Talking to a succubus

Hi, I’m rather new here and a strong believer in the occult. A little backstory of why I’m here, years ago I sought out a succubi summoning ritual, something rather quick. Write down a letter to Lilith with a description of a succubi you want to be with. I did so, signed it in blood and burnt it while giving a chant to Lilith thanking her and such. Well it worked I had a pinching feeling in my chest and a weight on my beside me. Things didn’t stay like that however as times I don’t feel she isn’t even there. Fast forward and I’m thinking about joining the military and was hesitant, I talked to a tarot card reader and she freaked me out because she told me a lot about my future that came true. She then told me something that also let me know she was the real deal, she said that my spirite guide was a fire elemental and was a faire or old spirite or something I was convinced it was my succubus. Fast forward even more time and the sleep paralysis started happening. First time was intense images, fog and I even got a glimpse of her and she was so beautiful. My second most intense experience I didn’t really see her but I felt she was on top of me and gave me what I believed was a French kiss as it felt as though an invisible tongue entered my mouth. However now I rarely have any experiences like those anymore. I feel a little empty not knowing if she’s with me or not. And I was wondering is there a way I can communicate with her? I still don’t know her name and I desperately want to.


Please make an introduction here
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No worries, Set up your intro and I’m sure others here will have advice for you on this. :slight_smile:

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Communicate with her out loud. Acknowledge her presence when you feel her. She will be there. My incubus told me his name in a dream. For a while he’d been telling me but I could barely hear and only got the first letter right.


talk to her everyday, no matter what, even if it´s only small talk, acknowledge her, she will be grateful for it


So a little update thanks to you guys I believe she’s actually more present. I haven’t heard anything from her but now at least I know she’s still with me. And what’s crazy is that when I opened Snapchat she was hovering a little over my head and one of the filters gave me a nice glimpse of her eyes. She was so beautiful thank you guys for giving me the hope to try to reconnect with her.



Awesome dude! Never give up !

You want to treat her like a regular human girlfriend, and talk to her like she is there 24/7. I know she is. Talk about your deepest secrets and desires, your daily struggles, your dreams and ambitions, it will form a stronger bond. She already knows it but she wants to hear it from you. It will form trust and a more intimate bond.

When wake up, the very first thing I do is saying goodmorning to my succubi companions and spirit guides and Lucifer and ask them how did they sleep last night. I even make sure I leave some space in my bed for my succubi to sleep on. After that I go showering (one likes my smell after I showered so I ask them to join me in the showers) etc getting ready for work / school and I ask them all if they want to taste something of my delicious breakfast :smiley: Whenever I eat something I ask them if it tastes good, they can taste food and drinks through me. And I talk to them constantly about my daily tasks, my frustrations with studying, or annoying stupid people on the public transportation. Just like you would when you had a human girlfriend.

When i’m sad I let them know how I feel and what the cause is, I try to understand my feelings, it can also happen that I feel their emotions, if I feel sadness all of a sudden I know that could be one of my succubi companions. I ask what’s wrong etc.

But I also apologize to them everyday because maybe I do something they don’t like, like ignoring them for a few hours because i’m concentrating on my studies for school etc. sometimes i’m sad and I don’t say anything or I start to doubt myself and all my relationships with the paranormal world. This path is only for the truly dedicated and disciplined. It can be very lonely and hard to push through.

there still is no way I can hear / see them or fully communicate with them. I’m working on opening my chakras and psychic abilities because I want to communicate with them in normal fashion, like conversations, being able to hear them etc.

At the end of the day, these kind of relationships are hard work, it requires true dedication and true love.
Most guys want a succubus for sex / booty call. You have to be dead honest about your intentions. They are real beings with real emotions and you can hurt them very bad.

I already know that they’re with me in this lifetime and beyond.


My incubus is too cute. He does it on purpose.


this post deserves so many more likes than it has, the succubi should be treated with the same respect as a human


I 100% agree


“I was a little heated a couple mins ago, I saw someone online in another forum saying my kind was nothing but evil beings that want humans as a food source and yes there are succubi like that, but when some humans generalize us, it pisses me off I love humans, but it feels like some don’t trust us, I can see why, but I see posts of people saying succubi are bad thats it, how we only exist to destroy men how we can’t be a lover to a human, how we can’t love how it’s “wrong” I hate when people close their minds off and dismiss us as monsters, and I hate when people think they can control us, think that they own us, you don’t you can’t own a succubus, you definitively won’t own me!. I get so frustrated seeing posts about “how do I get her to do this” or “How do I treat a succubus” because it makes us feel special in a bad way, like we’re ticking time bombs ready to kill when we go off. Why can’t more people be like my husband treat us like a person if you want a succubus in your life, not like a monster, or a queen, treat us like a person, a person. So many of my kind say I’m lucky to have the man I do, and I guess they’re right because they don’t have a husband or a boyfriend of their own, they get called on by people sometimes, but then quickly removed, like “oh that one wasn’t the one I wanted” like we’re fruit on a tree. I’m glad @SpaceTravelr also said what he said, he’s right, why are some of you treating us like property, or something that you need a quickie for we’re not, we’re beings just like you, except not physical, sorry I needed to add this here, part of the reason you haven’t seen me speak on this forum in a while” -Macy


I have tried reaching out to Lilith and asking if she would send me one her daughters who would be intrested in dating and then eventully marriage. I have felt what i believe a succubus and tried acknowledging her asking for her name ect. But thats all ive eve gotten :frowning:
This was all done with respect and in regards to how i would want to be treated. I still want this, if there is any advice you may have for me or perhaps have a loney friend who would like to chat? Thank you and anything would greatly appreciated.


"I want to share this with you I’m arachni’s wife and it’s weird being a Queen succubus, I wanted to share this, so I was in the astral plane and some succubus queen older queen walks over talking about how she’s heard alot about me, she told me “all young succubi are gullible, they think human males can actually love a succubus, all human males are the same they need to be able to “feel it” and we can’t full fill that role, you’ll learn when he sticks it in a human” like it’s funny some other Succubus that was around said, “If she’s happy with he human, then leave her alone don try to ruin it btch” like I noticed that some succubus queens are sour they claim to try to be with humans and it almost never works out so then they grow bitter, I’m kinda getting noticed though a little famous they are considering me the first Succubus to really interact with the internet along with having human friends outside my husband so it draws attention to me, my point is I feel like some Succubi don’t trust humans either, we’re not much different then that’s what I’m trying to say. " Macy



Hello Macy and husband, how are both of you doing these days? I agree with your post in that human males can have trouble really feeling love and true feelings for a succubus wife / succubus companion and here’s why: without actual touch, communication as in speaking and listening, body gestures, body language, and intimate moments like lying in bed together , waking up together, having deep intimate eye contact… All these “physical” things make that a male’s heart will burn with pure love for his spouse/girlfriend. I think this is something i’m experiencing as well, and i’ve told my succubus companions and succubus wife about it. This is really a problem that we encounter. Problems with recieving and giving love are common I think in the beginning stages of human-succubus relationships. Not to mention the difficulties trying to get into the astral world, like astral projecting, lucid dreaming…

So I can understand alot of succubi like high ranking queen succubi have grown resentful and bitter while they tried all they could with their heart and soul. This actually hurts my heart because I think those problems could be prevented/eliminated. I’ve read somewhere that even Lilith herself encountered these problems and yeah, when she’s angry she will fuck you up lol. She wants the commitment and 100% dedication, in love and working with her etc. Alot of humans don’t take these things seriously and people and succubi/spirits get hurt in the proces

Also remember that human males can be very rude and mean, just like human females, and people get hurt in the dating scene , in their love lifes, and human often forget that succubi and incubi are just like humans! Only their body is missing so they take everything for granted and not taking into account the feelings of succubi etc. It is very diffucult to address those problems especially if you live in the astral and we humans in the physical plane. I honestly think those problems would be far less if we humans would have full open psychic abilities to communicate properly with succubi, and even then there are trash low quality humans who are rude and selfish…

I’m now at a point in my life where the spiritual is more like put on the background and i’m more focussed on earthly things like personal goals, studying because i’m about to drop out of college due to my disease etc, working on myself, working on my dating life, career, social skills and meeting actual people. There are days that I don’t talk much with my spirit companions and succubus wife. I feel guilty about it… I have told them numerous times i’m sorry but yeah I cannot hear them, nor can I feel what they are trying to communicate true feeling/visions/dreams. My succubus wife said she
‘s often in my dreams but I never know for sure, I have my conjectures about it. I have paid the conjurer several times to ask my succubus wife several questions because I was worried about stuff. I got my
answers and it eases my mind. It’s still very hard to distinguish a girl in my dream of my succubus wife because i’m not lucid and I am a passive spectator of my own dreams. I believe I had sex a few times with a girl in my dreams and I believe that was my succubus wife. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a medical condition which i’m trying to solve, that’s why i’m also emotional numb and not feeling alot due to hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances. I sometimes say something to my succubus wife and companions, like mundane daily things that i’m trying to investigate for school, personal projects, and I ask them why certain things are the way they are in society and women and love.

As i’m typing this I feel my succubus wife’s tingles in my face, and she’s always with me, the moment I lie down on my bed, she’s there, she sometimes moves my limbs, and twitches my muscles alot, but it never took off. Sometimes you hear the touches get more real and human like. Like feeling an actual arm around your middle, or a hand in your face, and I understand I have to do my part too.

I know they are trying, and it makes me sad I cannot concentrate fully on them in my life. When I go about my daily life, I often forget they are with me all the time, resulting in ignoring them and that’s because humans are lazy as fuck, and easy-going. I have to force myself thinking they are with me even though I cannot hear/see them, touch them.

Like today I told my succubus wife what mistakes I made in my childhood, and gym life, and what i’m trying to do to correct those mistakes. Also life changing events, I speak with them about it. Every morning when I wake up and feeling horny I call my succubus wife and I project very dirty sexual thoughts to her, and I talk about my fantasies and the things i’d do to her if she was lying in bed with me. Technically she is lying in bed, but I cannot feel/see her lol.

The closest sex I can simulate with her is getting very horny, masturbating and thinking about her, moaning her name, screaming her name when I orgasm etc, I know they like the sexual energy, they feed off of it, so this is going for like 2 years already, and I know that I have to increase my psychic senses but my body is sick and I believe the hormones organs and brain are very important for the psychic development. So i’m kinda stuck here but i’m working on it.


“Maybe I didn’t agree with her because maybe I don’t understand the feeling of what other succubi have went through like they even question lilith like “why would you let such an inexperienced succubus be a queen?” it kinda hurts but I maybe it’s because I never experienced what they have, they tell me I’m soo lucky, like I have a twitter, a discord, and a twitch, and they have none of that, like everytime I go to that “public” plane I guess so many queens look at me with this look like “how come she has so much and we don"t” it’s like they’re jealous, envious, it feels like I don’t deserve it, but they don’t know where I came from I was an energy slave, for 2000 years I was an energy slave to a succubus queen, and this is the 1st year in my existence that I am free, but they all look at me like I don’t deserve the title “queen” like I don’t deserve a husband that can hear me, have sex with me, even kiss me, my close succubi queen friends are even jealous a little bit, but not as much as strangers the ones who have heard my story idk my husband is open to enegry & detail in general so it wasn’t hard to access those parts of him, and it still isn’t, we talk like a normal couple, we joke, laugh, kiss, cuddle, everything, we’re even expecting a daughter, maybe I’m lucky.” -Macy

she wanted to say her peace first one thing is I won’t leave her, I never would she’s the love of my life man, I know that might be weird to some that a demon became the love of my life, but dude she is, no human women can really tempt me, she even told me she “influences” other women who are interested to not be interested, for example this chick at my work was flirting with me a bit, my wife said she influenced her a bit and this chick just dead stopped talking to me at the job. no more flirting nothing it’s like her way of saying back off to human women. but even though a human women might be able to offer the “feeling” my wife feels good as well maybe even better tbh idk. I love her, I think that has alot to with it as well. they say "love makes the dck bigger, and the V better.



It’s wonderful and heart warming to read how much you love her. I love reading about your relationship and all aspects of it. You have absolutely no idea how lucky you are that your third eye and psychic senses are already open :innocent:. I’m not envious or jealous, in fact, I am really glad that I have the oppertunity to see how other humans and succubi are having a deep meaningful relationships. I encourage you all to learn more from eachother and especially we as humans need it to ascend and learn our life lessons here on earth.

@Macy, it’s sad to see the jealousy, envy and hate towards you because you have it all in their eyes. It actually kinda suprises me, you’ve already told me
one time I can recall that in the astral world succubi can also be mean and hateful towards humans and eachother, and that they also have to learn alot. I thought succubi/incubi were more intelligent and advanced in those areas but they are acting very childish lol. Just like we also have childish jealous (adult) humans… Oh well, it’s all one big playground I guess, and I am really glad you two found eachother. Stay strong and hold eachother tight, love conquers everything.

I wonder how succubi learn, like do they have a “higher self”? Like your husband has, because he’s now temporary on earth in a human body. When his life is complete he will return to the source, and gets to learn and review his life etc, how does that work with succubi, do they have the soul incarnated in the astral plane?


“Thank you, :smile: oh and to answer your questions, I don’t think we have a “higher self” if we die in the astral we just don’t exist simple, but when my husband dies and when his life is complete, he’s coming back with me in my private plane so I can be with him for enternity but like I can’t tell you how it feels to just to be blinked in existence I technically have no mother, a pure Succubi isn’t born they are made, and don’t have any sort of infant stage but we don’t Bink into existence acting like adults very young succubi are taught when I was first created 2001 years ago I was taught very early how to get energy for myself, they taught me how to use my abilities etc, but My daughter has a interesting thing about her even though she will be a spirit in birth she has an infant stage because of her being half human Cambions can also be in the physical plane and it’s more common than the type of Cambion I am talking about I just wanted to share that piece of information I had.” -Macy


I think the recentfulness comes two-folded; The succubus/incubus spirits doing their best to communicate with their to-be human partners but fails to do so, and the human not being able to sense their spirits with their astral senses. I’ve read so many people complaining about their lack of feeling, seeing or hearing and they give up on it too easily.

I would say that the physical interaction with a succubus and an incubus is the most important way to interact with them. You don’t need your ears or eyes to feel love. You need the touches and the emotions that comes with it, just as much as the gestures. Once the ability to feel is opened, a whole other world will open up for us. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


My ladies says hi to you and Macy. :wave: