficient. People have to start getting knowledge somewhere. If it’s not to their liking, at least they know what they don’t like. haha.


Not my interest primarily either, since I’m more into Mao Shan stuff. Jerry Alan Johnson is part of a Mao Shan lineage among others though, and I do use some of his books for reference. I like this book of his in particular:

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Usually new age or new upcoming teachers mix systems. you really have to contain the systems and don’t mix. mixing is what cause trouble and for you to not get results. They do that to promote their live training business to stand out. Can cost you thousands of money if you learn from those that aren’t genuine. Glad i had chance to learn from genuine teacher that isn’t after money. As it’s very costly to go to wrong teacher which happened to me and i’m sure thousands of people since some schools are great at marketing the business side but actually giving very little in return. It was the right timing in my life that he was available says my astrology chart. Since I study hypnosis/persuasion/influence/nlp I can tell by observing teacher if they are for real helping you.

REading your old post. That’s not the classical method of feng shui. That’s the 8 mansion feng shui. We learn that , however, we also kinda abandon it. It was for historical knowledge and some foundations and to see different systems using similar formulas. we stick with flying star for results. 8 mansion don’t get results as much. It’s more for stabalizing the home. making it homeostasis. It’s not as flexible as flying star. Some places you can’t use 8 mansion due to size of home being small such as apartments in building. And you may have no choice of where you live since you can’t kick someone out if they have the better apartment then you in the building. I took a whole course on flying star and the company was shaddy. they end up teaching only 8 mansion only and dragging info. they didn’t teach what they advertise. it end up being Q and A for the repeat students. and talking about ghost and lots of time wasting. took them 2 days on 8 mansion and in the current training i took. it took couple hrs to cover everything they did in 2 days. so be wary where you learn. Lots of misleading training in this feng shui field. Now that i recommend some books, you folks are now more wise and won’t be mislead.

I would highly recommend the book “Daoist Weather Magick and Feng Shui” by him. I’ve always found his books to be helpful and very detailed.


I judge purely on the basis of efficiency, if something works then it should be used properly. If someone gets a result using newer methods then I don’t see the problem? Surely this is not a matter of following tradition for the sake of following it but rather using the most effective methods that produce results. I personally know many who use black hat, it works just fine for them. Both ways offer greatness and they ultimately lead to the same destination, only the road is different. If one wishes to gather money, one should try the old and the new. If both work then surely that is a wonderful thing.

I know this, because you and I once had a conversation about the relation of Taoist and Western deities. Glad to see you are well, and good luck in your endeavors.

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