Psychic powers are not for everyone?

Hello, today I want to talk about a very important topic. It is something which has baffled me for a long time. Are psychic powers like telekinesis, levitation,telepathy,etc only accessable to special people? I am fascinated by the paranormal and know cases like Nina Kulagina (a super telekinetic psychic), some african shamans with telekinetic abilities, some indian monks which can perform miraculous siddhis and so on but many people in these communities tell me that only people born with a special energy can reach such a level. I am someone who does not believe in limitations but these people make me question my beliefs sometimes. What is your opinion on this topic?

I wouldn’t say they’re only accessible to “special” people, but rather psychic powers come naturally to some “special” people, while others have to practice for a long time before they develop them.


Not special, per se, but think of such abilities as similar to high level mathematics. Some people just have a natural understanding or affinity for them, but anyone can learn with some effort.

Everyone has the ability to run, but not everyone can be an Olympic level sprinter.


We all have the ability to do this, how good we become at it really depends on the development of our talent and our practice.

I have completed the Silva Method Course: At the end of the course, proof is provided that telepathy is possible without any “special” talent. Each participant has a practice partner who gives them the name and address of a person in their environment. The majority of participants are able to accurately describe the person’s appearance without ever having seen them. In the Ultramind Program, another program by Silva, even more attention is paid to the development of psychic abilities.

For me, the course opened up the ability to sometimes tap into the thoughts of people around me, which I can’t control. This saved me from failing in an oral exam in the university because I was able to answer questions on a topic that I hadn’t studied. I heard of talented people who can read their mails without having internet…
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You need to have a partial or complete soul to use such powers and the muscles built up to do it. Contrary to popular belief most people do not have true souls but just hollow shells as astral bodies.

A soul is a solidified and stable astral body that can survive independently of the physical body after death without immediate decay or destruction in short a massive evolution. This naturally develops among practitioners and those that practice psychic abilities overtime as they build up the components of the energy body responsible for psychic powers and manipulation of thought and energy. The more pure and refined the soul the greater the innate power that the individual can harness with it and the longer they can survive without a physical body.

If you want to manifest these powers your best bet is to build up your soul with prolonged energy work and practice with what abilities you do have as well as work on the chakras and centers of energy in the body refining their flow and your ability to sense and control your own vital energy until you can build it up into a new body inside yourself.

Some people are born with more developed energy systems than normal and a rare few are fully developed incarnated back into flesh for one reason or another.

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I really like this statement here and would like to add to it. Everyone has a different peak capacity for something, but the Olympian still needs to have put in a lot of work and effort to be at their own peak.

It’s like how someone very tall isn’t automatically great at basketball. They might have a greater inherent potential, but if they have never played or practiced, they’re not going to be good at it.

As someone with natural clair- abilities who can easily connect with spirits, I can definitely say that such still needs practice. I’ve seen plenty who started developing their abilities a lot later in life than I did, and their consistent dedication has rendered them more capable.

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A massive thanks to all of you which replied.

I have had first hand experience that indicates that there is a degree of “assignment” or designation to this type of magic art. In my case the magic activity is the art of Witching for water. This is where a forked stick or other pointing device will activate to indicate that water has been located. I’ll tell you the story. I have five brothers and sisters. When we were all children, ranging from about 4 years of age to about 15, my Father was interested in locating a good place to drill a water well. He cut a forked stick from a tree and we all had a go at trying to find water. It turned out that one of my Sisters was indeed gifted with the ability to locate water with the stick. When she would walk across water or would have a dish of water placed under the stick she was holding, the stick would dip strait down and point at the water. We of course blind folded her thoroughly to verify that this was a spontaneous indication versus her just pointing the stick herself when she knew there was water below. Only she out of the rest of the kids and my parents was able to get this positive and tangible result in locating water. All we children were religious and of equal experience and exposure. There was nothing special or unique about my sister that you could attribute this ability to.

Even the bible itself states that there is an element of pre-destination or assignment to the spirituality of us poor victims that our fucking creator has spawned for his entertainment.

Romans 8:28-30
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos about water witching.

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Some additional thoughts on this topic …

There’s more than one way to be psychic or perform magick, and if someone finds that they’re really struggling with one method, it might mean that their forte lays elsewhere. Or that they simply have to find a way that’s more ideal for them to achieve those abilities.

In my prior post I mentioned having natural clair- abilities, but despite that, for quite a long while I actually struggled quite a lot with magick in a lot of ways and at times I’d even thought I was entirely incapable of it. Even fairly recently I had a bit of a melt down over this and I’ve been practicing some form of it for ~30 years.

Some of my hurdles have included: trying to use magick systems that just didn’t line up well with my natural abilities, sometimes not recognizing magick I was actually performing as being magick, and sometimes trying to connect with spirits who weren’t receptive. Perhaps these seem like simple fixes in hindsight, but far too much modern magick is regurgitated from other recent sources and if your style goes against the grain in any way, it can be a real frustration to find one’s path.

Then there’s the nonsense being pushed that only x people can practice magick or certain x types of people are adept with it. This idea is especially rampant in astrology and almost all of the time it’s someone pumping up traits in their own chart or imbuing their own prejudices against others. The one solid idea I’ve ever seen that actually seems to have some merit to it, funny enough, has nothing to do with one’s chart whatsoever, but rather feeling a pull to it, remembering the exact date and time you recall feeling such a draw. I personally don’t think it needs to go as far as that (despite being one of those who remembers exactly when it started), but the key is remembering the feeling of that initial pull. That’s just basic magical intuition kicking in upon first exposure.

Anyway, I tend to be rather skeptical of the sorts which say that only masters or certain people can attain certain magickal abilities. Or similar, if they say only certain forms or methods of attaining such are valid. It reeks of control and elitism. If a person, culture, group, whatever proposes that kind of thing, and if, while digging only a little beneath the surface, one sees that they let their master mages be, while also making a habit of killing or running off the village midwives or medicine men for “witchcraft” (or in a more modern sense, discrediting other mages, other forms of methods of magick, usually fueled by financial competition or ego), it shows who’s actually feared more for having power. It’s not the supposed “masters” a lot of the time, I’ll leave it at that.

If there’s a lack of progress with learning magick or developing psychic abilities (with sincere efforts that is), I think it means that someone need to perhaps explore other methods. Some of them can be real obscure and not have a lot of information out there, but sometimes all it takes is is a little of the right something to spark you in the way you need before intuition takes hold.

What’s “right” is subject to far too much variance when it comes to individuals and that’s something most will have to find for themselves. It’s frustrating when one’s ultimate talents lay in methods old, obscure, or largely forgotten, but they are extremely rewarding once they are found.

There are a lot of books out there, various anthologies of magick systems or of various spirits, these can be helpful to someone who feels lacking in direction. Even if they’re not actually teaching one how to do magick or develop psychic abilities, they will open one’s mind to all sorts of methods they perhaps didn’t know about before. I would sincerely urge someone to explore books like these if they have trouble finding their magickal bearings – your own intuition is your best guide though!