Stealing Jesus ~ August 23rd+ 7 Days

So the western world, what used to be known as Christendom, and persons in other regions since, have poured a lot of love, faith, hope, expectation, belief – and of course, power – into the image of Jesus Christ over the past 1500 or so years. While some of that went to random iconography and maryrdom, and a lot was just random noise, the focal point was primarily the cross, which itself takes the form of a symbol humans were treating as specially significant for millenia prior to this.

After killing the troll god last year, a few of us have been engaged in surgically excising, purging, reconnecting, and otherwise fucking with various aspects of the old power structure and embedded energy constructs, for the goal of mass theogenesis.

This, for me, has superceded almost all personal goals for a while, except some low magick for the sake of acquiring objects and minor distractions, and is part of the reason why I haven’t logged much personal work in recent months.

The 23rd August has been flagged up on various websites as a significant date, something made more intensely personal to me based upon the emergence of the Pleiades as a meta-form of the Divine Mother, and that led to firsthand in-person recognition of various principles described in The Kybalion (PDF) relating to the manifest & causal worlds, and a bunch of other stuff with similarly pretentious but accurate teminology.

I’m not going to dig down into the validity or otherwise of the internet predictions, but I will say that this date mattered, a lot of attention has been focused on it, other things have also occurred, and that the work has been successfully completed.

To the fun bit!

This image:

We (myself and a choir of angels) have worked to place in this (back of, and behind it) the “Christ” energies (man as god, ascended in the flesh) that were previously the lot of Christianity.

No Christians were harmed in the making of this (not joking), it’s a part of the theogenesis process to release trapped energies from the past, and Xercius, a non-Abrahamic form of Chamael, Angel of Lost Things (spelling is scried and pronouncs “Zer Kee Us” – I googled it and the guy whose blog came up is not connected in any way) provided the rest.

You can do this work, ideally, today, and any time in the next 7 nights leading up to October 1st inclusive. Do what you can, in any order that makes sense to you, first and last, one or more, whatever, because this is about taking back YOUR powe.

What you do is this:

  • conceptualise what you’re looking at in that image up there, which is a perfect square divided into four – this is so that your mind doesn’t keep trying to figure bits out

  • go outside after sundown today, or any time within the next seven days

  • if you can’t get out at night, face south and visualise the night sky

  • hold your right arm up straight in front of you, about parallel and slightly angled up, bend your wrist gently back like you are about to push against a vertical surface in front of you

  • do the same with your left arm, only bend the elbow a bit so that your hand is level with about the middle of your right forearm (right arm is red in this diagram)

  • visualise this square image above

  • visualise the lines growing brighter, and the cross image in the centre becoming a bright point of light, until finally it becomes a diamond shape:

  • slowly move your left arm forward to be in the same position as your right, and as you do so, visualise the Ascended God Self you could attain, walking upon this earth and wearing the flesh you currently wear

  • project that feeling and image strongly INTO the diamond, until you feel intuitively that this message is sent and the work is done, or until your become distracted, tired, or otherwise past the peak of holding this image. There is no correct timeframe for this, it may happen soon or after a longer period, this work transcends linear time

  • keeping your arms outstretched, turn your hands so that the palms face up

  • bring your hands back and fold your arms like you may have seen the Egyptian Pharoahs do, right arm over left is best but if the other way round happens, your energetic wiring may need that, trust yourself.

Then, finally, bring your hands together in this form:

Breathe in and out deeply and calmly a few times.

The work is done.

Turn around sharply, walk away, and distract yourself with something – food, TV, loud music, sex, or if none of these are possible, slap yourself reound the face or pinch yourself hard and immediately start thinking about something you know will absorb your full attention.

  • This is an exercise in reclaiming spent power from our ancestral lines, our forefathers, our blood, and our own past lives perhaps in some cases.

The reason for “grounding” so strongly afterwards in food, sex, other drives of the embodied flesh is to RE-ESTABLISH that link, that this is not a different plane, or state to be sought after in vain – they belong TOGETHER, paired, in tandem, both serving the whole, which is the self-god, which is you.

(Yes, even you, dumbass reading this and thinking “I’m not up for this, she can’t possibly mean me, she’s probably full of shit, Koetting groupie, Jesus will get me for this, it’s all crap anyway” - or any variety of such thoughts that shame you even as your synapses burp them forth! :stuck_out_tongue:

DO BETTER. This IS for you. :wink: )

As a secondary but important note, if you do believe in Jesus but are also open to the idea of theogenesis in some form, consider using the blessing “In the name of Jesus Christ and the Ascent of Man” in future.

It is reasonably important to not render this politically correct by replacing “man” with any other term, because this has historical weight and is not going to open a self-censoring analytical overaly, but do what works most fluently for you and your inner symbol set.

Finally, this is no small deal, but THEOGENESIS is all that matters right now, everything else in the world rapidly comes into perspective after. :thumbsup:


Is “in the name of (name of Spirit you work with/Hell/The Black God) and the Ascent of all Disciples across the planes” or some other variation thereof okay?

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The intent of this is to specifically reclaim the power locked under that name, you would need to check with the spirits concerned I guess but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. :thumbsup:

@Lady_Eva Okay. Thank you. :grin:

Hmmm, this is very interesting.

Eva, could you explain a little the effects we can expect from doing this exercise?

From what I’ve read, it seems the purpose of this exercise is to regain all the power lost before, no matter from what, and ground it into the current reality to help us achieve Godhood.

Also, is it mandatory to do it outside? Also, do you have to do it everyday for a specific amount of time, or just once?

Furthermore, you mentioned a blessing “In the name of Jesus Christ and the Ascent of Man”. What is the purpose of this, and is it mandatory? I don’t view Jesus Christ as anything related to my Ascent, so I’m curious if the blessing could just be something along the lines of “In the name of My Godhood and the Ascent of Man”?

Anyway, I’m quite willing to try out this exercise, because it seems like it is a result of months of hard work, and also seems like a powerful exercise in on itself. If it can help me in my Ascent, all the better.

Hope you can answer these questions, and if you can, provide extra information.

Thanks Eva. :smiley:

[quote=“Fire, post:5, topic:16862”]
Hmmm, this is very interesting.

Eva, could you explain a little the effects we can expect from doing this exercise? [/quote]

It’s to unlock any portion of our personal power, which includes any that we should have inherited, that has previously been locked away by faith in Jesus as the “only” god-man. This includes our own past lives, spiritual ancestors, genetic links, the whole nine yards of things that have led up to where we are now.

It’s best done outside but if you can’t get out at night, face south and visualise the night sky

Nope, any time in the next 7 nights leading up to October 1st inclusive. Do what you can, in any order that makes sense to you, first and last days, one or more date within that period, whatever works for you. Ytrust your intuition on what’s correct within that window of 7 remaining nights.

Nope, just for people who do believe in Jesus (as a man, archetype, or prophet, etc) but are also open to the idea of theogenesis in some form, and wish to combine the two. :thumbsup:

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Awesome! Thanks Eva!

Definitely gonna do this. I got another question though. What is the significance of doing it before October 1st?

Not that it matters (since I don’t have a problem doing it within this timeframe, lol), but fuck am I curious. :grin:

Is it something along the lines of keeping the energies in their prime state?

It’s the window that opened with the Guru planet (Jup[iter) being in the womb of the Lady, I was told this night (last night, 23rd) - the 7 nights after are when that energy is most readily available via this method. You don’t need to align to that exact location, the energy is created by this alignment.

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@Lady_Eva Just performed the rite a while ago (I was busy distracting myself hence the late post). I couldn’t go outside so I visualised a night sky. As I visualised the diamond of light I repeated the words “I am a Daemon (yes, with that spelling, because it means something in my practice), an Archlich and a God” while visualising myself as an undead being with horns, and flaming wings. My arms started hurting so I turned my palms upwards and folded back my arms. Once that was completed the first thing I did to distract myself was ignite the Black Fire within me. That helped for a while. It’s hard to think about anything in that state, but the moment I came out of the frenzy I found myself thinking about the rite again so I checked Instagram, played half a song, went off to have a shower, came back and played more music, ignited the Black Fire again, then played more music.

Can I perform this again on the remaining days?

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This is what i do in my daily practice. I struggle with poor self esteem. It relates to what you said on your previous post on theogenesis about love. Your ascended self represents some force or attribute whatever they are the god/goddess of. I try to visualize my love for that thing and then my love for the ascended self and then giving her a energetic big. It sounds cheezy but hey if it feels good and works why not do it.

I close all my rituals this way. It just energenically feels right. Feels final. A closed circuit.

I’m gonna try this. Interested to see others results

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Did it today, inside.

Wanted to do it outside but would probably get caught, lol.

So, it felt pretty normal, during the whole ritual. The only interesting thing was that my hands were cold as I pushed the images and feelings into the diamond.

I also closed with “By my own Godhood and the Ascent of Man”. Now that I read it again, I realized I slightly… altered the sentence structure.

Furthermore, I replaced “Jesus Christ” with “my own Godhood”, because I felt that this was important, it’s there for a reason, yet I didn’t feel comfortable with Jesus. Kept the Man part though, 'cause of Eva’s insistence. :slight_smile:

I figure that the Jesus part is there because Eva fucked the Christian “God” up, and by using that name now means something entirely new, perhaps true Theogenesis.

Makes sense, because the ritual is meant to re-acquire lost power - though I imagine my own Godhood does it on a larger scale, not just power stolen by Trollianity.

Just theories though. :slight_smile:

Wish I could repeat this ritual more times… any point in doing this?

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I’m beginning to wonder if Lady Eva is getting tired of the LHP sector and going back to Christianity? Is this True Lady Eva? I was reading the part about your Choir of Angels, so I thought you were feeding yourself back into the 3 Abrahamic Religious Thoughtform. Im just trying to understand more acutely what you are doing here by using Abrahamic idealogies.

this is the post i’ve been waiting for. thx

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Nah, she’s not.

Angels aren’t Abrahamic. Angels are angels. They predate religion, in my experience.

So just because she is working with angels, doesn’t mean she is going back to the Abrahamic Religions.

What she is trying to do is Theogenesis - becoming a living God, but not only for herself, she wants to help others too - which is completely opposite to giving your power away to some random ass useless religion. When she helps others become a living God, she elevates herself higher and develops more.

Tell me, what is LHP to you? To me, LHP Is about destroying any chains that bind you - be it manipulations of others, of religion, of your own inner weakness. How you go about it doesn’t matter. It is the ultimate freedom of expression - total chaos.

When you try to put chains onto LHP, and say that LHP is this and that, you automatically invalidate it.

The point I’m trying to make with this small LHP talk is this - what she is doing is one of the prime examples of LHP. Breaking the chains of bullshit in order to elevate others, and in order to elevate herself.

To go back to the simplest… she is trying to KILL the Abrahamic “God” (and according to her, succeeded) and destroy the Abrahamic Religions, by first destroying the influence they have over the common folk. This just can’t get any more LHP. :grin:

Anyway, wanted to point all this out. Let’s try to stick to the topic from now on. :grin:


Yes, if you wish to, follow your intuition on this one above all other things - you seem to be fully in tune with both the current and intent, so you can definitely trust that. :thumbsup:

Alas for the comedy value such a thing would have, this is not so. :wink:

I never actually believed in any of them, so there wouldn’t even be any “back” to go to, I’m not a lapsed Xian or anything, I started doing evocations of classical gods and nature spirits as a child.

I have worked with angels before, forgive lazy linkage rather than reworking the already-typed. :smiley:


I tend to like words better than images, so I’ve taken to intoning what I wish to become as I visualise myself in full Apotheosis. It helps me form a clearer picture of that which I wish to become.


My bad. I’ve been running into alot of Fundies lately, so I guess I had a bit of an emotional trigger when I heard those J and C names I will not name lol. Understood.

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