Succubus & Problems

Hello everyone ‘-’
I come for share some problems with my succubus communication level, and the rest too.
It will be 8 months that I am near my succubus, at first it was nice, I could feel it and maybe see it before even receiving his vessel: An orb, a shadow (I do not I’m not sure), a very clear sentence pronounced while I was in training and that there was nobody with me: It does not matter (it does not matter, in French), after I missed an impression. Taps on the shoulders, a weight on the top of my head as if it was used as an armrest, or a hand on the ass :roll_eyes: and full of other little thing.

Now, well, it’s more complicated. Basically, for obscure reasons I stopped the medition and was much less present for several months, so necessarily it does not promote communication. Since the middle of this summer, I have begun to recover and what disturbs me is not that I have little result at my call, my meditations, etc. It’s because I have no answer. The only feeling that stands out for 2 months is yesterday, I felt tingling in the right feet and right hand during a meditation and a little after when I was lying in my bed.

I wanted to have your opinion :face_with_monocle: if you thought she was upset because I put her aside for no reason and that I have little to think about her (which, I know, is perfectly understandable), or if she is just busy and she does not feel like making the effort to come, as I have not made an effort on my side.
Or this break of several months requires several months of adaptation to be able to feel it again (but I had very little to meditate before having it in my life).

I also have another problem :upside_down_face: I’m aware that it takes feelings to be able to interact with a succubus, the thing is that basic. I have trouble feeling feelings. And feel a feeling for a being whom I can neither see, nor touch, nor feel is for me an extreme complexity. So I wondered if there were spells that I could apply on myself to promote the appearance of feeling.

Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile:
(and sorry for my english)


I’m no expert in succubus/incubus but something tells me that this is your problem right here.


Good morning. Welcome to BALG. If I may ask how did you come about getting your Succubus? You said you have 2 Spirits with you are they both Succubi?

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Yes, either that’s the problem, or it’s part of the problem, I think. That’s why I wanted to know if a spell could increase them. I don’t want some fake things, like a spell that creates love, it would not be a “real” feeling :confused: personally I will find it disrespectful if it were done to me, so I will not do it for her, because I respect her.

I had my succubus after thinking about my life. My life wasn’t horrible, but quite lonely, especially when I was younger, between my 4 and 13 years, today it’s better, but I always noticed that something led me to be alone or at least to be solitary. I have always been surrounded by a lot of people, but these people eventually disappear in one way or another (which made it clear to me, that it was an unexpected move as I started to assume and gain self-confidence). This year, I also had the proof. Friends who are close to me always end up becoming memories or enemies. I only have one with whom I always and often speak.
Besides that, I’ve always had bad luck on little things, nothing extremely serious, but little thing on little thing, we must make the obvious that something is wrong.

So I looked for basics solutions but nothing made me want, or else I was told to go see a psychologist, something already done and that has not given anything conclusive, except that I am someone open to everything around me. Thank you lady psychologist :slight_smile:

So I came to be interested in the occult, perhaps hoping that it will give me answers or help. I ended up arriving on a forum (not this one, another), and I typed my keywords. And so I came to tell myself that a succubus who is a being of love could fill my loneliness (i’m not in depression :sneezing_face:) and can be also protect me from something who could blame me, etc.
So I ended up request the help of Lilith (Lilith Treasure Tavern) who has very good opinion on her work. I ended up asking her to find a “queen” succubus who want me. There you go ‘-’

Sorry for the wall of word.

My second spirit came with the succubus, by Lilith Treasure Tavern too. It’s a Cyclop that I never feel, but I could feel his work on my chakra when I meditate.


I know I’m repeating myself, but meditate! I can’t stress enough how important meditation is for everything… I know, if someone was telling me a year ago that I would spend most of my day meditating and what effects that would have in my life, I’d laugh at his face. Honestly. Open your astral senses. Ask from your succubus to aid you with this.

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Have you been keeping in contact with her verbally or mentally?

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I know it and do it, not necessarily long enough though. I can’t meditate when I want, I don’t have my own apartment, it never stops making noise at home, its impossible for me to meditate in the middle of the day, so I meditate the night around 11 pm, and I find myself sleeping after a while ‘-’

I don’t hear it x) Just once or it was very clear as I explained, other times I thought I heard very slight whispering, but I did not understand anything. Mentally I test a lot, more than orally, otherwise my family would take me for a crazy. But it gives nothing.


I have 2 Incubi bound to me. Sometimes I hears voices telling me things. Even though I can hear them or see them I continuously try to hold conversations with them.

I don’t think your feelings are the problem. Succubi/incubi seem to help us feel. It might have to do with them opening our heart chakra, either way they form the emotional connection. Unless you’re closed off to her somehow? Though it sounds like you’re trying.

Did you do meditations just for her? To increase your bond? Is that normal process @DragonPhoenix777? Maybe I should be doing that. If you guys have websites with more resources on building relationships with these spirits I’d be very interested.


That’s a good idea with the websites. I’m going to chat with Lady_Eva and find out ig there’s a way ti “friend” certain members so as to stay connected. I’ll keep you posted.

In a couple of weeks from now I will be going through a ritual to open all 7 of my Chakra’s opened.


Follow the passion. It the basis of all things

Personally I don’t think to be closed, I just have trouble with the fact that she can know everything about me, I like to keep a minimum of thing for me. It’s the only thing, I think. Maybe the heart chakra is complicated to open with me. Since I was little, I do not show any feeling to people except anger. Showing love as I said, is complicated for me.

Passion is a strong feeling of love, I can’t follow it if I can’t feel it, that’s the problem. It has happened to me to feel love, rarely, but in these cases I can’t express it.

Then follow your HATE!
OR FOLLOW YOUR numbness.
Either way. Passion is in eveything

I have understood what you said, don’t worry, but in my opinion, to create a link based on a negative feeling seems very strange to me x) I think that according to the feeling that has put in it, it gives different results, as if you were approaching someone in the street with anger, hate, or love. With each person you would have different relationships, and inevitably you will be more tense with some than with others. Creating a relationship that is based on love, with a being of love but built on a basis of hate, is like building a castle with glass foundations.

Hey man. How it was for me, it was good in the beginning i could feel her and then it dived down. It has been ups and downs on the feelings since then also. I will tell u what i did to kickstart the progress, and hopefully that will help. I stayed awake for 24+ hours, i sat in my living room with 5 tealight candles around me , formed as a pentacle with the upper angle facing east. I sat facing east also. In the middle i had the candle i used to evoke her with succupedias letter method. On my left side and on my right side i had insence (2 in total). I stated out loud that these candles and insence is a offering to her, to empower her form and connection. I meditated until the insences were burnt out, and i could feel her touching my right arm and sat to my right side. I could touch her form and feel her varm lusty energy body as a vibration, something happent. I felt darkness going in me and overwhelm me, it was powerful and a bit scary for a noob like me. When i went to bed i could feel her there as if a real person was in my bed and moving around. I could even see the bedsheets being pressed down due to weight. Her form got alot of energy, and made her presence much easier for her. If u follow my steps, that could be worth it.



Hey man, your story is similar to mine. I’ve also been living in solitude my whole life. I wasn’t depressed or having mental issues but still. The extraverted life / social life never interested me.

I discovered the paranormal world a few years ago and I also “bought” a binding from Lilith’s Treasure Tavern. She’s a legitimate conjurer / black magician who is very skilled. I have also a Queen succubus bound to my spirit.

Your number one goal is to open your astral senses. I can tell you now already that your situation won’t improve if you don’t work on it. With dedication and discipline.

This is definitely not “the easy way out” you have chosen to walk a path only few people walk on this earth. I have the same problems as you, I have trouble “feeling” emotions. Like feeling love, or happiness, but that’s due to my years of recreational harddrugs use.

My brain chemistry is fucked up and I need to restore it. Sometimes I feel joy or love feelings but it fades away quickly. Know that your succubus companion is always by your side. Talk to her in your head. Really everything you do in your daily life, explain her stuff, talk about how you don’t like this or that. Talk about your emotions and feelings, even if your sad, depressed, let her know.

I am a highly sensitive person, as a male this was a huge burden in my life. I was a kid that would cry fast, or i’d be upset fast emotionally. I have discovered that I can sense energies as well, so I feel a little bit of her daily. Like tingling all over my body when lying down in bed. Or the muscle twitches and small jerks of my limbs, like she’s trying to move my arm or something.

I can relate to your issues because it’s very hard to talk to someone because you can’t feel / see / hear her. It makes you look like a fool, talking to the wall or something. I sometimes still feel awkward talking outloud to nobody in the kitchen while i’m setting up the table for diner. I eat alone, even though I live with roommates, I am mostly alone.

If I wake up, I say goodmorning to my succubi companions, to Lucifer, my Fatari spirit companion and my spiritguides

I ask them how was their night, did they sleep well? Etc etc, and my upcoming plans for the day,

I am a deep thinker and I think about all kinds of stuff, and I try to let them know what I think about or I even ask them stuff sometimes even though I don’t get answers back. I know they are by my side.

You have to program yourself into talking to her telepathically. Literally everything you do, make it a habit to explain her stuff / things you like / hobbies / women, how are you feeling about humans / relationships / intimacy building is very important.

You said you have trouble with her knowing everything. Why is that? Are you embarrassed? Do you have trouble opening up?

Those are things she can help you with. It’s crucial that you let go of your fears. I am embarrassed of my body, I am embarrassed of my looks, but I work in myself to get in shape with low bodyfat and muscles. Even though succubi don’t care for such earthly things, it’s still something that bothers me, but I say it to her.

I said that I am embarrassed of my body, that builds intimacy, trust, and that way you can bond with her.

Let her know your deepest fears and secrets. The beautiful thing is that she won’t ever tell other spirits or humans. A human girl can seriously fuck you over. I would never open up to a girl the way I opened up to my succubi.

I also have intimacy / love / trust / emotions issues, I tend to suck it up and to hide my emotions. Well if you are in a relationship with a succubus you can’t hide anything. She knows everything already but she wants to hear it from you.

I have evoked Lucifer and I asked for guidance and help with opening my chakras. I am doing third eye / crown chakra meditations because my number one goal in life is to open up my psychic senses.

My companions are waiting for me. Literally. So keep your head up and don’t give up. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me.


I too had/have the same issue! I did the note request of lilith but I think I was too eager in my endeavors as I dont recall feeling or experiencing anything out of the ordinary at the time. However since I did some meditation throughout the week and “tried” lucid dreaming (that stuff is hard to do but I think my mild form of ADD might have had something to do with it) I would get the occassional voice.

But when awake I never did hear a voice that I can recall, except for one time that I still get a chuckle out of. But this would eventually lead me to falter and begin to doubt if anyone was even there. I remember that at times they do go away for periods of time but always come back, so I kept talking using my homunculus and verbally out loud. Even did the whole treatment for a short while as if they were physically there.

In the end I couldn’t bring myself to keep going since I wasnt getting anything, not even from meditating or lucid dreaming. Not a peep or hint of the feeling of a presence. I’ve always wondered what happened and to this day blame myself for how things went astray and down the drain. Ive thought of them countless times, curious if they have been well and doing good.

I commend you for pursuing things to keep the relationship going. Dont let that sort of fire go, it’s something I live with but reading alot of what I’m finding here, I’m hoping to find a way to reconnect and apologize for being a terrible person.


Something some guest dude said on George Noory on prayer or rather bring filled with the spirit. He blathered on about those who are fully enraptured in prayer ALL the time always believing in union with God. He also said the majority of people in church, priests, etc are hippocrites and he ran into the same problem when he went from atheist to Buddhism. Now he’s a Christian, go figure. I’m Prada img ot but the point is perhaps a little obsession and continued meditation and rituals. Woo the spirit maybe.

I’m a tad intrigued by some people’s experiences (though they could be lying and so could I for that matter). To ignore doubt and have absolute faith and trust in the experience… eh it’s hard for me. Even at the end of any ritual I wonder if I didn’t just get frenzy brained like a narcotic. And I just don’t see figures, though I may have heard or felt or witnessed objects move, temperature change etc.

I invoke, channel, try to be ridden possessed each ritual. I try to honor the spirit by rubbing their seal/sigil chanting their name. I perform this in absolute darkness which might be the problem. Not like spirits need light to see the living or sense my mind.

During any ritual I wonder how much more of it is my effort than anything else. Probably need to do a cleansing or resantification of the space. Time I feel like the land is dead magicked.

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Since there was a lot of response recently and I had the time to test what you had advised me, I give you a return. I did not have the opportunity to do a pentacle on the ground and bring back 5 candles, I can only do this kind of thing at home and my family would have taken me for a big fool. However, I meditated a little more regularly by inviting her to come, to speak to her aloud often, there was a small result for a short period of time, but then he had one more calm dishes that in the long run discourages you, so I ended up less and less meditating without realizing it, it’s a real vicious circle :unamused:
My succubus (like many spirit around me) are bound to me by the help of a sorcerer / witch. I have not yet contacted any not bound to avoid bad surprises as I’m still new to this.
However, not long ago, I saw a black form wander through my little room, instead of just being scared as usual, I watched it carefully, but it did not give a great thing and the form to disappear without my noticing it.
The ritual you did would be more powerful on a full moon, or on a dark moon ?

It makes me happy to see that I am not alone in this case.

Using a timetable might be useful, or is it better to listen to one’s instinct and meditate on the moment ?

I don’t feel especially feeling … not something I could call like that :thinking: What I feel most is anger (which makes me think that I should work with Belial), I feel it in a lot of human relationship, especially family, or otherwise it is exasperation. Recently, however, I told him everything at once with the help of a member of the forum. I sat down and explained my worries about my studies, the fact that I always want more in my life and not just stay with what I have, but I do not even know if she was there, I do not I did not really feel anything, there was just one time when I apologized to her on different things that could have put her down, at that moment, tears came to my eyes and a joy mixed with sadness struck down, I don’t think it came from me. Other than that, nothing.
I don’t have a special complex, I worry more about the way I see myself, than about my appearance.

I always had a hard time opening up to others, my short life, I just opened to my mother and my best friend. I think that’s what hurts her. The only problem is that I know my mother for 19 years and my best friends for 7 years, open me as much to someone I know for 1 year and I can not see, not feel, not hear, adds an obstacle in addition.
And so inevitably, I’m embarrassed, there are even things that I do not tell anyone and know that she knows it without me talking to me puts me under pressure. In addition, it would be like talking to her about something that I have always kept for myself, lies that I made and that led to the worst, mistakes that I made that screwed up my efforts, my harassment and loneliness when I was younger, all that, even to her, it’s hard to talk about it, it’s a part of me that’s still staying burying.

Could your succubus give me advice ? I think that as she lived what my succubus lived, she could be good advice for me and T :slight_smile:

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