Summoning a Greek God


I asked out of curiosity. I could also not ask him, and not try to boost the knowledge I have. The entire point of having a forum is to exchange information.
Me asking a question doesn’t equate to not having done any research


I’m really not gonna bother more since you prefer to get defensive in every advice you get… Not in the mood to deal with that.


I would like to point out that he is right about this☝️

A forum is the place to share ideas and theories.


Do you know anything about sigil/yantra of Greek gods??!! Technically speaking, there has to be one.


Remember ancient greeks used images (statues mainly in their temples) to work with their deities
you can try using ancient symbolism as it works as well but as I wrote before, trying to contact them with symbols is like contacting with a telegraph instead of a telephone, a more efficient way is trough image.
different from the 72 goetics they work better with literal representations, as for the 72 the sigils works better and images are less efficient, hellenic gods works the other way around.
As to answer to your question, you could try ancient symbolism, but not such as sigils, more like objects or animals, that are in someway connected to their story, for example for Hermes, you could use as symbol a tortoise or a stork, if you dont want to use a image of the God you could use a figurine of one of those animals to connect to him but as I say before it might be not the more efficient way, at least at first.
As to contact apollo for example (God of oracles between other things) you could use a lyre.
so you see the symbolism is not as abstract, so to speak as a sigil, but more literal connected to their own stories.
as to do a research online to search for the myths and the symbolisms etc, I would recommend the web site theoi, as I wrote before, is a good way to understand the story around them, so you could search for objects animals plants etc around their myths, which can be a way to connect. remember there are things who were highly connected to the ancient Gods in antiquity, as for example owls to Athena, so if you don’t want to use the image of the God or Goddess you want to connect with, search for the things wich were sacred to them.


Thanks, it was a really informative post. Appreciated.