Ultimate Subliminal Guide - Finding real subliminals and avoiding bullshit

I’ve noticed quite a few inquiries about subliminals lately, so I’ve decided to tell you guys what’s the deal with them, the pitfalls to avoid, and what to go for.

Let’s begin.

YouTube Subliminals

Stay the fuck away from them. Simple as that.

From all the research we’ve conducted, there are a few things all YouTube subliminals have in common - they aren’t properly made, with very basic scripts.

Now, they WILL work, just because of how powerful subliminals really are, but they will not work to the full extent possible. They will often have side effects like headaches, that are not due to the process of reconciliation, but due to the meh building and scripting work.

If you have no other option, you can go with them, but as soon as possible upgrade.

Reconciliation and the importance of the Subconscious


I mentioned reconciliation, and you are probably wondering - the fuck’s reconciliation?

Reconciliation is a process where your subconscious mind is reconciling how to best integrate the subliminal messages it is receiving. Usually it results in very specific feeling reconciliation headaches, moody attitudes, and in best cases, just the feeling of “something is happening”.

Reconciliation is NOT a bad thing. When it is apparent in moderate, but controlled amounts, it is a GOOD thing. I go into a little more detail later.

The subconscious is a seat of immense power. Magick is, in a way, tapping into your subconscious mind to bring about change in reality. You could call subliminals technomagick, because they tap into your subconsious mind to influence everything around you, and even you yourself.

Without the subconscious, your ability to influence reality would be a lot weaker.

Why is the subconscious so powerful? Because it is not confined to anything.

It is completely free, and permeates everything - As Above So Below.

Subliminals do though require some quite specific technology in order to get them to work at the cutting edge level (and which is constantly increasing, due to new technological advancements), which is sadly seldomly found, but once these technologies are incorporated, they rise exponentially in power, and one of the more important concepts to this is the one I mentioned, the concept of As Above So Below.

How to find proper subliminals

Finding proper subliminals is a process. You’re going to have to do some proper research for yourself. I would love to give a list, but since I’m in the business, I can’t due to forum rules.

Instead, I’ll give you some tips.

Try out different subliminals, and notice the process of reconciliation. Your own discernment is important in subliminals.

Best way to check a subliminal - if it has crazy reconciliation (meaning very specific headaches, but on steroids, with crazy mood swings, also called resistance by some), or has no reconciliation and very slow results, then it’s shit.

If it has some reconciliation, but it feels rough as you listen to it, almost dirty - then it’s better, but still it is better to pass up on it.

If the subliminal is any good, it will have some reconciliation. If it is excellent, the reconciliation will be obvious but tuned down. YouTube subliminals will either have 0 reconciliation, meaning it ain’t fucking working because it ain’t getting to you, or will have crazy reconciliation (which happens even with some companies out there, they call it resistance, lol)… meaning it ain’t fucking working properly.

With the best subliminals, you’ll have the above, but you will be able to look back in a month’s time and go “holy fuck, this shit worked”. You will probably notice how everything seemed to almost “line up”, to get you what you wanted.

Even after thousands of experiments, it’s still an amazing sight when people report to us that “holy shit dude, it’s as if everything lined up perfectly for me!”.

Energy demands are another thing - if proper reconciliation is accompanied by increased energy demands (such as hunger - though keep in mind this does not happen to everybody), you’ll know it’s doing something.


Never go for shit that claims its going to make you a god. That shit is usually made by those who have no idea how top tier subliminals are made, and most likely are delusional. Only consider it, and even then take it with a grain of salt, from top tier subliminal companies.

Notice the results that you are getting. After a month, you should have noticed changes happening inside and outside of yourself.

People are going to claim all kinds of shit changing, all kinds of “shifts”, and while they may be valid, you must remember to ground your decision in RESULTS.

Running a sex subliminal? Not only should you be evolving as a person, you should be getting women noticing you, AND getting laid.

Running a wealth subliminal? Aside from evolving, you should be getting ideas and motivation to fulfill them, as well as different opportunities for more wealth.


You will notice a lot of companies have people reporting “shifts”. Fuck that - go for results, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money (especially if taking into account that some subliminal companies can charge as much as a thousand bucks, and even more).

You might notice some companies demanding you to stay away from mind altering substances, such as coffee and alcohol. Thing is, if a subliminal can be affected by a cup of coffee, it’s not as strong as it claims to be.

Hypnosis/meditation/other subliminals - also fall into this camp. It’s not a good thing if a subliminal is going to be massively affected by you meditating for 30 minutes.

Masturbation - goes here too. If you stroke the pope once, and poof, you cannot for example attract women anymore - what is the subliminal REALLY doing?

Resistance - when the process of reconciliation is too strong, people call it resistance. Resistance is BAD and a huge red flag, reconciliation is GOOD.

With a proper subliminal you don’t need to bother with this mindless gibberish. Your results will be real and tangible, grounded in YOU. You will have external manifestations (and some quite shocking I’ll tell you that), but the most important thing is to grow from the subliminals, in the way that YOU want, and not in the way set up by someone else.

Use discernment, get to know your subliminal company, and don’t listen to bullshit - desire solid results and growth in yourself, nothing less.

That is all.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Can you recommend any good free subliminals since that shouldn’t be against rules? I never used them because I thought they were probably b,s on YouTube just looking for watches so they can make ad revenue. Thanks

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@anon20147451 so informative brother and you are the best.
Let me ask you one more thing, isn’t subliminals are the slowest way to manifesting reality what we want?

I can’t really recommend any out of all of them, since they are all pretty… meh. Hence, if you really wanted to go for a YouTube subliminal, choose the one you want and follow your intuition.

I would seriously consider investing some time into researching the different producers. A quality subliminal from a top tier company can change your life enormously.

Also, some subliminal companies offer free sample subliminals. You can try checking out those, but those are usually simple, focus fire ones, for very specific problems, like for insomnia or self-confidence. Better than YouTube subs for sure though.

Not at all.

You would be surprised how fast manifesting happens when the creator knows what the fuck he is doing.

The lowest tier subliminals will still be better than affirmations/afformations, which are the slowest ways of manifesting.

As the quality of the subliminal increases, the speed of manifestation sharply rises.

Keep in mind though, you’re still gonna have to put in the work, even though it will come much more easily and faster. Same principle as in magick - you gotta open the avenues of manifestation.



I did ordered subliminals for specific purpose and I tried it for 6 months for 8 hours a day and I still didn’t manifested, so I rejected the idea of subliminals

So is subliminals in a sense a modern take on magick? From what little that i’ve learned so far… Magick works by going into the astral plane ( i.e. subconsious) mind, letting your intentions heard, and having that intention manifest itself into the physical plane… That’s why e.a. insist that you need to forget a spell once your done…(which is so hard to do to be honest)


I did try some of the subliminals on you tube… But i did backed it up with some spells… I guess that is why it sort of worked

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Care to elaborate on the spells used in doing so? @anon82062754

Well i was interested with a guy i go to work with… The sublimimals that i was listening to was the “have your crush think about you” … Or have him dream about you sort of deal… I was listening to it… And i did a candle love spell from black witch coven… And also i did a spell from bella isis where you write down your intention on paper… I’m still new and have limited resources so i can only make do with what i can get my hands on

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Yes i understand then you are the same as me… I was just curious to learn something new that i’ve wondered about subliminals.

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I’ve kinda taken neil gaiman’s take on magick… It’s not the ingredients… It’s the magical atmosphere…


Yeah… I did wondered about subliminals as well… They dont claim to be magick but in essence they run on the same principle… It’s a good thing that the forum was discussing this as well

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It’s all frequencies from my understanding. You can use certain frequencies and beats and tones to change ones emotions,thoughts, and actions.

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It’s used in music alot if you ever noticed like Xxxtentacion for instance I don’t know if you know who that is but he talked about that alot.

No i don’t… But i can always look in to them

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It’s a artist/Musician He made music that was all, and he was very spiritual.

Oh…and he’s already dead…that’s too bad

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This is him he might look familiar.

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Yes. :pensive:

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