Spiritual child and Asmodeus

spirits cant do the former one I mentioned to others its an entire rebirth of the soul on another individual, beings like lilith can do the other form of transmutation however.

youre mixing up the transmutation of the soul with a rebirth of the soul, a rebirth is a form of transmutation but it’s not the same that is commonly talked about.

The one I mentioned that involves a primordial deity is that they’re literally “rewriting” your soul while youre “inside” their being, the one commonly mentioned here is a transmutation where the soul is changed into something else but Lilith for example can make a person one of her succubus/incubus but you’re not being rebirthed through through her.

It’s pretty much like this:

If Nyx wanted you as in wanted you to be part of her family, she could force project you or you project to her, she could pass your being through her body, you’d pretty much be in her metaphorical womb youre going through a rebirth, I like to think of it as a cosmic egg situation.

With Lilith she alters your soul by external means not anything to do with the left foot or astral surgery, you’d be one of her many succubus/incubus but you wont share Lilith’s DNA like her direct children, she could make you like her direct children, ones who do not need to feed on sexual energy or she could make you like her succubus/incubus that need to, but in the end you wouldn’t really be her direct child just a child of hers.

Okay but what you just described for primordial deities is exactly what Succupedia describing happening with Lilith…

I highly doubt it as Lilith isn’t a primordial deity so it wouldn’t make any sense. But it’s not limited to female primordial deities.

Well he described being in Liliths “womb” and it sounds alot like what you just say…so I’m thinking that’s what happened.

I do not know what a “vaginal nebula” is nor what a rebirth has to do with the cosmos. A rebirth through Nyx is being within her energy pure darkness, various between each primordial deity, cosmic would make sense if it was a cosmic primordial but Lilith is none of those so I cannot say anything on the visuals he saw but what I explain I do not believe is the same thing. As he seems to view it as something only female deities can do and apparently demons.

I was just referring being in the womb/etc. That’s the similarity I noticed. The rest and any of its gonna be a subjective experience.

The womb mention is aligned with the concept of rebirth yes. However, the subjectively lies in which deity does it for the most part.

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Hmm okay. So then if she isn’t a primordial (which is obvious to me - so not disagreeing) then what’s the womb stuff about?

The womb concept I use is simply for better understanding because it’s the best way for me to describe a person becoming a direct child of said entity or in this case deity.

As this isn’t really done to simply transmute said soul into that race of being but for say if Gaia were to do it or Susanoo (male Shinto primordial god) the person would not only become that race but become that deity’s direct child not a child simply by creator means as most of Lilith succubus are.

As for his use of it could very well be what he saw and felt how his experience of being changed resulted.

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Hmm okay. That was another thought I had. Was his way to understand his change that he went through. Oh how he processed it.

Especially if you don’t know what’s going on at the time, I mean I think he knew it was a change but still.

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Quite possible, I’ve witnessed both forms of rebirths, but each case they saw themselves shrouded in the deity’s energy like an egg, one shrouded in light, the other in darkness, another in what they described as storm clouds but not harming them, however they had to not do energy work for a few days while I monitored their energy systems change until it was settled.

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Okay so the bottom line is, I get to keep whoever were my original spiritual “parents” by dna or whatever?

Cause I’m still curious on who they are.

More or less.

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What you mean more of less? Like my spiritual dna isn’t changing just my soul race? So they stay the same then.

Soul race and spiritual dna aren’t any different lol. More or less as in you’re not part of the same “kin” as in your spiritual parents anymore but they are still your parents.

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Oh…so they’d be my “spiritual parents” because I originally came from them but not because of kin/dna.

Lilith doesn’t become my parent though just my creator? I’m confused Cause if soul race and dna aren’t different then wouldn’t I become somewhat related to Lilith if my soul race is that of ubi.

Sorry bout all the questions. I feel like I’m beginning to understand then something else confuses me.

Your soul “dna” would reflect that of incubus demon. It would show that is what you are.

Yeah I understand that part, and that means I wouldn’t be the same kin as my spiritual parents.