Strange things.-Help needed. Is this normal?

I’ve been on the site a for a few days now. If you’ve read my posts by any chance, you’ll have read Lucifer is who I’m interested in. I’ve been in contact with him a few times, but since the last evocation, which was just before I joined this site, I feel different.
The morning after my last evocation, where I felt His presence as a cold breeze on my back and since I wasn’t sure it was Him, I asked him to make my candle fire bigger if it was Him I felt. I used a glade candle that had 2 wicks in it. My incense was a long stick that was supported by the candle wax. Between the 2 candle fires was also an old incense stick that had burned down and maybe only 1/2 a cm was left, if not less. I only had 2 flames on, but when I asked for the flame to become bigger, as I focussed on the flames with my hands to both sides of the candle, the flame became big enough to light up the small incense stick that was in the candle wax already. I now had 3 flames. 2 that I lit, and 1 by whatever force, but not by me. That small incense stick that was lit during this process then became the bigger flame. I assumed I saw Him manifest using the flames.
No pacts were made. I bid him farewell and requested we meet again only when that particular candle is on and I evoke Him. In the meantime, I requested He continue to work on my requests.
The next morning, my kitchen light was on. I walked in it and called for someone in a different room. The kitchen light immediately went off after that. I was in a morning rush and was thinki g to myself sht that light is way up there I can’t change it will have to call maintenance to change the bulb. I left my hse for at most 30 min, and when I came back, that light that went out earlier, was now on. Same thing happen today, but this time, the light didn’t go on when I flicked it. I turned on the stove light and as I continued to do what I needed to, the light that wouldn’t turnon when I flicked it, came on.
That really didn’t “spook” me because mentally, I don’t picture Lucifer as a night terror being. What’s bothering me now, I’m having moments where I feel like it’s nkt me in my body. Moments I feel like something else within me is checking out the environment around me. I feel like I’ve lost interest in many things besides reading more on dark arts. Is this normal? I’ve evoked demons in my home b4, but never did any banishing rituals. Am I being paranoid? What can I do to break away from these moments where I feel it’s not me in my body. Should I be concerened?


Banishing and cleansing should be a regular part of your practice. So yes there is cause for concern.

Also, what are you doing to evoke?

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I can evoke mentally. Just recently began to use a candle and sigil if I’m wide awake.

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Sigils and enns are used to weed out possibilities of imposter spirits who come pretending to be the entity you want. You should use them Everytime.

Cleanse yourself, banish your house.


I’ve used Laveyan methods of evocation. I may be wrong, but don’t remember any banishing rituals in the Satanic bible. Would u plz give me a link to a good one?

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Also, for cleansing take some sea salt in a cup and speak “cleansing” to it then scrub yourself down with it in the shower or put it in your bath water.

And don’t take Levays Bible as a Bible. Branch out. I’ve read it and not only are there blatant inaccuracies but it was never useful to me in application. If you find useful stuff in there then great, but branch out. Plenty of great and effective methods for all kinds of stuff on the BALG YouTube as well as this forum that people can vouch for :+1:

Good luck :blue_heart:


Oh, and you might find this useful. The person who posted it knows Lucifer pretty well.

Bookmark it for later if you want to use it.


I noticed that too. I then realized that was a way out for me. It opemed my eyes to other possibilities. Not that I didn’t know they existed, but I didn’t realize how I was also just as capable of making them happen. So now I’m doing a lot of reading. I’m litterally a news junkie and can sit for hrs just reading news. Now I have this topic I’m reading every free minute I have. Kinda have to get that in control.


You’ll do fine.

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Thanks. I’ll try this tonight.

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@JezebelleMoon, just wanted to say thank you. It worked.

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You’re welcome.

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@Raven_Maleficus, see my initial post

Is it okay to get high while doing a ritual?

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