Summoning Demons with Blood?

Eh… use it or don’t. It’s your blood, your offering. Honestly, I think beings should be making offerings to me since the goal is to be A LIVING GOD!

Seriously, everyone panders to x,y,z spirit. Without your existence, awareness of them, and being they are all NOTHING!! Really realize the power of self over everything else.

What’s any being going to do? Curse, threaten, imprison, torture, bribe, lie.

I fucking dare anyone to CHALLENGE any being to destroy self utterly and all eddies of your existence. Nada, nothing, zilch left. No impact ever anywhere.

Even the supposed great OMNI YAHWEH EL FUCKFACE can’t destroy you! And if it can’t… nothing else can. So suck on that before offering anything. Command and demand motherfucking spirits to KNEEL and OBEY or get the fuck out of their worthless way.

If all is related and the same in the cosmic eternal infinite organism then you are at the very least equal in terms of rights to exist. Where were you when fucknut was shitting out galaxies? Right fucking there.

Why no respect to these beings? Why should one kneel and bow to them? Why ask for crap from anything when a GOD can manifest it themselves?

So manifest your desire and quit bartering with weak spirits. Because they’re all fucking weak. Until I see just one annihilate itself then it’s just a damn pussy peep show.

But I’m crazy and delusional so what do I know.

Ok got it thank you so much @Alex01

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I have used blood when working with demons. But it was only during a pact of some sort.
Generally you wouldn’t use blood all the time when working with demons.

Blood is a sacred and powerful tool and should be used properly and not so much that it loses its own unique power within your psychi.

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Well, there are different occasions to why blood is propiate choise. In some meaningfull and wise intentions it´s wise to use yout own blood. But I have to say that due to my devotion to blood magick, I don´t do rituals short term things that much at all. Once you step into blood magick, you either realize the true value of it and avoid short term intentions or you use it approprietely. Besides, the power of your blood doesn´t lose power in your psyhee at all and if you think so, you can also bypass this by gathering as much as ``dark´´ energies as you can to the point where you have the same amount of energy that you get from human sacrifices. Not that diffcult and I´ve done it many times.

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Very true.

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There are some really GOOD replies by serious members in this topic, so I’m going to permit it to stay for the benefit of people with the same questions and most of all, so no-one’s time was wasted, but @Seby these are the forum’s full rules, it’s possible you didn’t know them - do NOT insult people again, please:


I’m sorry, I wanted to make a topic to discuss and to get help faster. I’m sorry but I got insulted first.


That is no excuse and again, no one insulted you until you fired off.

The way people talk here is different than other forums, you’ll have to get used to it if you want people to help you.
Also stating you “don’t have time” to do the research will get most on this forum to ignore you, it’s considered rude.

I say this to help you, please take the advice and use the search feature and remember, people are open here; what you considered rude isn’t considered rude here.


quote=“calix_osseus, post:16, topic:43451”]
access the search function by clicking on the magnifying glass near the top-right corner of the page
This post either tried to be clever or implied I was too stupid to see the search function, which was dumb either way and I told him. It’s called criticism.
And then I was the one being called rude and a douchebag.
Also they don’t ignore me, I wish they did. I made this topic to discuss with people that want to do it, I’m not forcing anyone.
But I reviewed the rules and found out this forum isn’t for me because it doesn’t understand criticism and it just gives me confirmation for what I already know (for which I’m grateful because I need it).
Good luck on your spiritual development.

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It was neither. We always tell people where the search function is because a lot of new members miss it or don’t realize we even have one. It was’t meant to be clever nor was it an insult, but it was an attempt to help you because we know you could answer your questions with a topic search.

You are the one who said you were too lazy to do a search, not us. And, you were the one calling people dumb for trying to help you. It is not the fault of the people of this forum if you took a simple direction towards the search feature as an insult.


This attitude is why you won’t get help. You don’t understand that people ignoring you means No One Will Answer Your Questions because of the attitude.
We told you how this forum functions, that’s how it is.

This forum is not for everyone. You’re right, if you can’t understand some newbies don’t know how to use the search feature so we’ve gotten used to explaining where it is that’s on you.

You also need to learn how to back down and not always be right. It doesn’t work well here. We are not all right and we understand this.

This is a community, there isn’t a set of groups as you seem to think.
You also need to look up the word criticism, what you think it means, it doesn’t.

Good Luck, laters.


tut tut, my boy…

guess again, hun :dancer:


You’re too dumb to get what I said. Please delete my account. Whatever you will be writing I already answered.

Yeah, Because they are stupid and can’t see it for themselves.
Criticism literally means statements based on facts. Stating someone is dumb because they imply people aren’t capable of seeing something easy to see in a forum page is literally criticism.
But okay keep denying it, and say I’m in the wrong.
Please delete my account.

It’s already been flagged for the moderator to do so.


With pleasure, take your great attitude and winning personality somewhere else. :roll_eyes:


But…but…I wanted to post a smart meme, too :frowning:


So this one wasn’t actually stupid he was just being willfully stupid, lazy and self entitled… have fun with the Joy of Satan whence you came. cough…


“everyone’s dumb but meeeeeeee! why can’t you idiots see that?? moooom where’s my FUCKING HOTPOCKETS!?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

i may be “too dumb” for you but your kind is a dime a dozen, bucko

so long and thanks for all the lulz


La sangre es un canal por donde el Dios demonio te pasa su poder y consigues grandes objetivos eso es todo sino le sirve no lo haga .bien.