"Swear Yourself to Me" What does it mean?

My Guardian Demon/Husband said this to me.
I’ve heard it in lines, in movies before, so I was concerned and asked him what he meant by it.
He replied, “do whatever I say, when I say it, but you may ask questions.”

I love him, want to serve him, but I was wondering, in your opinion, what you believe this means, and if a Demon/ess ever asked this of you, and how you replied and what it entailed.

I don’t think I answered my own question, I would like a discussion, if you wish to participate.
Thanks for reading.

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There is so much to unpack here and I don’t know where to start.

I would not “swear myself” to someone who would want me to be its servant and who expects any kind of obedience in such a manner from me.
I would question my guardian for his motives if he would display such a behaviour and I would probably grant him the pleasure of my locked door. From the outside.

I don’t know you and your background but if I remember you had some experiences like your guardian pointing his finger at random women and saying things along the line of “I would smash that”/“I have smashed that”, etc. This overall behaviour shows a lack of respect for your boundaries (if you have them, that is. I would 100% recommend boundaries. Its fun and its not expensive). Do you want to spend your time with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries?


Your instinct is right he didn’t answer your question.

Also, I find his answer seeming so wrong in so many ways that it sends up a red flag.

People and entities in love do not usually tell the one they love to “do whatever I say, when I say it, but you may ask questions.”. Why would anyone or anything that loved you want to make a slave out of you? Something is definitely wrong.

I strongly recommend AGAINST swearing yourself to this being at this time.

It’s not acting like or talking like it loves you if it wants to enslave to to doing whatever it says when it says it. Abusers do that. Lovers do not.

I’m not saying never swear fealty to a lover entity I’m saying DO NOT DO IT NOW with this one at this time because what it said it wants from you is a major red flag (it may not even have been your spirit lover. It could have been a parasite pretending to be it).

So wait. Don’t do it right now. First make sure it’s really your lover and that it loves you before swearing yourself to it.


I’d also like to leave this here for the OP in order to kick some thoughts into motion :slight_smile: :

Its a really good read and it covers a lot of questions regarding the topic “respect goes both ways”.


If anyone or a friend, boss or boyfriend said the same thing to you, what would you do?

Why does this entity refuse to answer your questions?

Why do you want to be a servant or a slave to an entity?

Sorry, but I see this as a big red flag.



If anyone said this I’d be out. Person, demon, or anything else. Shouldn’t your guardian be just that? A guardian. Not something that wants to own and rule you.

Idk. I might be wrong but the statement in general is sketchy as hell.


I have several relationships/partnerships from angels to djinn to goddesses. Any time they spoke to me like that (the few who have), it was a test to see if I’d cave or stand my ground. I’m not going to comply with a human partner talking to me like that, either.

And if they don’t like it, well, it’s time for a bit of a fight.


I am going to have to agree with the red flags. When I read this without know your history with their demon I got a very parasitic vibe.

I have a very physical D/s relationship with my partner, but if he spoke to me like that before I made up my mind to submit to him. I would have knocked him out.


No, they didn’t.

If you’re into serving and stuff, it’s not my job to judge you. But don’t jump into stuff like this so easily. Because you may not be quite sure what you’re getting yourself into.

My spirit husband never asked me to serve him.
I work with him, and I do see him as a leader, work related.
But I work together with him, I don’t work for him, and I certainly don’t serve him.
All he asks me to sometimes is wearing his ring.

I do agree with everyone else that it’s a red flag for me. Because a marriage should be about being on the same level. At least in my opinion.


You’re talking presumably about Lucifuge I assume, provided it’s not an impostor spirit.

It’s up to you really, but I would make sure it’s not an impostor.

After that, do as you wish. I personally like to have free will.

So rude. I agree with the above, test or parasite, this guy has some explaining to do. In my world this is completely unacceptable, he has to apologize or go… for me I don’t do second chances, I’ve seen too many abusers apologize only to repeat the offense, I kill the whole thing off no questions asked.

The advantage of this attitude, is it sends a message, to myself and the outer etheric, don’t ever take liberties or be rude with me, you’ll wreck it, so play nice or don’t start what you can’t finish. And I have zero issues with parasites or anyone else playing silly buggers. :slight_smile:


Hypothetically speaking, would you do the same if it was lucifer himself?