Synchronisation - Communicating with divine

Oh I wasn’t after seeing any spirit.
And when I looked up and there was nothing… I mean… I was on sort of a garden, on a bench. When I looked up I wasn’t there anymore. I was somewhere else. I can see spirits clearly, speak with them, feel them. Go to the places they take me. But usually I don’t control it and I’m okay with that.

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Thanks for explaining @Seph, same here. I cannot force it.
It seems to come when they want it.

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What does angel number 1444 mean? Thanks.

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Basically @Fletal 1 is connection and manifesting 444 is supported Archangels/Angels/Fallen Angels…

444 means that they are with you, support you and want you to stay positive. 1 comes in and gives you opportunities to manifest/change things in your life.


Hello, what does 0505 mean?

0505 0 stands for source. 5 stands for change. In order to change you must let go of the old and let new energies in @Emeraldtablets

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Thank you

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Hi, can you please tell me the meaning of the number 1977?

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I’m sorry I had a difficult time. A friend and my uncle passed away so I’m a bit off lately.

Lets split those numbers and analyze:
Number 1, is the number of manifestation, new beginnings, connection and intuition
Number 9, is light working, serving humanity, leading by example
Number 7, is awakening enlightenment, ascending.

Angel number 1977 - Focus on new things, learn. Learn more from your spiritual path and develop yourself. Do this in a positive way and don’t be afraid to throw out the old and make a new start.
Every day we have the opportunity to learn from mistakes and make our lives better.

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Thank you. My condolences for the loss of your friend and uncle.


Thank you @anon156256

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2323 is the number of creativity. If you think you aren’t creative, think again. You can even change your life by looking at talents that where always there but now come forward.

many various combinations of 3, 4, 6, and 9 have followed me my whole life. are u able to group them together? some examples that are prominent:

96 / 69
469 / 496

Sorry for so many. those four (3, 4, 6, 9) numbers have just been in every important thing I need or have in some way. we’d be here all day if i list any more examples lol

if you don’t feel like reading, or if I missed similar numbers no worries. im bookmarking the thread to look into your previous readings here.

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The most important message comes in 2’s 3’s 4’s

6633 - The Ascended masters (3) are supporting a balanced life with support in material needs (6)
6963 - Same meaning only the 9 asks you to break with things that no longers serves you
069 - There has to be balance between spirituality and the material world. Don’t forget to focus spirituality
049 - A message from Angels to focus more on spirituality and don’t forget to finish what you’ve started
496 - Focus on your life task, don’t worry about material needs.

I’ve placed a 0 around the 2 digit numbers because you can search it back on this forum.
You can search for 333 in this thread.

The message is continious asking you to focus on your life task/spirituality and to finish things. Does this ring a bell? @MottledZeitgeist

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Yes it does. I’ve been haunted much of my life to focus on my fate, it seems this is no different. I suppose I shouldn’t ignore them any longer. Thank you for taking your time!

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I see 911 a lot what could that mean , light worker , divine path , time for new beginnings?

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Very good. @Silverleaf

Higher level of consciousness. Spiritual enlightment.
Nr. 9 - 009 - (3 numbers so people can search) - lightworking, spirituality, endings and conclusions. New energy.

Nr. 1 - 001 - Connection and manifestation.

Focus on your spiritual goal and manifest things.

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2345 right steps on your path ? Favorable also in relationships , that’s was on my mind , MB new starts , from solid foundation done ( romantic )

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Hey @Silverleaf, I was a while offline.
1234 or 2345 are steps in your spiritual path, this one ens with 5 so steps toward change.
If you build a solid foundation for your self, love will come on your path

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Hey Im seeing all day 123 what is it mean?