Stop treating this forum like Wattpad 🙄

Just say no to bath salts kids.:woozy_face:


Pfft. I see plenty of cringe-worthy stuff on here every now and then. I usually just try to ignore it, when I can that is.

And yeah, I totally agree with you about people who act all mighty and powerful on here. In reality they have really fragile egos. I suppose they find threatening others, to be a major ego booster for them.

Idk. They might just be trolls too.


@Anziel_Merkaba I’m not being threatened, but people ALWAYS are trying to test me or this sort of things, and I really don’t know why because these last months I’m not even being active on this forum because I’m busy and shit. lol

I know that the purpose of the forum is to help people, “spread the word” and shit but sometimes it would be so cool if the forum was closed for people who really want to discuss magick… lol


Eep…that must suck crispy balls.

Funny you should say this. I got threatened yesterday with “soul death”, a challenge I accepted but he backed down :confused:

not even sure why, I think it was for having the temerity to have a differing opinion. n00bs everywhere do so hate that. Way to piss me off though, and I don’t make empty threats and I don’t give warning shots.

I’m not one to bar people from learning, but some of these kids need to be off the forum for their own good. Even if I chose not to react, I won’t stop my discarnate associates from doing so.


Ya like…Didn’t your daddy teach you to pick up fights you can win…
And I really also choose not to react to stuff like that… But if someone pisses me off… Well some bad energy is bound to get to them, even without me wanting to.

I know this is irrelevant right now ,but what was the challenge? You don’t have to answer though.


I usually ignore all the bluster, and if people start getting nasty, then I usually just flag the offender if they are nasty enough that it’s breaking the rules. Besides that, I haven’t really had any major nasty shit.

But then again, I’ve already did a pathworking where I called up and bound the 72 of the Ars Goetia, and am currently doing a different-but-related pathworking involving the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash. So maybe they are being directed away from me or are afraid to mess with me.


I just wanna know what watt pad is? :joy:

11 Likes, but for people in middle school.


@Eye_of_Ra lmao I thought everyone knew? It’s a website/app where you can create and publish stories.


Ok thanks :blush: carry on! :sparkling_heart:


You know what… Actually this is better ,so I’ll steal it…


I hope I’m not like that…but I was always a writer doing journalism and stuff like that especially in college :v:


Oh no no…I am not condemning fanfictions lol. Just people who bring them here and depict them as real.


Omg same. I was always a huge writer too. Usually when I’m typing something on here, my inner writer will kick in and well…you can guess what happens next.


i have heard the name but never knew what it does


Dont have the time to read this whole thread right now but will later. What I will say at the moment is the people who run around talking big game and saying they will curse others, usually dont have the skill required to cause harm to many a more experienced mage.


Well guess not all of us were cringy teens then… you should be proud of yourself if you don’t know what it is lol :joy::joy::joy:


Hey now! I never used Wattpad, so I’m not cringy for that…

…I’m cringy for other reasons.


Have not had time. I have been trying to get at least one OBE for the past nearly 3 years

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