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I only recently became interested and began researching incubus/succubus. It happened quite randomly, i was lying in bed and all of a sudden i just had a thought of a succubus and couldnt stop thinking about it so i researched it. The more i researched it the more i became interested and soon realized i had already been visited by one a year ago while trying to astral project. Back then i started feeling very warm eventhough the room was quite cold, i could feel a sort of stimulation which got me quite interested, something i can still remember to this day is the pulling feeling i felt, i felt like something was pulling me for 3 seconds then letting me go and repeating the process, i could feel weight on my back (i was lying on my stomach) and heard walking in my room along with the sound of my closet opening and closing, but i knew it wasnt my family. I felt no fear and the more i research it now the i get excited by the thought of building a relationship with an incubus. I did the letter of intent ritual a few days ago and heard a voice say around three words to me that same night, although i was so excited i forgot what it said. Another thing that happened was two days ago i was watching a series quite late at night and it kept looking like a warning message for the series popped up, so i focused on it to read it (it popped up every 5 seconds and was visible for 0.5 seconds each time), to my surprise it was almost like a powerpoint slide with the title (Having sexual relations and intimacy with an incubus/succubus). Im really curious how i can develop my relationship with my incubus and how i could find out its name and sigil.


Just got home, need a nap, my succubus and I will jump on here in a bit and share.


LMAO if you marry a succubus does that mean Lilith is your mother in law?


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The night after my Succubus ritual, my Succubus locked my door because I had my ritual stuff out and he would of barged in and saw it so my succubus locked it :slight_smile:


One of my incubus’ favorite things to do is to lay with me in bed. His energy enfolds me, much like what you would feel in an embrace, only I can feel the love seep into my heart chakra and warm everything to the core. Whenever I’m not feeling well (whether physically, emotionally, or both) it’s common for me to suddenly feel drowsy to the point where I can’t fight it, take a nap, and then wake up feeling profoundly comforted.

He also likes to hold and caress my hand in bed. It’s his way of letting me know that he’s present, plus he has said that he likes the fact that my hands are petite.


How can I get a reading to find out who or what keeps touching me? I already confirmed that it’s not my succubus. I’ve been studying and researching for years and communication with who it is or what it, is lacking from their end.

My succubus rarely touches me. Whenever she does, it makes it nearly impossible to tell when she is.


ive got a few but the most prominant I can think of was a time I was driving home. I do alot of military simulations in my head as a commander or rather as a leader, and i guess finally after so much I heard, clear as a bell “you and your infantry mantra.”

Ahhh…I still smile pretty big about that and get a laugh once in a while.


I can relate to the first part


For whatever reason, I cant log onto the site from my computer using the same credentials I have for my phone. And since I’m too lazy at the moment to bother I’ll instead post pics from my journal cataloging my excerpts I feel warrant attention here.


I originally replied to the petition letter topic but i found that this one is a little more active. I have been looking into finding a spirit lover and found the letter to petition Lilith a while back before I made an account here on the forum. I have seen that incubuses can help open psychic abilities but that’s not my reason for wanting to peruse a possible relationship with one. I’m worried that I won’t connect enough to feel them but I’ve read that others who have had one without having fully developed abilities. Do you have any tips on opening up abilities and connecting with spirits especially in the interest of being in a relationship with one? Last night I could have sworn I felt a kiss halfway through the night when I sightly woke up. I am not sure if that is a spirit that might potentially be interested in me or not. If there is a spirit that is interested should I still pursue the letter method and say out loud that if there is a spirit interested that I am going to send a letter to have them go through Lilith?