Spiritual awakening


(THIS is how i view things and have learned how things go about with my own spiritual awakening, this does not mean this is 100% what happens to everyone. This is for education purposes, and to explain why you might feel bad after trying to upen up some chakra’s…)

You’re doing all the right things.
Daily meditation. Clean eating. Time in nature. Working through your shadow. Taking healing sessions. Reading books. Listening to podcasts. Planetary Awareness. Connecting with your Spirit Guides, aligning with your purpose…

Well, even if you’re not doing half of those things, there’s no denying that you are on your way to spiritual awareness/ spiritual ascending when you are part of this community.



Surely this whole ascension thing is supposed to make us all feel great, isn’t it?

The truth is, the ascension, or awakening process is brutal. It’s not because the higher frequencies of energy we’re being called to align with are in any way harmful. But because the release and surrender of our low-vibrational attachments (think fear, negativity & ego) are so hard to do.
So we resist. And it hurts.

What’s immeasurably important to take into account is that we are human beings, having a physical experience on the planet. So when you’re moving through these spiritual changes, the body feels it too. And it’s not always pretty.



With any kind of physical ailment, there’s an energetic root. This could be obvious – like the same old stress at work that always makes your shoulders ache. Or, the root of your illness could run so deep that it’s ancestral, carried in your DNA and impossible to identify, looking at only this lifetime. A thorough treatment of a physical issue requires tapping into this root, into the energetic cause, which could be something like a trauma, a familial belief pattern or even an ancient spiritual contract. Find a way to access this, do the work to clear it out and you’ll see its physical manifestation shift.

It works the other way too. If you make conscious changes in your energy body, if you unpack some old, limiting thought pattern or belief system, or let go of a harmful emotion like shame or guilt, then a ripple effect will move through the energy bodies, until it reaches your physical body. And it’s here on the physical plane that, even if you’re feeling emotionally tip-top, the last vestiges of this emotional block will emerge, until your whole being has been realigned.

But as this happens, it can make you feel pretty crappy. But don’t worry. It’s common. So common it has a name: Ascension flu.


Here is a list of the most common ascension symptoms, and yes, many of these are very similar to “the flu”. But before you put that skeptic’s hat on, ask yourself… what’s that all about?


Unexplainable achy-ness, joint or muscle pain can be a sign that your body is re-adjusting to a new frequency. Commonly, dense energy builds up in the neck, shoulders, and back. And when this is being forced to dissipate, it hurts!
Gentle yoga flows, targeted energy healing and drinking plenty of water, and adding mineral salts to your bathing water, are all ways to soothe these flu-like body aches.


Some of the worst ascension symptoms to experience are headaches. Often these relate to the third eye and/or crown chakras being opened, causing any ‘junk’ that’s in the way (possibly stored in the pineal gland) to be released.
Overthinking, and trying to ‘figure things out’ will often make it worse, as the higher vibrational alignment you’re being called into isn’t (yet) perceivable by the logical brain, so doing this is an expression of your resistance.
Essential oils are a great healing resource for these kinds of ascension headaches.


Symptoms that may also be connected to the third eye chakra. But in addition, an excess of mucus can be a physical manifestation of the intense release of debris from your whole being. If accompanied by coughing, and the mucus is being brought up from the lungs, it’s a sign the heart chakra is undergoing a clearing too.


Related to the ascension symptoms above, a sore throat can be a further sign that your highest chakras are moving into wholeness. But a sore or achy throat also ties into self-expression. Many lightworkers and people who are raising their consciousness and undergoing spiritual awakening are still not talking about it openly.
Sure, it’s scary and puts you in a vulnerable position (and a lot of the fear we hold of talking about the unseen realms is down to ancestral conditioning) but it’s the truth, and it’s important to discuss. As an ascension symptom, a sore throat may indicate the adjustment occurring, as these old fears of speaking out are released.


This is unexpectedly common and actually pretty scary for many people. Can last just a few moments, or go on for a few days. As sound is the closest vibration to the astral realms we’re able to feel through our senses, it’s where many of the finer adjustments of ascension can be perceived.
Can also indicate the sphere of your personal awareness(to all facets of life, seen and unseen) being widened.


Another flu-like ascension symptom which can make it truly hard to get out there and face the world when you’re suffering is high sensitivity to noise. Related to the point above, particularly if you’ve been working through emotional blocks relating to conditioning around your perception, and what you believe to be true about the world.
This may also be a precursor to the emergence of clairaudience – the ability to hear psychically.


A common flu-like symptom caused by spiritual activation is your body temperature rising or falling unexpectedly. Imagine your phone when you’ve been on a call for an hour- it gets uncomfortably hot. When there’s a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ activation happening, your body temp can get way out of whack.


Scary, yes. Your heart rate may change, speed up, or flutter without any external cause. This may be another symptom of the heart chakra activating.

But of course, if this goes on for any length of time or is genuinely distressing or worrisome, get yourself to a doctor quick smart.


The human body’s need for physical nourishment can fluctuate dramatically when your level of consciousness rises and symptoms of ascension hit. You may not be hungry at all for months. You may feel starving all the time! You may crave only light, raw food as the vibration of your physical body rises. Or you may desire heavy, protein-rich food as you feel the urge to ground. Don’t resist whatever messages your body is giving you. Eat what you need to. When you need to.


A very common symptom of spiritual awakening is low energy levels. Of course it is – moving through such a lot of internal adjustments is exhausting work!
But if this becomes ongoing or shifts into depression, seek help. Long term unhappiness is not acceptable, whatever your circumstances.


Regularly waking up at 3 am? Needing a mid-afternoon nap? As your internal body structures are reorganizing and up-leveling, you may find that you need to recharge at odd hours of the day, or that you wake up energized at equally odd hours of the night!
As frustrating as this is when you have a 9-5 to hold down, or children to take care of, this is a very normal sign of spiritual awakening. So when possible, go with it. And trust that your body is doing what it needs to and you will return to balance.

Thank you for reading !! i hope this could clear up some experiences you might have had :slight_smile:

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Well explained, straight to the point :smiley:


Thank you :slight_smile:
I experienced this myself for a few days and felt I needed to share this, and so I did some research on it! :purple_heart::pray:t3: So everyone can now benefit from it !

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Nausea too

I’m feeling like complete shit and confusion lately , feels like I’m transcending my ego and that I’m realizing I don’t need anything to make me happy and that have a big social media following , money, status , really doesn’t make you happy only if your a fool will those things make you feel joy

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That’s a very interesting statement, what makes you say that?

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Most of those are just tools to achieve a means to an end tbh. I never really understood the idea behind desiring those things being a bad thing.

As for spiritual awakenings I’ve experienced these things but not due to spiritual awakening as for me every time I come across new information about my spiritual self it’s a spiritual awakening.


I’m just feeling very confused , asking myself what do I truly desire vs what does my ego desire , and I just feel like I’m leveling up and gaining a new perception of reality, but it’s giving me a headache and confusion a lot where I want to take my life I’m just feeling like I’m in space

Did someone experienced Derealization durring awakening? This shit shocked me the most I felt like loosing my mind lol


Yes very much so, it can feel like a gradual ego death , things around you externally and internally fall apart

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Yes i have had it. Sadly it is not permanent. I wish I could keep that mental state permanently. Better to be out of the illusion than in it.

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Yes like everything is fake world is not real even me this was shocking lol I can’t wait when this end

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Lol yep , it feels like a moving dream , it should go away gradually over time

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What makes you not like it? Why do you want it to go away

Because it feels like unreal Its scary crazy like on some acid trip


I wish you could give it to me. Take away from yourself and then I will feel that hopefully permanently.

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Meditate on your solar plexus try removing some doubt and just know it’s a passing shadow


I read that this awakening process usually takes several months and it’s interesting how it’s differently every day once it’s cool with the next day it’s very intense today I started knocking during lunch and again came the Derealization I said myself fuck What’s happening to me and the thought that the ego says was like I WILL GO CRAZY I KILL MYSELF I started to freaking out I hope all this is Will be over because one day I’m experiencing it since July 17th Its incredibly brutal sometimes and it started with that fucking derealization which often returns, and when this awakening process will be finaly over, I happily jump naked into the pool

You’ll be alright man , I went through mine with multiple negative entity attachments . Beings messing with my energy system and sending me horrible visualizations 24/7 . The external reality almost was seeming fake compared to the horror one I was in inside my imagination for about year . Just keep going and meditate a lot