Spirits scratching?

I’ve mentioned before on here about my son having some ability to see spirits. Not always. He can at other times feel them. He says they feel heavy on his chest.

He was just in the bath (he’s 12). He said “mommy, I just felt something really really cold across my body. And it left a scratch. I saw the scratch. 2 minutes later he said “aw! Again” and another scratch appeared on him. I didn’t see it appear but I now see two scratches on his torso. They aren’t bright red and awful. Almost like a very faint paper cut!

Thoughts?!?! Thank you.

Why do you really think that these scratches are the work of the spirit? It is common for young children to get various abrasions during games or other pastimes. If you are still in doubt, clean the room and install protections. I am familiar with cases where injuries and cuts, especially after sleep, were caused by spirits.

Could there be some broken glass in the tub? A corner of a shampoo bottle(tube) would do too.

I wouldn’t banish too quickly if you want to figure out if it’s really from some entity :face_with_monocle: it’s only scratches so you could wait and see if new ones appear(without him having a good reason for them to appear)

My son tends to be a beacon for spirits. He frequently feels them. Has seen a couple. The way he describes it - it’s exactly what children see and feel.

He was having a bath, washing his hair. I actually just cleaned the entire bathroom last night. No broken glass. He said he saw the first one as it was appearing. He didn’t feel pain. Just a very cold touch.

I had already planned on a full home cleansing and cleaning as well as placing more wards up. The only thing that made sense to me was that is could be spiritual.

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your advice

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No glass. I’ve never seen scratches form before. He was in my bathroom. That is where he always sees the “shadow people”.

Have you considered exploring his spiritual inclinations to see how they might be developed into a beneficial / helpful relationship ? There are not many of us mortals who are born with these gifts and levels of spiritual access. I would not be too quick to dismiss them as entirely nefarious.

The info out there associates Shadow people with mirrors, and there’s usually mirrors in bathrooms:

Cover the mirrors, or maybe set a protection on them. E.g., smudge and with an eyeliner pencil mark a pentagram (pointy up for protection0 in the corners, stating uninvited visitors may NOT use these mirrors as gateways or to view or otherwise disturb you or your family.


So I come to your house via an entryway that’s unknown to you and start scratching you… are you not going to at least call the cops?

Hell no. I would at least ask what her name is.

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I will do this tomorrow!! Thank you!

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Absolutely! I encourage him all the time! He doesn’t seem to be afraid. He isn’t afraid of the shadow people. He says they stare at him. He has also felt activity in the living room / pets reacted to it also. And up in my office - I have a small alter up there. He so far hasn’t heard anything audible like voices. He did see a child in my sisters home. A boy, but he didn’t communicate.

The scratches are still there today. Honestly (he has autism) so I’m always close by the bathroom when he’s bathing. He was shampooing his hair. (Long hair) in the bath as he said “it happened again” this one higher on his torso. I know he didn’t touch his body. I could see his hands in the mirror washing his head.

He didn’t “feel” a presence. He only said “a very cold touch” and pointed to the scratch! We are close by Duke hospital. His neurologist has suggested a paranormal group that runs out of Duke. It’s just a fight with his dad who refuses to believe the “nonsense”. He would need to agree to have him diagnosed for something like that. I absolutely :100: believe he’s being truthful. Things he says and things I’ve read. He can’t be making it up.

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I think the cops would send me to the loony bin!!

This is an intriguing situation and it sounds like you have a good perspective about it. I can imagine that being physically scratched would be a bit unsettling, but this may be a method of contact that the Spirit has chosen so as to further develop communication. I would look for ways to test and interact with the Spirit as much as possible. As long as the manifestations do not become destructive or too disruptive I would be encouraged and look for avenues of advance.

You might want to present some tests for the Spirit to see if you can develop an orderly method of communication. One thing you might try is the water witching manifestation. In another recent thread I posted a link to an interesting YouTube video of a practitioner who uses sticks as indicators. He can specify to the sticks the type of object he is wanting to detect, such as water, lead pipe or a copper pipe. If your son is successful with this type of magic then I can see where the applications could be expanded. Here is a link to that video ;

Here is that other thread which was discussing psychic powers;

If you are not familiar with the Magician named David Blaine I think you would find him a good source of ideas. He is quite entertaining and is most obviously dealing with the Supernatural. I hope things develop well for you and your son.

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Thank you! It’s funny you mentioned bath water. The other day as I was emptying the bath I was mesmerized watching the edges of the bathtub itself (on the inside). I kept finding patterns. Faces … it wasn’t until my other son spoke up that I realized I’d been sitting there for over 10 minutes. Just in a trance looking at what I could see as 3D images and trying to see what they were. My bathtub isn’t textured at all. I had no idea once broken from that trance where and what I had seen. I wasn’t able to see it again. Not for lack of trying though!

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Scratching and physical marks are part of the obsession stage of possession in some cases (though I wouldn’t go as far as to say that’s what’s happening here exactly, but…)

My own UPG is that something about scratching either anchors or somehow bridges further contact or strengthens ability to influence or manifest in future.

I don’t pretend to understand what exactly that means

There are averse spirits known as 'the scratchers", they are found on the 20th path of The Tree Of Life. Just a suggestion but find out which Angel corresponds to the 20th Path and pray or invoke that Angel for protection. .

On Atziluth the Angel is Hamaliel…

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Interesting! Thank you. I will look into it!

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Hasn’t happened since, hopefully it’s not possession. That little dude can have a raging temper.

I absolutely do believe that he has some sort of psychic knowledge / gift. Even thinking back to when he was about 2. He could fall asleep standing up. Unexplained high fevers. Just quirky little things. He would run ahead in stores and then lay down. And when I got there, he was fast asleep. Like a light switch. It was crazy.

I get spirit scratches too. One of them even left a tiny scar on the side of my wrist.

Oh wow!! Thankfully it didn’t scar him! :sweat_smile:

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