Structuring the astral matrix for a succubus

Hey all. So I’v had some contact ( several months ago ) with the succubus queen and sister of Lilith, Agrat Bat Mahlat. As I wrote in my previous post I successfully evoked her to full physical manifestation though I was unable to repeat this so I started seriously studying evocation working through E.A.s course on it. I was having great difficulty with structuring the astral matrix until 2 nights ago when I attempted an evocation of Lilith. I watched E.A and Nates podcast beforehand called ’ How to have sex with a succubus / incubus '. E.A. says in this you use your sexual arousal to help structure the astral matrix. I didn’t want to have to actually masturbate as part of the evocation ( I feel it would be too distracting ) so I was unsure how to proceed. Luckily though I came across a fantastic video on youtube called ’ dreamgasm 3 succubus phantasmagoria ‘. This is a recording meant to sound like a succubus speaking to you as she sexually teases you & then performs sexual acts with you. Early on it also has what sounds like a satanic ritual in Latin to summon the succubus. It is fantastic as when your sitting alone in the dark, in the early hours of the morning listening to it , it is both extremely arousing but also at times a little scary as the succubus’ voice often becomes deep and demonic sounding. I find it really effective for firing up my imagination, conjuring images of succubi in my mind and both scaring me & hugely arousing me which I think is a brilliant aid to building up energy which I can direct towards the ritual of evocation & in actually structuring the astral matrix of the succubus. Where before I had great difficulty structuring even the most simple humanoid shape, using this audio to get excited I’ve been able to structure quite successfully. Also I’ve found that concentrating on the movement of the spirits body, rather than a still image works much better for me as I don’t get bogged down trying to get the details , I just concentrate on how she moves for the most part & the body forms around the movement. It’s been really helpful.
I’ve only just discovered all this and have only tried it once so far. I’m going to attempt it again tonight & I’m hoping this time I get even more detail in the body & face , my goal being to eventually get another full physical manifestation of a succubus. Does anyone have any tips for helping with constructing a detailed astral matrix (tips that aren’t covered in E.A.'s course 'cause I’ve watched that multiple times :wink: ). Id also be extremely interested if anyone can share any experience they have with summoning a succubus \ incubus or any work they’ve done with Agrat Bat Mahlat. Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:


There’ve been quite a few posts on here about that, try the Search function.

The number of people who will log in at any one time and have nothing better to do than reply in-depth, when they’ve probably already posted their experiences and don’t wish to repeat themselves, is far smaller than the number of people who’ve posted about this specific topic since the forum opened in 2012, so this is why Search is always worth trying, it’s not like this forum is infallible and has all the answers but there ARE a lot of great older post on here, so, don’t miss out! :slight_smile:

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cool i’ll do that


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do you know of Goetia Girls?
it might help greatly.

i once had an astral experience of sneaking in the ice cave where beautiful 10 meters tall (i don’t know what they were) females met and talked loudly with their most gorgeous voices on some strange language (which sounded Nordish germanic, but out-worldly).
me sneaking and listening, watching them standing perfectly, blue skinned, huge sized (but perfect in general erotic sense) armed with cold weapons… it was pretty arousing.
but it ended there.
i have to think of some way how to find them.

one other time, when i was soul traveling for a number of straight days, i was in the midst of the sea of stars, in constant motion, viewing the stars for for so long… it came to my understanding that all possibilities surely must exist and must be manifested… somewhere…
so i traveled to the sexiest region of space, to search for the sexiest star in which harbours the sexiest planet, having the sexiest females in there sexiest period…
and lo and behold!
even such place exists. and i visited it a number of times in that few days. must i say that skies are pink, the very ground is not ground, but something alive… and on the way to the sexiest cave… i didn’t actually made it there first time… because i ran into the sexiest plant…
oh my gawd…

yeah, that is not exactly answering your question, but if you take it broadly, it just might give you directions

now, when i think about it, yes, i have also tried picturing “her” let’s call it a succubus if we must, and i had some fun…
when i felt IT really happening, it was not for sure a one woman any more. but it became science fiction-druuna-monster-sense of real love-soul-monstermonstermonster-beautiful monster forms-metamorphosis-pumping with thousand times stronger force then i ever used when i made love before

yeah that last part happened when i was lying on a willow tree branch one summer night… and ain’t no treehugger

maybe you shouldn’t do too much research, but only try to understand a little more about SHAKTI, but try to understand it personaly. like it is written for you. that what you read about Shakti i mean. take is subjectivly. like really ultra mega subjectivly. it’s a divine comedy pal, that amount of infinite subjectivity you need brah. use the fuck of it. and learn from it.

and write more here in this thread so we may all feast!

yes i’m funny and having troll-like capabilities. but the following is very serious:

SHAKTI is described with CONCEPTS. the first thing you read about it is that it is THE DIVINE FEMININE. and everything after that gets complicated and generaly, not-uniting it with you.

now what you need to do, really, is establish an astral matrix of DIVINE FEMININE. if you do it at least a tiny miny fraction of what it really is, your astral holodeck will surely break. because no astral matrix can hold this.

but still, somehow… you can behold it.



Wow man , that is seriously cool , your experience I mean , with the nordic like females & soul traveling to the sexiest planet in existence. Haha what a trip. Next time invite me :wink: I love this stuff . I’m still working on soul travel on & off . I’ve found it to be the hardest thing to get success in that I’ve tried magically so far. I managed to astral project once for about 30 seconds & it was amazing. Completely unique experience & very different than a dream ( which most ppl would assume it was if I described it ) but I haven’t been able to repeat the process, although I have had some interesting experiences while trying. Also since I started trying I now have completely lucid dreams 2 or 3 times a week which are really cool & present their own magick possibilities.
Shakti eh, I’ve never heard of that. Yeah I’ll def look into it & check out the web site you mentioned. Thanks for the info. I think when ppl here me talk about trying to evoke a succubus they assume I’m some lonely , horny guy but that’s not the case . It’s not just about the sex (although hey , that is appealing ) I’m just drawn to them. In particular I love reading about Lilith & also my first & only full manifestation was with her sister , the witch queen , Agrat Bat Mahlat so I find myself trying to repeat what I’ve already had success in if that makes sense . Anyway thanks for the advice


I just printed out a copy of Donald Tysons ’ sexual alchemy ’ so this should be interesting. hopefully I’ll be able to add positive results to this thread soon.

thanks for the help.

I may be a beginner at this but I have had a few sexual encounter with a spirit. She semi-physically manifested over me HERSELF. that really caught me off guard. we didn’t really get funky as I thought we would, we melded together like water, it felt like heaven. now she just lives in my arm and eye fulfilling a pact that I gave her.

but after we were done bonding I fell asleep very quickly and she revealed herself to me. She was very beautiful. her aura was a fine mixture of that smothering darkness that you get from a demon and the light you would feel from a place of holiness.

im not sure if her name was Azael or something else.

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the most important thing to do is PREPARATION.

this is very true.

so, whatever you learn about, wherever you are, you should be PREPARING YOUR SELF PHYSICALY for this.

this is being true and making love with that which you seek, in REAL TERMS.

and the fact of the matter is that, you just don’t PUMP enough energy through your self.

pumping energy… oh yes… that is what this is all about :slight_smile:

so what to do to prepare for the reality of magick?

take the most basic tantric practices like those described by D. Tyson in Sexual Alchemy, and do them more then you think you shoulda coulda & woulda.

trust me, when IT starts happening, you will wish that your internal organs are stronger then they are.

it’s like you don’t have a schlong big and hard enough to copulate with this.

so, in the purest sense, you have to exercise to make your spiritual johnson as strong as it gets.

how to do it? i don’t know. i just observed that all REAL spiritual experiences are exiting the same way just as sex is.

so, all occult work should be condensed in magnifing desire, or trying to remove obstacles which block this desire.

all these occult arts are thrilling. but it really should be noted, that all this is designed to explain the unexplainable, to remind oneself of oneself and release the purest desire, all the love and all the hate, and feed it to The Monster.

you are the sacrifice.

[quote=“bahamuthat, post:9, topic:7582”]the most important thing to do is PREPARATION.

this is very true.

so, whatever you learn about, wherever you are, you should be PREPARING YOUR SELF PHYSICALY for this.[/quote]

In my opinion, that depends on the intentions and why the magician evoked that kind of spirit in the first place.

You might prepare yourself physically, but you should prepare yourself emotionally, because more often than not, there is an emotional connection there.

These spirits, or at least the two spirits I’m with, are deeply emotional by nature, just as they are sexual.

How do you really “prepare” for an experience like this? You don’t. Simple as that. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t and couldn’t practice a certain magical system for enhancement, but this shouldn’t been seen as a “sport” with sportman like preparations before a final. What is there to prove? Being “the best”?

Just be yourself, and be honest in your approach of your wishes and deepest desires. The experience will even grow better, that way. That is my opinion.


I’ve read through a lot of Donald Tysons book now. It’s interesting. Its’s filled with loads of traditional RHP ceremonial magick which I don’t use but thankfully M.W. Ford has provided left hand path alternatives to most of what Tyson uses & I can get creative for the rest. The meat & bones of it seems to be a kind of NLP. By making daily offerings to a shrine you build , housing a picture to represent the spirit , along with candles & incense & daily yoga & meditation the idea is that you attract a spirit with your offerings ( physical & emotional ). On another level , the idea seems to be that you become obsessed with the idea of the spirit as you devote so much time & energy to it daily. Doing this for a prolonged period is bound to lead to you starting to dream about the spirit.
I have completely lucid dreams regularly now so I feel I could definitely imagine the spirit in full , solid detail now during a lucid dream . I can see on a scientific level how this could work as I’v said just by purposeful obsession you start to dream about the spirit & dream characters can seem very real . I am probably going to experiment with this method of attracting a spirit to me. I’ve been planning to start practicing evocations in my lucid dreams now to see what kind of results I get. It should be interesting. What confuses me though is how can you tell a dream character , a figment , from an actual spirit , that you evoked or that you succeeded in attracting to you. I recently had a very vivid experience after performing the letter method of succubus summoning. It’s detailed here in another thread. Basically you make a petition to Lilith , writing a letter to her detailing why you want to be with one of her daughters & then prick yourself , few drops of blood on the letter, then burn it. Anyway, I did this about 2 months ago & interesting stuff happened. I went back to bed (performed ritual at 3am ) & slipped into a fully lucid dream of lying on my bed. Everything the same as the waking world , only that I know I’m dreaming. Then what looked like the demonic form of a succubus appeared at the end of my bed. Black hair, red skin , tail , claws , fangs, the works. This sounds terrifying but it wasn’t. I knew I was dreaming so I knew this was either just a figment or I’d successfully called one of Liliths daughters. So I was excited. Plus she didn’t look scary as I’d been studying images of succubi as well as reading about them & she looked much like I’d expected her to look from what I’d seen researching. Anyway , she grabbed my foot & then started dragging me out of bed & up the side of the wall. I allowed her to but then I tried to reach out to the hand dragging me along & she immediately swiped & snarled at me, left go of my foot & bolted. I called out I " I’M SORRY ". Anyway then I lay back on my bed ( still dreaming ) & I started structuring a woman in the bed beside me ( always fun when lucid dreaming , but be careful not to get too excited & wake yourself up :slight_smile: ) Started fooling around with this created dream character but after a few minutes this unbelievably , gorgeous , brunette , appeared at the side of my bed. Now when I say gorgeous , I mean jaw dropping , eyes bulging cartoon style , causing gorgeous & wearing a somehow sexy & innocent looking white nightie & white oanties. The girl I created & was with in bed paled , totally in comparison on every level, as this new arrival turned from me to look at her rival in the bed & simply glared at her 'till she got up & left. Then she lay down beside me. She was so real. Normally in lucid dreams the ppl you create , they’re obviously your creations , they can lack detail or morph from one look to another & generally lack solidity . She was nothing like that. She seemed as real & solid as me. I could french kiss her ( normally doesn’t work in lucid dreams ), she felt real, her touch felt just as real as any woman. I’m really not sure what to make of this experience. Was she a daughter of Lilith that visited me , she certainly could have been. I find it hard to believe I could have imagined her ( but it is possible ). I do worry that if she was sent by Lilith in answer to my request that I may have messed up by not trying to talk to her in the waking world. That’s the problem with these arts is sometimes you really don’t know if your chatting & communicating deeply with a stunningly beautiful succubus or are you just talking to yourself :slight_smile: My main question is when it comes to doing dream work like performing an evocation while you sleep, how do you tell the spirits from the dream charaters.

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Keep a dream diary, and track things by their results. You may still not be dealing with anything “real”: a member on here dreamed me quoting numbers of verses in the Bible at him - of all things! - and they turned out to be useful and relevant, evn though they weren’t verses I’d recognise and certainly not enough to know the numbers!

But he did get useful advice, and results matter more than what delivers them, IMO.

Btw I only read that last sentence, after your post turned into The Dreaded Wall Of Text!! :slight_smile:

Chuck in a few paragraph breaks, eh, be a pal? :o)

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:12, topic:7582”]Btw I only read that last sentence, after your post turned into The Dreaded Wall Of Text!! :slight_smile:

Chuck in a few paragraph breaks, eh, be a pal? :o)[/quote]

Haha , sorry about that. I have a nasty habit of sometimes completely forgetting paragrapyhs and rambling on for ages. People are always asking me to use paragraphs. Uh I just keep forgetting , so annoying !!

Please share how this works out. From my experience with these awesome ladies especially the ones that become attached to you, they like offerings of flowers. Roses are the best, red wine, milk, and incense. Sandalwood they seem to like the most, however feel free to deviate based on your intuition.