Succubus wants to kill me?

My friend has long been engaged in Tarot and astrology. He is very good at it. And I decided to make a tarot layout for our relationship with the succubus. The cards say that the succubus wants to kill me and use my essence for their own purposes. And at the same time, the succubus brings me a lot of suffering and failure in life, according to him, she is the main problem. I don’t really believe his cards and him, but like he said, my mind might be clouded by a succubus. We’ve been together for exactly a year now. The succubus is quite dominant and not very gentle with me and shows that she is in charge and my opinion does not particularly concern her. Although she hasn’t suffocated me like that yet and doesn’t hurt me, she sometimes torments me with nightmares when I swear at her. I want to know if I should be worried about this divination? I tried to kick her out several times, but nothing worked out for me, I even ignored her and she did not leave. And yet, I decided a few months ago and figure out why she is with me and what she needs. And yes, I can’t hear her, and she ignores my requests to talk.

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Succubus or not that’s a nasty parasite and you need to get rid of it. It’s a common problem and fixable.

As this one is strong from feeding after banishing and warding you probably want to go on the offensive, make it’s life harder with you than without you and it will go look for easier prey.

Have you seen the Parasite Tutorials thread yet? The basics are in there for background and ideas. Also search this forum for “how to kill parasites” :slight_smile: We have a lot of posts about that.
Hint: they hate fire and iron.


Are you sure it’s a parasite? Looks very much like a succubus

They can look like whatever it takes to get to drink your milkshake. :joy:

It’s a good idea to get these basics down before messing with entities of any kind. Know how to protect yourself, how to tell impostors and parasites from beneficial entities, and how to get rid of unwanted energies and beings.


I always go with a good sun blast :sun_with_face: gets rid of most low level stuff. Anything else, I use damon brands protection magick sword banishing. That’s been pretty helpful for me, granted I’m not diving into the qlippoth or anything that intense so I’m just encountering weak stuff that isn’t really worth a mental 99 percent of the time.


Well, if it’s a parasite. how can i get rid of it? I used the pentagram ritual several times and it didn’t work, completely ignored it and didn’t work either. All other methods that you suggest will not work for me, I do not feel energy and magic

Doesn’t matter.

Your intention and will is your trump card here.

You must stand in your authority and declare your will as LAW.

If you decide right out the gate it’s not going to work, well, then it won’t.

You must act with the knowledge that it WILL work and that whatever you command out of your space will be banished totally and completely.

If it helps, you should do an invocation of a protective deity before the banishing to add extra oomph.


Open the Parasites collection tut, scroll down, click the topic where people discussed how to get rid of them. :+1:

BUT, doesn’t do any good to get rid of them if your protections, aka you spiritual hygiene, are not on point, including wards, because it’s like you shove them away, and they just come right back. Or they can hop down the line to someone you know.

That’s why I linked you both of those. You have a learning curve ahead of you, I recommend reading not just these just as much as you can find to understand what you’re dealing with. It’s best you you rad around, don’t just take it from me… I’m no guru, you have to research, learn for yourself and make up your own mind. Then it will sink in and be real for you.


I read about parasitic succubus. But this entity does nothing wrong. It was only when I got very angry and tried to kick her out that the dream was unpleasant. And the habits of a pure succubus really confuse me. In general, I’m confused

damn bro

try sage

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Wait, the title of your post is that it wants to kill you, and…

:thinking: :eyes:

Sorry, what part of any of this is OK? Or are you just a glutton for punishment? :joy:

Get rid of it before it gets worse, which it will as it gets stronger. You think it wants to kill you, I’d say take it as a serious threat and deal with it like a bad smell.

On the other hand, as well as the parasite info you want this. Lesser entities lie their faces off all the time to get what they want. It’s interesting but kind of pointless trying to talk to them and get anything real out of them that you can reliably act on without making it worse.

I wouldn’t even go for understanding or trust in this case, just banish with prejudice.


Wow… so I honestly am lost for words right now. What are you doing?? In my opinion the appropriate response would be a succinct “fuck you” followed by throwing whatever the fuck you have in your arsenal at this thing and MAKE it leave or die. Granted I am not you so it’s your choice but I recommend this option wholeheartedly. You have given it multiple chances to leave. It’s time to make it impossible for it to stay. Like you said, you think you are in danger. Protect yourself.


From what I can tell it sounds like it needs a meatsack to farm and abuse at its leisure. I don’t think what it needs is of any import. What you need is and will always be paramount.


Damn bro this succubus is Pimpin you ass out. Like seriously! Whereas your back bone.

I’m sorry lmao.

Everyone gave your resources to get rid of them. If she doesn’t go away maybe an anti-psychotic will help a trip visit to the psychiatrist or Pysche ward will help you, I’m sure if you go to the emergency room and explain your problem they will get you hooked up, but only do that if the magick isn’t working.

Damn bro I wish I had a parasite succubus girlfriend who ignored all my boundaries and my will.
This is a major red flag bro :triangular_flag_on_post:

Either help yourself out and kick that bitch out or enjoy your toxic relationship, we’re not going to advocate for your toxic relationship with this succubus. I’m sorry you’ve been with her for a year.

Like I said try the magick and if that doesn’t work talk to psychiatrist or someone in the hospital.

This book has a banishing ritual, master protection ritual that’ll give you authority and a sigil to remove a unwanted entity from your place.

Good luck

Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack (The Gallery of Magick)

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From what you tell it may be a very aggressive succubus that behaves in a parasitic way. It could also be some kind of minor entity trying to trick you.
A well-intentioned succubus would be fair and protective with you, and would think of your magical and spiritual progress.

In any case it does not look good, I would try to talk to her first and if the situation worsens, perform a banishing ritual.

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Yes, thank you very much, as far as I know, I have a very mature succubus, if you believe in what I feel from her.

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As others have said this is definitely a parasite possibly one that has taken the form of a succubus. Banish with fire and cleanse while also setting up spiritual protection. Not doing so could lead to some nasty side effects and this could invite all sorts of malignant entities as your energy will be a free buffet to them


To be fair, there’s a time and a place for that, and I think it went past it a while ago, if the OP is correct that it wants to kill him.

This worsening means it will try, and it could succeed, or make him sick enough that it severely impacts his life. In that case, it will be stronger and harder to banish while he is weaker.
Then it could be too late, and he won’t have enough energy to do a decent ritual, we’ve seen this in here before.

This isn’t one to play nice nice on. It’s one to deal with while you still can, and I would not give it an inch by acting like this is negotiable.

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These problems are becoming very common nowadays,

Succubi are excellent spell casters
get rid of her as fast as you can…