Summoning a Greek God

I am thinking about summoning a Greek god, possibly Hermes. Does anyone here ave any experience with evoking him and if so, what is he like and what can he help me with?


Hades is the only Greek God I have worked with personally.


I would also like to know what he’s like and what he can help me with

I never evoked him as such, just called on him - think of the difference in a Star Trek episode between how people interact with the ship’s ominpresent and omnipotent computer, versus going into a holodeck and the computer + their own instructions create a specific form to interact with in that instant (sorry for nerding out on you there).

Gods often like you to have an image of them, in the Egytian gods’ case, a printout is acceptable, they liked their art to follow certain rules and it’s very much in keeping with the spirit of those.

For Hermes, you could try researching him to build up a connection, and understand him, and then maybe find a photo that you feel his energy emanating from very strongly. I think the lack of coloured paint these days on ancient images has somewhat robbed them of their full impact - in modern-day Hinduism, an idol of a god used in ritual worship and communication is usually only considered to be “alive” after the pupils of the eyes are painted in, and the god can “see” (observe) you, and you him.

Get to know a little about Hermes, then hit Google image search with your antennae set on high, and see which photo leaps out.

I have a feeling you could also look up incense that corresponds to mercurial energies, if you preferred to do that, and maybe use some Greek lettering to create sacred geometry for him, but I don’t have anything specific to share there.


Hermes Is Mercurial indeed with Gemini as zodiac sign; he can give it a shot but no guarantee in working with him.

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I am most thankful for Hermes assistance and for being there when I need him.


I would recommend as the hellenic tradition does, try to work with exact images, if you can get an statue (small or big does’t matter) or an image of Hermes it would be easier, if you get a picture try it to be a famous painting some image where many people has found the image of Hermes in it, I wouldn’t recommend an underground painter who has painted Hermes in a way few people have recognized him (you want a popular image but one that connects with you as well, and a literal one a symbol will not work as well, think as the image as a telephone to call him and a symbol as a telegraph contrary to as the goetic demons work) .
Second the summoning will probably not be instantly answered, it will grow as your appreciation to the god Hermes grows and your connection to the image grows, so you should show some appreciation for the connection when it starts and when it grows.
Thirdly think of the disposition you are giving to the image, if you want to have the assistance of Hermes in your social life for instance (as to be more strategic in social situations or be more socially adapted, as he can help with that) place the image in your living room, and make the connection there. If you want a more close intimate relationship whit the god Hermes then place it in your bedroom etc (as a god that helps with conscious thoughts and reason I would not recommend to place the image on the wall above the pillow you sleep cause it would help you thinking and reasoning while your sleep contrary to his principle of conscious thought, you wouldn’t sleep well and his message would get blurry).
The last thing I would recommend is to emphasise the concepts you are working with him, for example, as a god of thought and reasoning (once the connection is made) you should take special attention and make yourself aware when you use for example the word think or thought, etc (if he is helping you whit that), use the word carefully to understand you are using the terms correctly and giving them importance, you may perhaps use those words in capitals if you are writing a diary or something.

By the way I would’t expect a summouning to Hermes or any of the other Hellenic Gods to work directly, they will influence your life and come to your assistance they will guide you etc, but it would be very rare to have an apparition or to hear their voice usually they are more indirect, so let the connection grow and you will be able to communicate with him, but in a more abstract way.

the last thing I have to mention, is that if you want to contact with him it is probably a call from the Hellenic gods, they send Hermes as the messenger of their kind to contact you first, then you contact the others. Many people would get the call from Hermes first than any other Hellenic god, and in classical astrology is the first planet we meet (as mercury) after the moon (our mother and affections) so if you got an Hellenic call to work with the greek gods, usually you get Hermes first.

as your question regards what he can help you with: I would recommend the site theoi as you can investigate him more, he can bring help with commerce, trades, communication skills, social aptitudes, thought and reasoning, social strategy, lies, short trips, and above all opening all the communication to the other greek gods.


This thread caused me to discover Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory and mother of the muses.


I think many of us will disagree here.


I have work with the Hellenic gods, and in my experience they do not work as the goetics, projecting their image. As you work with their image to make the connection, they don’t tend to appear as you are watching their image constantly there’s no need, you can hear their voice that’s true but I wouldn’t expect them to guide me in such a direct way, as their teaching, needs to be processed by ourselves, their way is mostly for us to learn those teachings and not to just hear their voice in advice, as we can soon forget, they will help in most of the situations, without a such a direct contact.

maybe I shouldn’t have use the word rare, but I think is not efficient enough to have their “physical” presence as voice or image.

You live in Greece?
Yea I realised the question it self sounded weird so let me add a bit more. That can happen to the ones who grew up and live in Greece aka have a deep connection already which helps the Greek Gods come from inside us. Yet even for Greeks, they will appear and you will hear them. Perhaps that was the way they appeared to you as an individual. But even for the non Greeks with no connection with Greece whatsoever, they appear and they can be heard same as with any other God or Demon.


no I don’t, why?

I’ve added a bit more on my previous post cause I sounded weird lol

Yeah I read it, and I get it, I got a “call” as a way to call it and I know exactly what you mean, but i think is still rare for people who are not that connected as “j0j00dl” to get a “physical” manifestation, I have found myself in front of the goddess Hekate for example, but I wouldnt expect them to get that connection as soon as they conect Hermes for the first time, you see as I explained before some people get Hermes as their first call to work with hellenic gods, so I am not giving him false expectations to hear their voice or see their image as a first summouning.

I guess that explain why I used the term “rare” maybe it was well used but to explain it for a first time called

(did I explain myself fine in anyway?)

I think it depends only on the practitioner. If you’re a neophyte or your senses aren’t open/tuned yea you won’t hear or see them, but that goes for the 72 as well.

I agree with you

You named a lot of things that Hermes himself was good for that I didn’t know, besides him being a messenger of the gods. I knew about the social tact, but not about trade and distribution.

I’m surprised about that point of view that Hermes is generally the introductory god for Hellenic gods, as I was able to start working with Hecate immediately. But it’s different in case by case basis.

I’ve been feeling a strong pull to Poseidon and Zeus lately. Besides the ocean and weather, what are these 2 generally known for being good at? I don’t want to trivialize it with that question, but what are their lesser known abilities

Aaaand that’s the reason why we go always back to the advice no1: Research. Read.


Yea except for the fact that I haven’t been trying to work with him, so there’s no reason for me to actively seek out information on him

Then don’t wonder how you don’t know about his aspects. Try to know the Gods you want to work with (like for example Poseidon and Zeus) instead of asking others… A research on them will help you connect better as well and they will notice you, we’re not saying to do a research just because we’re weird… It’s for your own benefit.

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