Summoning a subpersonality

Im plannjng to do a ceremony to summon a subpersonality within myself that has been operating in the background.

There was a time when i thought of this entity as demonic but now i realise her intentions were very pure at heart, although it seems her ‘help’ is not so helpful these days.

I kniw whether i think of her as ‘inside me’ or ‘outside me’ amounts to the same thing ultimately but her being part of me makes sense currently.

Id like to honour her for her work and make a connection. There’s a lot of my power tied up in this.

I know this is a bit off topic. But viewing her as a spirit also makes sense to me.

My hunch is to start by intending to meet her in lucid dreams. But id really love a ceremony that works. The summoning ones ive read dont seem to fit.

Currently thinkjng just to do lbrp, lerp and call her in

Would appreciate any thoughts

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If you would, please do make your next post your Introduction here, which we need per the forum rules.

Here is a bunch of getting started with magick stuff in case that helps :slight_smile:

I’d run with that intuition and maybe try a shamanic approach, which is designed from the get go to work with the inner landscape as well as eternal entities, ancestors and the spirit of the land.

Maybe check out shamanism? … we have a free tutorial on shamanism here, and it’s nice to find a teacher near you if you can, even if it’s just for a few orientation type experiences.

Thanks Mulberry

I appreciate the advice. And the resources available. I’ve dabbled in shamanism more than magick so I feel on solid ground with your suggest. Also interested to know if there are any approaches from the magical tradition in this area.

And thanks for letting me know I missed the introduction (I didn’t read rules carefully!!!) - I’ve done that now.


If it works to view this version of yourself as your own higher self, then that’s a whole other kettle of fish with a bunch of ways tp work with it. Crowley’s Holy Guardian Angel (“HGA”, a tongue in cheek name but still effective) techniques are quite good.

If it’s more like a soul fragment then letting it know it’s safe to return and inviting it back and integrating it is more the general approach. This can be a hard path when the fragmentation was caused by trauma, as you might start remembering things that are unpleasant in order to do the shadow work on them and heal fully.

Thanks Mulberry,

Yes, it’s a more like a soul fragment, or ‘loyal solider’/protector as they sometimes call it in shadow work. And I appreciate your understanding of this. Yes, this is what I am doing - welcoming it back in and integrating it. I’ve been working with it from a ecopsychology/shamanic perspective (Bill Plotkins work).

Appreciating the richness of the knowledge being shared here

I’m going to check out Crowley’s HGA anyway as I’ve not come across it

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