Succubi protection

I have succubus that actively feed on me almost 24/7, they also do it in my sleep. Now I have very low energy level. Protection methods?

Did you ask for them, or did they come on their own?

If you asked for them, talk to Lilith. Either way banish regularly. You can set up wards and / or spirit traps. Invite a trusted guardian spirit, like Archamgel Michael or ancestors you are on good terms with.

I didn’t ask for them. I asked Lilith to revoke them from me, but I didn’t get a result. I’ll try to call Samassk

I tried to call Archangel Michael and Samassk. I can’t contact them because of low energy level and also succubus shift attention. Situation getting worse very fast. What should I do? My own abilities are not enough to selfdefense or attack. Astral vision is also hard for me

You don’t need to evoke. You can use prayer, or the methods in Ben Woodcraft’s Angelic Protection
Magic. His method for contacting Michael is extremely simple and the book is cheap.

They absolutely are. You are blocking yourself with this attitude. Ubis are not all-powerful.

Do you know how to banish? Or shield? Or make wards? Or build spirit traps? There are many guides on BALG if not. Start there.

Do you have benzoin or frankincense? These will clear your space.

Those are parasites, banish and cleanse. Attack them with fire if needed. Change up your energy to that which they don’t like to eat.

Look up on here DarkestKnight’s mantra to end spiritual interference as well, and the angel Opfaal fire deliverance or Michael for protection. Finally, Samael is good at removing embedded parasites in your field, and Belial will encourage the strength in you to get through it.


Maybe this can help you, I haven’t personally tried this yet because I can’t find some ingredients right now, and I can’t do something because I’m allergic.