Summoning a demon to draw attention to yourself

I am not charismatic and not beautiful and in every sense I am behind other people, I constantly want to get their attention but I am constantly ignored by everyone… I want people to want my attention so badly… I heard that demons can help with this, can you suggest some kind of guide for newcomer that can work in my case ?)Thank you!

Well, first, it would be best to find entities who can help changing that image you hold of yourself
After all, it may come to light you are indeed all that you are trying be once all the negative self image are dealt with

There are a number of entities who can assist, as this sounds to me there are some serious healing that are needed here

Well, to go off by your current self image as revealed in the previous sentence, it is safe to say this is a direct result of how you view yourself

If you don’t see yourself worthy of something, you will convince yourself that you are not worthy and before you know it your sub-conscious start picking up on it and in time you will start to subconsciously project that onto your reality - believe it or not, Humans are extremely good at picking up on these things in a weird way

This probably is the reason behind you being ignored by others especially if you’re coming off as desperate for attention - again, human beings can smell that off of others and most people are just not comfortable being around desperate, needy people since it signals there is something seriously wrong with that person

Have you ever ask yourself why that is? Why you want others’ attention so badly? - as you wrote

It is understandable for human beings to want attention, in a way it makes us feel wanted and appreciated but obsessively want attention from others usually signals there is something much serious going on and need to be addressed

Luckily, there exists a plethora of beings who can help. Not just with being more charismatic but also help improving the image of yourself which you hold in your mind

Per personal experience, two entities come to mind:

The Grand Duke and the King

Duke Dantalion and King Paimon are your best friends. If you don’t have much experience with them, I recommend you to start looking deeper into them

Grand Duke Dantalion:

He can help you becoming more charismatic, charming, and surround you with an aura that is so attractive others can not resist

He can also transform you into a enigmatic character since that is literally his nature, very Mysterious and if requested, he too can cover you with his mystic aura. Giving you a Je ne sais quoi type of vibe which naturally will draw people to you - I may be warn you though for you may not want the attention of everyone you come across. If that is something you can handle, go for it

He can also make others crazy obsessed with you to the point of them stalking you - that might be something to think about before asking him to aid you in that sense; I mean we are talking about having others stalking you. If you think that is your cup of tea, O’well!

Duke Dantalion is ridiculously powerful and can stir up whatever emotions magician requests into another(s)

Now for your healing: It sounds to me you may suffer from emotional and psychological traumas because some of the things describe in your post are not that different from symptoms displayed by those who have been through serious emotional and psychological distress and abuse - No shame, I too have been there

Full disclosure, “I AM NOT A LICENSED THERAPIST IN ANY SHAPE WAY OR FORM” so for any diagnosis of mental health issues, PLEASE consider visiting a licensed professional - Seriously!!!

With that said, Duke Dantalion can help balance and regulate one’s emotional state as well their mental states since he also rule over the mind and surprisingly hold as much if not more power over the emotions

Again, do not ignore visiting a licensed professional, they too play a important role

King Paimon:

king Paimon rules over the mind - the subconscious. If asked, he can reveal the deep subconscious memories that have been suppressed for many years, decades that are responsible for the way you view yourself

King Paimon can and will reshape the mind of the individual if asked to in a manner of which benefits he who makes the request

Duke Dantalion and King Paimon both work very well together and are both beginner friendly

You gotta break and shed the current image you hold of yourself in your mind and to heal any mental and psychological trauma and distress you may have experienced that have contributed to the way of which you currently view yourself, King Paimon works exceptionally well in that regard

To become a magnet for attention, become obsessed over, and heal from emotional distress and traumas, Grand Duke Dantalion is beyond excellent

All the best :four_leaf_clover::metal:

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All you have to do is tell people that you summon demons. You’ll get all the attention that you want.

Jokes aside, there’s a host of goetic spirits that can help. But if you want a specific example, Belial helps to connect you to powerful people.