Summoning Demons with Blood?

Go knock yourself out then…

What’s up with all these questions - is the search function not answering your questions adequately?


It’s easier to ask than to search and there’s the possibility that you don’t find what you’re asking for. If you don’t like this topic try to avoid it.

Um… No? I was being sincere? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re obviously new here so I thought I’d help point u in the right direction…

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Yeah that’s not how things are done around here

We prefer to minimize the spam y’all newbies bombard the forum with

But fuck us for trying to mitigate extraneous posts, right?


So you thought I couldn’t see the magnifier? Smart.

I completely disagree with that. I just simply don’t see it as necessary, if I can easily get my result without it.

[quote=“H.L.Daniel, post:20, topic:43451”]
It´s as if everybody tries to avoid it

I find it more like most people, especially beginners, are all too eager to use blood, even when they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. They just assume they have to use blood. You’ve been here barely a month so you have no idea how many newbies have come to this forum assuming they have to soak a seal in blood just to evoke a demon. And they assume every spirit requires it, and then wonder why their spell backfires. It’s ridiculous, really. Too many Hollywood movies, I guess.

I agree blood is powerful when used properly, but it is hardly necessary for everything, and plenty of people do powerful magick without it.

So…you want people to take the time and energy to answer your questions that they have already answered numerous times in other threads just because you’re lazy? Okay… i’ll keep that in mind for when you open another thread, and i’m sure the other experienced members will too.

How would you know if you don’t bother to search? :thinking:


I do and it takes much more time.

Are there seriously that many newbies thinking you have to soak the seal in blood?That´s interesting indeed. They know the the method but not the info, that´s fascinating.

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Also they don’t have to, they aren’t obliged. I’m asking for help. I’m grateful to those who give it but I’m not forcing anybody.

Guys just flag his posts as spam and move on

No use in expending energy on this basic kid


The SIRI and ALEXA generation who are so self entitled and impressed with their own potential that they feel everyone else should spend endless amounts of time pandering to their whims and demands for attention. When you call them out about it you get abuse.

No you don’t - there are 168 hours in the week and you do what in that time? Short of knowing how to save a life with a cardiac compression - no ritual is that urgent, that you can’t afford the entities due respect researching it properly.

No we don’t have to respond, but when we see someone as self entitled as you not taking the hint we like to make an example and vamp your energy…


It´s also true that many powerfull practisioners don´t use blood and they manage. I suppose it´s personnal choise to use it. I have to say though, blood magick in general seems surprisingly more unique compared to magick that doesn´t utilise blood but I´m not sure if that´s just my perception because I can bet that people don´t perceive it the way I do it. It´s hard to put it to words exactly.

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You’re being a total douchebag. You’ve created numerous posts that have numerous answers on other posts. You’re just being lazy is all.
And fuck your attitude towards the members! Self entitled BS.


I’m here just for help, and it’s not easy to get it. I don’t have time to search for all those topics, I have too much to read.
But okay flag my posts. I don’t care.

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Although. don´t take my first comment as sarcasm because it wasn´t intended sarcasm.

It’s not me that’s self entitled. It’s you that can’t accept the fact that I don’t have time to search. I’m here for help, it’s not hard to ignore this topic. I’m not making many posts. Flag me, do what you want. I can do without you.

Let’s see…hmmm…it takes two seconds to type in a search. I’mma search your topic. I’m timing it. Then I’m posting it.
10:17 now.


Three mins later and one minute to make this post for a lazy, rude little shit. Fuck you. Figure it out the hard way, self entitled punk:


Not enough time, my ass!



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