To what extent are subliminals useful?

Youtube has a huge amount of subliminal videos and I have been interested in their potential for some time.They range from quitting smoking to having a larger dick and even omnipotence. What are the upper limits of these sorts of videos?


Think of subliminals as the magic of science. You know how we go through spells and Rituals using symbols that are subconscious can understand and interpret so that it can start working on the said goal of the working.

Subliminals are sort of like that, they target your subconscious through affirmations, suggestions, binaural beats, mantras and the like. Often times it’s a combination of both. You’re basically trying to program your subconscious to manifest a particular goal for you.

Results of course depend on a lot of variables

  1. How often do you listen to them
  2. How many are in your playlist
  3. Do you stay hydrated while listening? (subliminals have a nasty habit of getting you dehydrated)
  4. It’s better to listen in altered states of consciousness, full relaxation and sleep. It makes it easier to bypass your conscious mind.
  5. And of course for the magician you can combine this with Rituals to fulfill your set goal.

Subliminals are actually only a key to unlocking the potential of our subconscious which does all the work. The limits are sort of endless but the degree at which they manifest depend on persistence and patience.

I’ve had success with subliminals for changing your eye color. And yeah with penis enlargement as well.

The thing is you have to find good quality subliminal makers. I can recommend some on YouTube if you’d like.

The thing is a subliminal is like a written program. As with programs you can have a well written one with all the correct algorithms that has gone through all the steps debugging included.

Or you can have a badly written one. The subconscious just puts to action what it’s been given and if it’s given something shitty it simply won’t manifest as there are more things taking up its time.


What about visualization should you be so nice before you go to sleep and should you put your subliminals on a loop

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What subliminal makers on YouTube do you recommend?


Sephian medicine is pretty good, has all kinds of body change and self improvement videos.


Quadible Integrity. Arguably one of the best subliminal makers out there. They’ve given people a lot of results :slight_smile:p

Harmonious Light Foundation, they’re underated but honestly they’re REALLY good as well.

Fabio Siccardi is good as well, MatrixPlay99 seems to have given a lot of people good results and I hear lots of good stuff about that channel. However I have no personal experience with them


I second this, they’re good at what they do


Yeah, altered states of consciousness, intense physical relaxation, meditation, trance, sleep are some of the best times to listen to subliminals. As your conscious mind is more or less quiet


You can also visualize your desired outcome too


If you guys still aren’t sure about the potency of subliminals then check out my friends Instagram channel it’s @colordiary start all the way down from her first post and work your way up.

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There are also subliminal apps on android where you can put up custom subliminal affirmation, they randomly show up on screen for split seconds as you use the phone.

@Aluriel, what would you say about using more than one subliminal at a time? Should we stick with one until we get the results we’re happy with and move to the next one? Or could we use multiple simultaneously?

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You could use multiple. Your subconscious is like a powerhouse it’s always filtering through a thousand things / feelings / thoughts and sensations at once.

I’d suggest listening to a maximum of 4 subliminals at a time until you’re happy with the results then you can begin to move on to others


So, if I want to change the colour of my eyes to let’s say gold I can listen to 4 different subliminals that can change my eye color to gold at the same time? Well, that’s time concieving. And if I do that like so, how much time will does it take for results?


Well, I thought you meant more along the line so targeting four different goals with four different sublimals.

Results depend on the color of your eyes currently and the amount of melanin in them as of right now.

It’s all a science you see, nothing really mystical about it.

If you have dark brown close to black eyes then don’t expect to see immediate results in a week. That’s just unrealistic.

With going gold your eyes would have to lighten significantly (here’s where you can use a subliminal to lighten your eyes along with the one to get the eye color you want) so your eyes would have to lighten as the amount of melanin (what actually makes the eyes a darker color) would have to fade.

This would have to happen before you start seeing any significant changes.

But all things considered you should generally start seeing a change with sublimals (no matter how small) within the span of 21 days to 3 months.

It’s not the same for everyone. As I said it’s all a science,

The color of eyes with the most amount of melanin are dark brown / black eyes, followed by normal brown eyes, hazel/golden brown, green eyes then blue.

Results also depend on how many times you listened to it, I suggest putting your subliminals in a loop. And listening to them repeatedly. Repetition is key, try not to skip a day, if you do start over.

I know it’s hard in the beginning but along the way it becomes a habit. And please be sure to stay hydrated.

Magical working and energy works related to targeting said sublimal would greatly enhance its effectiveness. Score one for magicians!


It also depends on certain individuals. There’s always a randomness / disorder in everything that even probability can’t predict.

Just like how there’s that one person who’s won the lottery the first time they tried. Some people have their goals realized very fast when using sublimals. And for some it might take a while.

But as always with everything there are certain things you can do to shorten time and increase the effectiveness

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I could help you make a Playlist if you want for subliminals targeting eye color.

Plus actively trying to shapeshift your eyes works really well when paired with a good quality subliminal.

Again I’d suggest checking out my friend’s Instagram @colordiary you’ll be inspired :slight_smile: plus she answers some of the questions and shares her tips in the comments

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Thanks!! That covers pretty much everything I wanted to ask. :slight_smile:

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Sure, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


it a good subliminal