Strange Meditation Experience with the Ascended Masters

Hello everyone,
I have 20 years of experience with meditation, yet I don’t understand what happened to me during a guided meditation. Maybe someone has experienced something like that?
The meditation was broadcast within an online summit and was offered by a lady who produces healing sounds (Jill Mattson). She said it was an Atlantis Activation: the ascended masters would give the meditator a gift and access to the Akashic Records. I was indeed shown a past life, but what happened before I wouldn’t call a gift.

My body was suddenly lifted off the sofa and thrown several times up and down in the air. It felt like King Kong had grabbed me and was wagging me up and down… It felt like an electric shock. Luckily I have a high ceiling :smiley:
I must have had a concussion, because I had a headache for days and problems with memory and concentration. The summit organizers said that it had not happened to anyone else and that the energy Jill works with is gentle. (I did not get any feedback from her).
Could it be that this was some kind of punishment for doing something bad in a previous life on Atlantis? Or can the ascended masters just not stand me? What do you think happened there?

It’s hard to say given we don’t know what energy working was happening during this meditation, but I would not expect this to be the result of the meditation itself. Mainly because I’ve done a few Atlantic oriented meditations and a lightworker, (though not Mattson’s) and the word “gentle” is a wonderfully polite way of saying “doesn’t really do much”. They also tend to be highly permission oriented. :smiley:

What I would look for is whether you banished and cleansed the area and your body before staring, what wards you have up and what other astral presences were present. You were in a highly receptive state, and these workings tend to he positive and ignore that not everything in the world has your interests at heart.

I’m not saying this was the case, but if you were guided to be just “open” and not specific about who you let in, you get the Ouija board effect: saying “is anybody there?” is a bit like opening your door in downtown Manhattan and shouting “who wants free beer and pizza?” :joy: Not exactly “spiritually hygienic”, as we’d term it.

Now, high vibrational people usually don’t attract parasites the way mages performing black magick will, but you are not immune and regular cleansing and knowing psychic defense techniques are helpful.

So my initial guess, without more info, like how you felt emotionally, which Ascendeds you were talking to, (assuming you were told who, and that they were actually ascendeds and not parasites/impostors), or if your cleansed/banished etc, is that you were attacked by astral parasites. A big one, or few, that messed with your meridians in a very invasive way.

If you didn’t cleanse yet I’d go and do that, get in a salt bath, and perform the microcosmic orbit to rebalance your meridians. Ground with your feet on bare Earth, and eat and drink very clean for a few days, getting a full night of good (great) quality sleep on a regular schedule.

You could use Tarot or other divination to investigate more.

No, even if you believe in karma, this doesn’t make sense. Karma is largely fake, it’s really about the carrying over between lives of energy and relationships, but gets hijacked as “punishment”, so that con artists can charge you to get them to fix it, or control you or justify being shitty to you. This was an attack, or something else, but there is no punishment.

Don’t automatically feel guilty of anything, or that people don’t like you for any reason, it’s rarely true that can be used to manipulate you.

So for this to be a leftover from past lives instigated by ascendeds (assuming they’re ascendeds), we have to have a couple of things in place:

  1. the people that affected you (may not have been from the meditation either) were from one of your past lives (it’s personal not random),
  2. it resolved the issue (otherwise why do it?).
    A conversation or healing would make sense.

Which leads to two opposing possibilities:
a) the perpetrator(s) used your openness to perform a malicious attack for unknown reasons,
b) the perpetrator(s) were trying to fix something in your energy, a thing which is unknown

So you have some questions to meditate on and I advise some cleansing and balancing… personally I would evoke these “ascendeds” and ask them myself, with a view to finding out what their energy is like directly and if they are what they told this woman they are.

  • Who did this? (names, identify the perpetrators)
  • What was the intent?
  • What was the result on your system?
  • What are you going to do about it?

As a general rule of thumb, don’t take part in group meditations with random entities you have not personally spoken to. It’s ok to evoke them in advance in a controlled ritual space and get a feel for them. If they’re legit and not parasites they’ll not be weird about it and be happy to talk to you, thrilled at how well you’re standing in your power and practicing your psychic skills.

Final note: it’s extremely common for these new age types to be horribly parasitised. They have no idea what they’re doing esoterically (usually only speaking to the one entity that controls their mind and doing little reading around to get educated, which they are discouraged from of course) and are easy to manipulate with pretty flattering words, with no tools to verify impostors or know what the energy is actually doing. Without looking this person up, I would assume they’re being used as a way to reach more hosts, and get into parasite removal mode: it can’t hurt and could save you years of lost progress.


Thank you very much Mulberry you for your detailed answer and for your advice :slight_smile:
It has helped me a lot. Sorry, in my attempt to keep my question short, I did not mention some things:
This event happened a few months ago ( I wanted to work with the masters again, but I was afraid of experiencing something like this again). At that time I didn’t know anything about magick - I only knew NAP. In the meantime I have learned and now I know how to get rid of entities.

Jill Matson did mention the masters who are present, but due to the brain concussion that I had I could only remember Buddha and Saint German.
At the time of this meditation I was not in high vibration: During a quarrel with a psychopath a persistent entity attached itself to me, which made me feel really miserable. I couldn’t get rid of it with the methods I knew at that time. I then looked for someone who helped me, but that was after the said meditation.

During the guided meditation I knew they were the Ascended Masters because I recognized their energy and the past life I was shown I recently visited (I switched to this parallel life during an energy treatment and was that person for a short time)…

When I thought about the questions you wrote to me, I got the answer what happened. I received the info that the cause of this event was the entity that was attached to me at the time. The ascended masters realized “that I am not alone” lol and tried to help me to get rid of this entity.
Funny thing is that I didn’t notice the similarity between my hovering over the coach and the exorcism scenes from horror movies :laughing:
I have now contacted the Ascended Masters and everything is fine between us :slight_smile:

Yes, I learned that one should not participate in group meditations. And in you are absolutely right - in spiritual circles people know too little about how to protect themselves. As a psychologist I know that also in the therapeutic context where there is a lot of suffering and pain, they quickly attach themselves to clients and therapists. But it is not possible to point this out to clients or colleagues: They don’t believe it or think you are completely crazy.
Thank you again for taking the time to reply.