Taking someone’s energy for your benefit and their decline

So in Demons of magic by Gordon winter field there is a description of one of the powers for the demon valefar that is “to take the energy of those you name for your benefit and there decline” what does that mean to you guys. Does it mean I can take the confidence of another Person I know for myself. Or the popularity of someone else for my benefit and there decline meaning they will become unpopular while I grow to take there place or what exactly do you guys think it means @anon20147451 @DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva


Because I can think of a lot of uses but I’m not sure if it’s what the demon can do

In Goetia of shadows by Michael W Ford. it mentions something like he can also be a guardian while you sleep and feed vampyrically from anything that tries to harm you. I never read the book you mentioned but I assumed he can also do what you mentioned, feeding from the life force energy of your victim and help you do so to make sure you are victorious.
I find the goetia of shadows to be very legitimate. Actually had a big break through (by my standards) thanks to something it mentioned about another demon.


Thanks for the reply!


@sv6’s reply is spot on


And yes I believe you can take someones confidence, willpower and drive if that’s how you will to use their energy. It can also manifest in you becoming more popular if that’s your wish. You can get your own better people to admire you or be your friends, that’s how I would approach it if I wanted that. Because you might not want his kind of people around you if you dislike him enough to do this. Powerful vampyrism will ruin someone’s life though and empower your own. So yes they will become less popular.


Oh and I swear I’m not a total sociopath, I’m nice to people if they are nice to me and I’m always nice to animals lol


That’s what I thought. Just needed to see if maybe it was a stretch and energy just meant I would feel better or something idk lol thank you I appreciate your help


Yeah absolutely especially using a demon like valefar who has a very good reputation…


There’s a few other reasons why I might feed actually, like defending people I care about or someone just being a piece of shit by my standards. I’ve been toning down my hatred and misanthropy lately as a personal experiment though since joining here

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That’s good. You should add demons of magic to your collection. You probably already have info on the 72 but this book has different ways you can use the 72 demons.

Saving money very strictly right now, but yes it sounds interesting and useful. I’m always interested to learn more about them. I love the goetia

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Valefar is excellent in vampirism, energy work, and improving your own spells. I would call on him to drain someone of energy - and this energy would very likely become free energy for you.

As for draining someone’s popularity and putting it on yourself, that is something else entirely.

I can see it happen with some careful and precise magick, but I don’t see the point in it.

Why go through the trouble of that, when in the end you didn’t work on yourself for it? You will not know how you got it, you will not know how to use it, it will not be yours and hence useless.

Imagine if you had two men - David and Mike. They are both millionaires. Now, David is an entrepreneur and has multiple successful businesses that he set up by his own hand, while Mike won his millions from a lottery. Suddenly, they both lose their money and everything they own, and are left poor.

Who would you rather be?



What can you do with free energy? @anon20147451

This technique can be used on criminal politicians, Zionist elite, and rogue religious leaders…

Lol what

I cannot name names here. Criminals like the bankers and dictators can have their energy leeched. Helps society.

Don’t you hate it when you ask a straight-forward question and some replies turn into lectures?

I was also contemplating Valefar for this use: Taking the energy of one person in a relationship with a person of interest, and transferring their status to you. Wouldn’t that seem useful in a love triangle where two people are competing for the affections of the third? To me, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. You could potentially cause the decline of your rival while gaining the qualities which attracted the person of interest to them, so you win by attracting that person more strongly while the rival just fades away. What do you think Man1? Gordon Winterfield’s advice is to work with the demons’ purposes creatively. So, I think it comes down to if you conceived a use for a particular demon’s power, use it and expect its efficacy.


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Free energy seems too generalized. I think you were onto something with your original question in how can Valefar’s skill be employed in a specific circumstance. So, whatever another person’s strength or status is, I would think it would diminish that for them and increase it for you…in THAT particular area.

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