Synchronisation - Communicating with divine

Good morning everyone, happy and healthy new year!

I was a while off. I’m back.

@Fletal, 5 is change, 2 have trust they will come. So important life changes will come sooner than you may expect. Let go of old ways and grab new opportunities.
Follow your intuition (inner voice)


Any ideas on 5756? As well as 1211? I saw 12 and 1111111+ repeating on a screen when I tried to AP. It was creating like a strange grid, kinda like sudoku.

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Hey @narcissa

The 1111 I have explained in the beginning in this thread, keep your thoughts positive because it’s the number of manifestation and awakening/connection.

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Angelnumber 1211 We did the 11, it’s thoughts are manifesting. But the 12 says to get out your comfort zone and be creative. It also reminds us that we have to let go of old habits that don’t work. If you keep this all in mind a lot of positive things will come into your life.

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5 is the number of change and 6 is a material number. 7 is a blessing.
So when you make that change in hobby or work it could be quite rewarding.

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Thank you!

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What is the meaning of 2323?

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2323 it’s a number that prayers, or meditations are begin heard. It’s a powerful number because of the 3 (Angels/Ascended Masters) and they are with you! @Emeraldtablets


Hey do you know what 51, 127, 117, 171, 57,87,88, and 0.9 thank you so much for all that you have done for me,

Sry i forgot to mention, what does 51,41,31, means
Seriously thanks a lot

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Hey @Lunasthus Search for 171 (117 has the same resonation), 088, 031/041 in this thread

057 Angelnumber - A change on your spiritual path, it will be positive.
127 Angelnumber - Trust your ability to manifest
087 Angelnumber - You’re on the right path of spirtuality and abundance. You give and thus take.

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Thanks a lot dude i am grateful for it :blush::blush:

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757 is definitely the number that keeps re-occurring to me.

I’m not entirely sure why this is?

I’ve a strong feeling it’s connected to my writing and my artwork and possible success in these endeavors (so much so that I wrote 757 into my first book lol). But I’m not 100% certain. I’ve seen it in so many other places relating to lawyers, stores, books, and just out and about.

An interesting bit of synchronicity happened to me just the other day.
I was uncertain about hiring an editor (“M”), then some money became unexpectedly available to us. Then, my Oracle card reading confirmed I should go ahead. So, I hired “M”. and, within 24 hours, the book I had ordered (written by “M”), arrived on my doorstep about a week early.

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@Sethana It’s intuition and Angels/Fallen Angels talking to you. You give the answer yourself.

Number 7 stands for awakening and can be a compliment in what you are doing.
Number 5 stands for change, you have the ability to become something with creativeness. So you only have to take this opportunity and change and you will be guided. It’s part of your life purpose creativity.

757 You improve your life and that is putting you on the right path which will give you opportunities for new changes that will better your life.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. I really appreciate it!
757 makes so much more sense now, and it’s nice to have a 3rd party confirm what’s been going on.
Thanks again

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I’m curious.
You first started the post about synchronisation.
But it just developed into numbers and their meanings.
Would it not be something along the lines of…
Frequencies, matter, unknown parts of the equation (at least scientifically).
I’m not a very scientific person but I know that any time I have an entity inside of me or just before I do and after I do, my body trembles.
After studying it and researching it its apparent that, it’s because of the frequency matter exists and that matter being shifted onto another frequency.
Am I wrong?

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Thoughts, numbers, feather colors, signs etc… It’s all part of synchronization.
I wanted the thread explaining the numbers because it’s something I resonate with.

But you are absolutely right. For example if you read my post about protection and banishing I mention spirits as energies that are on a higher vibration/frequency.
Synchronicity starts at the moment your getting yourself in that frequency (due to meditation and practice like invocations). In my case it started with invocation. If I practice a lot I see feathers in many places where I walk and if I look around the numbers are always there.

I think the best I’ve done was to look at my hands and see white particles all glued together, but apart at the same time.
My hands weren’t really there, I could see the particles doing the movements I was doing but… It just felt strange… And when I look up, there was nothing. Empty.

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Connection, synchronization, sensing. Everyone is on his/her own level.
Some see numbers, some see feathers, signs, some have thoughts, some have it all.



So what you have here are already 2 senses that you are developing. The static rain, feeling your body. All signs that you sense the spirit is there. So good job I would say. Don’t give up.

It will come. I had the same. Practice, do meditation, do rituals, work on senses (chakra’s) and you will see the spirit in your third eye. Don’t doubt yourself, the spirit is there when you feel this. Doubting can block you.