Stop Practicing Magick Right Now

Stop Practicing Magick Right Now : Be Magick Instead.

The moment you realise that magick isn’t something you do or perform, that your mundane life and your spiritual life do not have to have a line of separation. Instead embrace magick as who you are, literally right now close your eyes, feel that energy and power coursing through your whole being.
In every cell, atom and particles, in your body, your heart, mind and spiritual anatomy.
Don’t have a normal life and a magickal life, instead just live one life, a life where magick isn’t just in a circle or ritual.

You can do magick sitting on a bus, at a coffee store, walking through the street as well as in your ritual/temple area. There is a tremendous difference once you merge the two together, meditation doesn’t become a chore anymore. It instead becomes your daily ritual, like washing your hands, eating, taking a bath/shower, meditation becomes natural just like that.

Do not be around your family and think right now I am (your name) then when you enter your circle or temple area you suddenly think your a black magician, sorcerer or a living god. Instead be both at the same time, separation will lead to stasis and confusion.

Don’t do magick, be magick, don’t breathe in air and then in your circle you breathe in magick, instead come to the realisation magick is in the air and you consume it everyday. This may seem strange or maybe pointless to many of you, but it is a important and intricate part of your own becoming.

So do me a favour, no fuck that do yourself a favour Stop Practicing Magick And Be Magick.




Well said sir.

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Thank you brother


What’s it telling you?

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Power is merely power, it doesn’t tell you, you tell it :wink:


where do you see yourself in 5 years Kendall? Just a random question.

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I don’t like to make assumptions, because the further I ascend and develop, my desires change, my intentions change, my likes and dislikes change, this comes with evolution.


Well what are things you wish could change right now? What’s missing from you right now? We all have vices that assist us, but sometimes we feel great, but not right.

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Well said! The greatest tools to employ in sorcery are the people, places, and things all around us. Makes sense to use everything, everyone in the process, rather than relegating a small portion of the day to it…

I think if you are living as you intended, what needs changing? IIs this a question for Connor or are you self projecting?

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I like to know people’s roots. When I found out EA was a victim of being molested as young boy, this left a mark on me that I could see from his eyes and feel from his energy that he has been to some dark places.

Sometimes these opening questions are so apparently uncommon to ask these days that it now assumed as self projection. It is good to ask people how they’re feeling. You must see the roots to feel the person.


Damn … he seems so chill in his videos laidback and rational

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Hence why I like to know where people have been, mentally. People are all alone in their mind, in the vastness of how they perceive things — haven’t you noticed, nothing is what it seems like here. On earth. It is beautiful to know we are alone in our thoughts.

Have you ever met or watched people online on YouTube or even social media and think wow I wonder what it’s like being with them on a regular basis. Pardon the investigative mind


The real magic is inside us all. Well said! c:

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wow i love this!! Very well said!!

To be honest, this can go too far, into creepy and invasive. It’s not “good” to ask strangers intimately personal questions. I’m from the UK, and this is considered extremely rude. Just so you know. If you get no answer, that’s them politely declining to let you put your nose where it doesn’t belong.


Maybe he’s not from the UK lol duh

I am from the UK :uk: :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Not you, the other guy

I suspect not, but that wasn’t the point.

BTW I’m not sayingf he was rude in this thread, I was responding to his other responses, which prompted in me a creeped out feeling.

I would add, look where we are - the last thing you want to do on a black magick site is volunteer weaknesses. Black Mages have an unfortunate propensity to get quite emotional and attack each other, especially the newbies. You don’t need to give them any ammo, even if it’s easy to deflect, who needs the hassle?

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