Greetings! My name is Sethana and I’ve been a practising witch/occultist for about two years now.

My practice is extremely personal to me and incorporates Setian philosophies as well as general LHP philosophies and practices with a heavy focus on sex magick.

My username was inspired by the enigmatic Charles Pace, who was a priest of Set and Anubis. During a ritual, he channelled a Being who referred to Himself as ‘‘Sethan’’. Today, it is widely accepted that Sethan, or Seth-An, is Set who has consumed the Serpent of Chaos, Apep.
(I simply added an ‘‘a’’ as I’m a girl lol)

Typically you will find me writing or drawing. That is when I’m not managing the little Etsy shop I co-own with my husband who is also a member on here: UnseelieDiabolus.

You can find our store here:

So, yeah. Hi.