Success with Duke Sallos

Being new to this, I did not know what to expect.
Even though I am not a religious person, you hear things about Demons such as “They are bad, they are evil, they will steal your car, they use the 10 item checkout lane even though they have 11 items, etc…” But after doing research and reading these forums, I came to the conclusion that this may not be true.
Using Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick book, I decided to call on Duke Sallos. Even though many demons can do a lot of the same things, my gut told me to go with Duke Sallos and my gut is usually right.
Using ritual 1 from the book, I petitioned Duke Sallos, stated my offerings, etc… and went on my way. About 2 weeks later, my petition came to pass. After it happened, I had my “holy shit, it worked” moment. What I petitioned was not impossible by any means, but I knew that he played a major part in making it happen.
The next morning after work ( I work overnights), I was doing some divination using the 4 penny method (works best for me I have found) when I got the sensation of an electrical current going through out my body. It started at my calves and went straight to my head. It was very strong, but did not hurt at all. Even being a complete newbie, I knew something was with me.
I started asking questions, but the answers were all over the place and it said that I would have to figure out who I was talking to. I don’t remember all of the questions I asked, but the one that stood out was that I asked if I should keep petitioning Duke Sallos in the future and the pennies came up 4 heads and I got the gut feeling of the answer being screamed yes.
Now I know who I’m talking to. It was Duke Sallos. I asked him more questions, but my gut was not feeling right. I asked him if he was messing with me, being a smart ass and he replied yes. I told him I get it, I’m kind of a smart ass also and I’m sure with my million questions, they tend to repeat themselves a little. I asked him if he can do other things besides what he is known for, he answered yes, but the way I was feeling it was like" yeah pal, I can do whatever you want." Once again, kind of being a smart ass. After talking a little more, I told him that I’m running on about 2 hours sleep and that when I wake up, I will give him his payment for his help as agreed upon. The pennies came up no. I asked him if he still wanted his payment. It came up yes. Ok, when I wake up, i will pay you. No once again. Oh, you want your payment now I asked. Yes, came the reply. I told him no that I need sleep and that I’m not doing it until tonight. Ok came the reply. During this exchange, I was very respectful, but yet firm in that I could not do the payment until the evening. I thanked him for coming and asked him if could show himself to me, so that I could see what he looked like. He said yes.
As I was about to lay down, I got the sudden urge to um “cross examine the witness” if you know what I mean. I got these images of a woman and myself being together and in the background, I see this head floating. It was of a man of middle eastern or mediterranean desent, in his thirties with parted black hair, a pencil mustache and a pencil goatee with huge wide open eyes and a shit eating grin on his face. As the woman and myself were going at it in my vision, he is just smiling saying "you like that, that is what i can do."
I think the good Duke was testing me, to see what he could get away with and whether i would roll over or not. That evening, I made my payment to him and thanked him.
After that, Duke Sallos drops in quite a bit to see me. His energy is unmistakeable and now when I ask him questions, I do not get smart ass answers. The whole vibe has changed. I have petitioned him for 2 more things and 1 of them has already happened. Although he does still have a sense of humor. I was in my backyard one day, when a black fly landed on me. Not thinking, I shooed it off. It came back and would not leave. When i went inside, I was hit with the Duke’s energy. He wanted to speak with me. I asked if the fly was him and he said yes. so the next couple of times when I was in my backyard, a fly didnt land on me. It kept buzzing me, not leaving me alone. It was Duke Sallos saying shoo me away now asshole. So he does have quite the sense of humor.
All of this happened about 2 months ago and since then my relationship with Duke Sallos is getting stronger. I talk to him quite a bit and I can’t remember how it came up but he stated that we are linked now and that he is with me and I am under his guidance and protection.
What I have learned and Duke Sallos verified this is that demons or spirits or what have you will help you if you are respectful and genuinely want to learn. Talking to them, asking them questions is something that they like. I know that sometimes Duke Sallos gets annoyed with my questions because I repeat them sometimes, he still wants to talk to me and help out. They really like to talk. I guess its a sign of respect and acknowledgement. They would talk to you all night if they could.
So that is my story. I have a couple of other ones with different demons that I will share later.
Duke Sallos, I know that you are reading this, so once again thank you for what you have done and I look forward to keep learning from you.


Also I forgot to mention that out of respect to Duke Sallos and my relationship with him, I asked him if he was okay about me posting my experiences with him. He is good with it.


lol!! This is a great result, look forward to reading what else you share! :thumbsup: :smiley:


Brilliant result!!!.. and a very interesting read.
I recently summond the great duke, I’m still awaiting a result but also looking forward to reading more about your experiences - well done!


I like his name. And reading your post made me feel good, empowered…


Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I really appreciate it! It is good to know that people enjoy the experiences that you have. Also, I spoke with Duke Sallos yesterday. He liked the post and wants me to write more (he thought the demons using the 10 item lane with 11 items was funny), so when more experiences happen I will be sure to update.


I had made a pact will Sallos, and I sure did l learn a lot through it. I always get that he is the best to go to summon for a beginner since he seemed more understanding. Honestly I couldn’t hear him or anything but I do know by my psychic friend that I had another new spirit guide that was a gargoyle. So I’m pretty sure that I got that familiar from him. Defiantly a shout out to say If you think duke sallos, do it!


I just finished reading this and for some reason my heart is pounding like never before. It’s not hurting me but it’s strong.

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Did you get your result yet ? May I know what it was ?

Congrats mate. I was wondering though…what exactly did you ask Sallos to do for you and how did it come about?

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Can you help me with Duke Sallos? Each time I ask for his help my ex and I run into each other but she’s on a date with a different man. Although I made a pact with the grand Duke I feel he is purposely messing with me.

I don’t know if he is messing with you per say. Maybe this is his way of saying “look, you always run into her when she is with some other guy, move on” or maybe he is saying " she is always with another guy when you see her, you should have a different girl with you when you see her."

Do you have a relationship with Duke Sallos? I probably would not have done a pact with him if you do not have one with him. A simple petition would work. Duke Sallos was the first spirit I contacted and I used the method I talked about in the posts intro. It worked for me. I did not know him, he did not know me. Strictly business. This is what I want, this is what I will offer, etc… and let it go.

How many times have you asked for his help and how frequent? Sometimes things take time to work, if they even work at all. Not all petitions will work out, for whatever reason. If you have a strong connection with your ex, give Duke Sallos some time to work because it could possibly work out for you.

Try contacting Duke Sallos about your concerns and see what he has to say. He loves to talk, but do not give him an offering yet. Once a relationship has been formed, then by all means whenever you speak with him, offer him a drink. He likes to drink. He can be a smart ass and try to mess with you a little at first, but hold your ground. It will go a long way.


Thanks for the advise. Much appreciated. Yes there is something that keeps my ex and I connected. The grand Duke says he is working on her but not in the short time frame I requested. I can say in one weeks time he has put us in 3 places and it’s otherwise been 2 months since I’ve seen her out. He tells me she misses me very much but is detained from contacting me because of being embarrassed about things she’s done to hurt me. He also said she is dating to keep her mind off me, but it keeps wandering back to us. She is sad and lonely. I feel he is helping but not as much as he could.

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You think? With the best will in the world what do you want a Goetic to do? Rearrange time and space like Tetris just for you? You can’t stipulate “I want her within two weeks” - do you realise how powerful these entities are? Time means nothing to them.

You aren’t project managing them.

He is giving you assistance commensurate with your respect for him. As @dollarvaluemenu advised you need to establish a relationship - Duke Sallos is your very rich patron who can invest his time, effort and resources in what you want. You are the one buying him whiskey and cigars to keep him on your side and assisting you but only once you have a relationship. No one likes a brown nose.


Good point thank you

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I did recently read about having a remote group invoke and evoke Duke Sallos for a single purpose. Like in the case for my benefit. And in exchange for desires of others. Has anyone here ever heard of doing a mass invocation evocation, to aid another? Seems to be far more a powerful option than a spell? Any advise…

I just laughed so hard dude !

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Hi !
So I’m new in most of that things (But I practice witchcraft) and I want to make a petition with Sallos, but I don’t know… Can you help me ?

Please be kind enough to post an introduction in our Intro thread here:

It is one of the few rules of the forum and tells us a little about you and your experience so we are better able to answer your questions.

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Oh, sorry !
:slight_smile: I made it now

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