Subliminals. What’s real and what’s bullshit?

So on YouTube there are A LOT of subliminal videos, some of them seem normal and have some legitimacy, but others are like:

And that got me thinking, what is real and what is bullshit? What subliminals have effective results and what doesn’t?

I suggest you take the stance that all of them are bullshit and seek development through mediation and rituals.Some people say they’re good, others say they’re nonsense; you’re better off ignoring them entirely and seeking change from within.
Even if they do work for you, they won’t build the foundations that are required for permanent change.


There are some good threads available on subliminals. You might find some answers there.


Alice’s is legit

I also like Miss Synergy (formerly Miss Subliminals), Vortex Success, Energized Silence, Elke Neher, DrVirtual7 and Ascension ArchAngel King Louie…just off the top of my head :wink:


You know you’re on BALG, right? Black Magicians use whatever methods work

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This one :ok_hand:

Shannons works are great tbh but prices are crispy…

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really? I thought I was on a christian forum … * grasps bible tightly *

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There can be no clear answer to that, sure some are better than others but even some of the best may not work well for you, it depends sometimes on the beats and how your brain perceives them, so try and fail but don’t fail to try :slight_smile:

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