Succubus question

I think we all know that succubus are primarily utilized by magicians as sexual partners. But that’s the extent of my knowledge, and I can’t find any other resources. Thus far, the only thing I’ve seen was a few bad porn videos, and a few mentions of bindings, that’s about it. I have a feeling that a succubus is more than a metaphysical fuck toy, can somebody please enlighten me as to what else a succubus does for magician.

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Here’s just a few topics brought to you by the glorious search bar.


Still learning navigation of the site, my apologies. Thanks for the info, I’ll go ahead and look through it.


Here’s a few things a succubus can do for a magician:

  • Open up the chakras.

  • Teach whatever their personal proffession is, like magic, protection, sigils etc.

  • Expert psychologists:
    Don’t be afraid to open up your deepest thoughts for them.

  • Expert physicians:
    They know healing and often uses acupuncture and pressure point techniques, heat and cold to heal any physical damages on our bodies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot to learn from these kind of spirits when looking beyond the sexual aspect. They have a multifunctional purpose, as I see it.


That’s good to know, and, seeing as how I will most likely be dealing with one in the very near future, I wanted to make sure what they were capable of. Thanks for the feedback. I knew there was more to them than simply satisfying sexual urges. I have so much research to do. I’ve been basically thrust straight into the deep end. Not complaining, the entire thing is really excited, but there is so much I have to learn.