Stop treating this forum like Wattpad 🙄

I’ve seen SO MANY damn people posting the most weird and cringy stories in here, things that would make Edward run naked in broad daylight…

I get it people, you want to write your fanfictions ,but it’s just not the right platform for that… And it gets completely out of control when you start to emotionally abuse random forum members ,telling them that they will be cursed and/or visited by entities that will fuck their lives raw.

There is a rule against that, which people seem to forget.

A similar thing just happened to me right now, that’s why I’m making this post:

A guy sends me a weird PM begging for help with something he himself has no idea about.
I politely ask him to provide some more info on the problem.
He says he has faced a problem with hearing the entities he’s working with , because he is interrupted by something.
I suggest parasites or his own intrusive thoughts as the source of the problem.
He says “no it is a person and I hope Lucifer fucks them up and Lilith collects the parts” or something like that.
I ask if he knows any person who might have something against him.
He says “Ya know what? I think it’s you, both entities point their fingers at you and I was trying to test you and none of them really likes you and bluh bluh”.
And then there was the subliminal threat.

Little did that guy know, I have invoked Lucifer before and always felt positive energy from him. He even helped me by providing some answers through my intuition about specific things I needed. So when I pointed that out and basically said “falsely accusing me gives me enough reason to fuck you up, don’t mess with me again” he quickly shut up.

I mean COME ON. I literally just met the guy…
And I was kinda lucky in this situation, cause I do have some experience.

Imagine this happening to a total beginner who still can’t tell the difference between left and right in magick…
You don’t just tell someone “I 'll send Lucifer over to fuck a new hole on your body”, even if you can do it.
(in this case the guy is a total waste of time so don’t bother…)

I am sick of those “powerful magicians” who march around threatening people. This is not Wattpad okay? This is a forum about real magick, not “oh look I learned few things about Lucifer ,lets abuse his name and create a fantasy of world domination” magick. STOP

Live your edgy fantasies elsewhere.

I will not include the name of the person, unless someone from the devs demands it.
I’m not a bitch or a damn snitch. I just want to raise awareness for all the newbies around here…

If someone threatens you in here, report them and don’t panic. Most serious magicians would never blindly attack you for no reason.


I honestly agree, there’s a select few who use this forum to be edgy wattpad kiddies, acting like they’re writing a story about them being some all powerful gatekeeper/demon, [insert edgy occult entity] or badass sorcerer.

If they are legit about this then they should really recheck the “entities” they hang with, because more times than not they’re probably playing house with a few thoughtforms or using the occult as a form of escapism.


I know… And I feel like we need to eliminate this minority from the forum. Or at least -to be more realistic here- reduce its numbers greatly.
These people not only abuse ,but also provide false information about the path deriving straight from vampire romance novels and creating a major confusion around here…
And that’s sad, because I was pretty confused already when I first started on my craft. I didn’t need weird incantations with human sacrifices also… Jeez.


Yeah I’ve seen a lot of alice and wonderland cliche weirdness or some like you said vampire romance novel nonsense. I usually bite my tongue because it’s like, if it helps them why not…but then it gets so far gone that people start to be absorbed into that weird egregore-like mentality.


I’m glad you made this thread.

I’ve been suspecting there is a LOT of larping around here. But this is beyond that.

I mean… outright threatening something? That’s too much. Maybe any new member should receive an automatic warning about this type of thing happening. I don’t know, just an idea.


I hope you forwarded that lovely exchange to @Lady_Eva so she can give the guy a good boot out the door.

I had one guy openly try to send Azazel to “get me” because i asked him to follow the introduction rule. He made some proclamation of “For the good of the conclave!,” which has now sort of become an in joke for some of us. Little did he know I not only am on good terms with Azazel, I’m on great terms with his queen lol


I had that idea also… Something like… A warning in the welcoming email.


Omg Da Fook :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I laughed way too much not to quote this…


I think you’re up to something. Also, I think you should listen to the Knight and send the PMs to Lady_Eva. We really don’t need people threatening others.


I will, that was my intention after making this thread


Edgy people come on and try to be edgy.

That’s part of the reason why my activity has kinda went ehh the last few weeks, besides my big operation I’m doing.




There so so many posers and idiots on this forum. A bunch of Cray-Cray crazies that need serious help! Lol

They need to be dealt with and banned from the forum.


There’s a lot of this here. Nowadays, I don’t even bother on answering to those PM’s. I’m too busy to waste my time with that kind of people


@Isamo_Minami Yeah ,but since I’m kind of an empath , I rush to people’s aid and usually fall for things like that … :joy:


Completely agree.

“Powerful magicians” dont need to threaten.




I stopped, I realized people who use people are attracted to that aspect of my personality but my husband has to help remind me “no, they are using you”

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So wait, people are being PMed and threatened and stuff? I’ve not had that happen once. I guess this means everyone likes me?

I mean, occasionally I’ll get a PM asking for advice, but that’s not a big deal.


@Anziel_Merkaba No. This is the first time it has happened to me. THIS particular thing is new. The old school stuff is the “I am all mighty powerful” claims . And just because this convo showed me that things are slowly getting out of hand, I decided to make this thread.