Summon Demons

Can you please help me summon a demon I want to work with them. Please help me.

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Hello please write an intro about yourself it’s a part of the rules here

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Hello, if you could provide us with a little more information, that would help us help you. Are there any particular demons that you are interested in working with? What situation in your life requires magickal influence? For example, is there a problem you are currently working to resolve, a pleasure that you would like to manifest, or perhaps a life goal that you would like to achieve?

You’ll find that there are many different spirits out there, and that each has their own particular set of powers and qualities. Some are better suited to financial situations, others to love or sex, and others to divination and wisdom.

You can think of it this way - if you need your pipes fixed, you’d call a plumber, and if you need a website built, you’d call a programmer. You could still ask the programmer to work on your house, but you’re going to get much better results by calling the specialist for the task you have at hand.

My suggestion is to do a little research and find a grimoire (a book of magick) that appeals to you. My favorite publishers are here, at BALG, The Gallery of Magick, and The Power of Magick Publishing. You can find some more info by searching around this forum, but in my opinion there’s no better way to start than by working through a more structured book that explains things in greater detail and provides clear instructions and guidelines to follow.

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to magick, Satain_Love.


I moved your thread. Please do a proper introduction.

Anyways, welcome to the forum.

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